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This is our current list of articles that have been published in prior months. We present them for your enjoyment and to add to your store of knowledge.

Dice Setting & Precision Shooting Classes Now Available in Las Vegas! Jerry Patterson
A & E * * * SPECIAL * * * Take This Job ... The Dice Coach
Eye on the Ball... Michael Vernon
Your Left Brain is a Lousy Crapshooter Steve Haltom
You're Right Brain Sucks at Math Steve Haltom
With a Little Bit of Luck Michael Vernon
The Best Bet You Never Made at the Craps Table Steve
Break Energy Michael Vernon
The ultimate beginner's guide to craps John Harris
The Math of Craps and Playing Wrong Michael Vernon
Losing a Losing Streak Michael Vernon
When You Have to Shoot, Shoot... Don't Talk Michael Vernon
Table Manners: Michael Vernon
Twelve Ways to Win Steve
Table Conditions Steve 'Heavy' Haltom
Craps at the movies BagoGames
Help!!! I suck at dice Michael Vernon
The Road Goes on Forever.. Michael Vernon
When to Walk Away Michael Vernon
Quest for Diamond Rewards Dice Coach
Sevens Dominant Precision Shooter Plays Steve
Dice Down Under and Far-Away! Hard Six Chicago
Some Assembly Required Michael Vernon
The Luck Factor Steve Heavy Haltom
Gambling Blues ... frustration! Michael Vernon
Playing Craps: Investing in the Dice Wisely David Medansky
Jackpot Games - How Much Is Enough? Michael Vernon
Do I Really Need Another Craps Class? Steve Haltom
WHY YOU NEED TO HAVE A David Medansky and Raymond Romero
Zero Sum Games: Somebody's Going to Lose! Michael Vernon
Beyond SRR Irishsetter
This Stuff Works! Michael Vernon
The Crapshooter's Buffet Stephen 'Heavy' Haltom
Living In Las Vegas ...
Sometimes I just Have To Pinch Myself!
Not Your Old Man's House Advantage Irishsetter
Advantage Rules: Michael Vernon
Cashless Craps Steve 'Heavy' Haltom
If You Can't Stand The Heat ... Michael Vernon
Who's the Shoote ...? Michael Vernon
Don't Be Afraid Of Casino Poker Bill Burton
Pinbal ... it's a life style Michael Vernon
How to Learn to Toss Dice Stanford Wong
Make Change Michael Vernon
Craps Betiquette Stephen 'Heavy' Haltom
Half a Banana Michael Vernon
The $40 Buy-In Pablo
Tracking the bones Maddog
Feeling Groovy ... Michael Vernon
Practice? But I know how! Pablo
SISTERS IN SIN CITY TURN A PROFIT Debbie aka Soft Touch, Texas
The Free Odds Fallacy Mike Burger
It's Really An Easy Game The Dice Coach
Mind Games ... Michael Vernon
Plan Your Play & Play Your Plan Pablo
Distance Between Sevens Mike From Hawaii
House Advantage control Mike From Hawaii
The Hard Way Ramon - Hard Six Chicago
Does Dress Make A Difference? Pablo
Head for the Gap! Michael Vernon
Practice, Practice and More Practice ... The Dice Coach
Introductory Craps Mike in Hawaii
Introductory Craps - Part 1 Mike in Hawaii I
Introductory Craps - Part 2 Mike in Hawaii
Introductory Craps - Part 3 By Mike in Hawaii
Shaving Points at Craps? Mike in Hawaii
Fear Not ... Michael Vernon
Serendipity and Energy ... Michael Vernon
A Session Experience Soft Touch
Gambling in Perspective... Michael Vernon
Super Bowling Lessons ... Michael Vernon
Jump Starting Your Dice Toss Steve "Heavy" Haltom
Feng Shui in Las Vegas Lin H. Vernon
Summer Cooler... Michael Vernon
Gears and Wheels... Mike In Hawaii
Setting for the Don't Michael Vernon
Number Control Mike in Hawaii
Planning for the Big Win Mike in Hawaii
Notes on Zero Sum Mike in Hawaii
Gambling, Lady Luck, and Knowing when you are Gwen Lynn
Anatomy of Dice Setting... Michael Vernon
Dice Control Mike In Hawaii
Shaving Points at Craps? Mike in Hawaii
Why A Dice Seminar For Women? Michael Vernon
Dice setting Books Yuri VS The Sharpshooter, Frank Scoblete and the Dominator Gary . L. President
Gambling 'smart' is key to winning in Las Vegas OTIS GARDNER
Looking for an Exit...From the Castle Michel Vernon
Think About It ... Michel Vernon
The Importance of Decisions... Michael Vernon
Playing Roulette with an Etheric Net.... Michael Vernon
Controlled Shooting Attila Ordog
A true story that sounds like a fable ... Don
Ask The Professor: Michael Vernon
Setting for the Don't Michael Vernon
Setting The Dice Larry Edell
Out on a Limb... Michael Vernon
How Do You Play Your Game? Michael Vernon
Six Craps Tosses in a Row ... Fire Bet Possible? CT, from Ohio
My Dad Was a Fisherman Michael Vernon
From The Parables of Don Guangoche - Losing at Dice Michael Vernon
Precision To Win Michael Vernon
Chained to Your Game? Michael Vernon
Lock in the Win! Michael Vernon
What About the Gaps? The Professor & A Student
The Tune-up Advantage Richard Palmer ... aka DiceDreamer
The Close Out Paul Enockson - aka - Pablo
Remember the Feeling! Pablo
Casino Comps: Establishing Credit Paul Enockson
Influencing the Dice Michael Vernon
Monopoly Is An Unfair Game Michael Vernon
Giving Yourself Permission to Win Steve
The Big Easy - Part 1 Pablo - DiceCoach Web Master
The Big Easy Part 2 Paul Enockson (Pablo)
Luck Has Nothing To Do With It! Michael Vernon
Entering a new craps game Dice Coach

Why is it you never see anyone smiling at a dice table? - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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