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Help!!! I suck at dice  
BY:  Michael Vernon

From: Aguy@LasVegas
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2018 12:04 AM
Subject: Help!!! I suck at dice


I'm in Vegas now and every table I played I keep losing. I need some help.
From a Guy In Need of Help!


Guy, you don’t provide me with much information allowing me to better understand your situation. However, touching into the energy of your email provides me with some direction. With that said, I will give you my “ER” advice.


First thing you need to do is change your attitude about yourself. You don’t “suck”. You are very skilled at finding losing games. I am not making a joke. I am telling you to stop your negative thinking and focus on the positive if you wish to make a shift within your energy.


Second thing, you must stop playing. You are demoralized and this is the worst place to be for a player. It sounds like you are emotionally destroyed. Your attitude becomes self-fulfilling as the universe mirrors back to you that which you are putting out. You project "I'm a loser" and you see how that becomes your reality. 


Lock your money in your room. You cannot afford another loss at this point. (Financially or emotionally) I recommend this action because I feel that you have lost any discipline you may have had. I sense that you are out of control. To continue to play means that you are playing out of desperation.


The game is not easy and it is not designed for players to win. In order to be an advantage player, you have to apply skill based knowledge when facing odds against your chances of winning. I do not perceive that you are playing a skill based game.


Now, if you can go back to the casino without a buy-in, this makes it impossible for you to lose control and get yourself into another losing situation.


I am telling you to stop playing with money, but you can still observe games and play on paper. You must detach from the emotional loss and get your head into surveillance mode.


Recognize all that is going on in a game and mentally position yourself as though you are playing with money invested. During this observation, teach yourself to pay attention to the subtleties of the game. Observe who is winning and who is losing. What are the winners doing right and what are the losers doing wrong? What would you do differently to affect a winning outcome? Check in with your corrections. Are your answers for corrections producing better results? Make this time of observing become a learning experience. Set aside the notion that you are in Las Vegas to gamble and win money. Obviously, that plan is not playing out anyway.


Essentially, I am telling you that you are finished playing with cash for now. You can play on paper. You are looking for a way to improve your process for selecting a playable game. You can learn to do this through active observation. Side benefit, it will cost you nothing but your time. Right now, it is far better that you invest your time and not any more money.


You must regain your confidence. You accomplish confidence by not losing any more money. By observing several games and playing on paper, you eliminate all risk. This technique should result with you being emotionally detached. You can get your confidence back by having successful imaginary games. Through this process, you use careful examination of those things that you are doing correctly, while noting where you are making your mistakes. Lock in the positive and step aside from the mistakes.


This process is not about self-criticism. It is intended as a learning process to enable you to learn how to develop an “observation of self”. Learn to notice all things going on around you. There are subtle messages holding valuable information which can provide a huge advantage to you for decision making, especially in a casino game.


Last thing, if after completing this assignment, and you “feel” that you have made a shift in your energy, only then may you return to the game with your buy-in. However, you must play very conservatively. Play the minimum bet and only make one bet. My recommendation would be either the pass line, no odds or don’t pass line, no odds.


Guy, I do feel however, that at this point in your trip, you should cut your losses and just stick to the paper play and focus on making the rest of your trip a learning experience. Consider it a reboot if you will. During a computer reboot, you have to wait a while before the computer to come back on-line.


My observation: Your email is time stamped 12:04am. You should be asleep, not out playing dice. Unless of course, 12:04 am is your normal awake time when you are at your best.


All the best,


Michael Vernon

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