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Plan Your Play & Play Your Plan  
BY:  Pablo

The casinos have a plan for you. They spend millions of dollars on research, planning, advertising, lighting, colors, construction, etc., etc. to create the "perfect place" to separate you from your money. Believe it!  
Those drinks that the attractive young ladies bring you are not free. You know it, I know it and most of those who travel to Las Vegas know it! Yet I still hear some people say, "Oh well, at least the drinks were free!"  
As I said in the beginning, the casinos have a plan for you. The question is, "do you have a plan for them?"  
A number of years ago I put together a small booklet called "Casino Comp Basics, A Casino Comp Manual for the $10 and Up Bettor." I was also writing comp related articles for a web site at the time and I received an email from a casino host who informed me that what I was doing was illegal!  
Wait a minute! It’s ok for the casinos to use every technique (read trick if you like) in the book to get you in their casino, and keep you there. But what he was telling me that it was ILLEGAL for me to give readers a few techniques to use to schmooze their casino host to get the maxim comp for the minimum bet and play time. Isn’t this a double standard?  
The title of this article is, "Plan Your Play & Play Your Plan", and just like the casinos, you need a plan.  
If you’re like most people you want to stay where you can get the “best deal”, which may not be the best place for you to stay.  
If you have a casino host, as all of you should, you will utilize them to get you the best deal that you can. It is always a good idea to have casino hosts at more than one place so you can play "the game", as you would when buying a car.  
If you are a seasoned dice setter, a beginner, or somewhere in between, it is best that you choose a casino that has a favorable disposition to dice setters and has tables that are favorable to your style of play.  
You’ll want to give most of your play time to the casino where you are staying, so naturally you will want the most favorable conditions. If you like, and do well on only 12-foot tables, then you should play ONLY 12-foot tables! Why play on a longer table if you are not familiar with them and risk the loss of your bankroll, or a portion of it.  
Which brings me back to your plan. Know where you are going to stay, and know where you are going to play when you get here. This idea of, "Let's go over to the Win Big Casino and try their tables out", is not the right approach to winning, and we want to win.  
Knowing in advance where the 12-foot craps tables are and where the best tables to play are, is information you need to plan your winning trip. You can get all of this information, and much more, on our sister web site  
Ok, so here is the plan:  
1 - Determine where you are going to stay. If you are new to dice setting you will probably want to stick with those casinos that have 12-foot tables.  
2 – Decide where else you will play based on your own personal requirements and where you have played in the past with good success.  
3 – If you shoot better from one spot at the table, then resolve to only shoot at tables where that spot is open.  
4 – Always use your Players Card.  
5 – If you are not keeping records get a small 3" by 5" notebook and start now. It’s impossible to remember where you played last trip, what time it was, what your physical condition was, and how much you won or lost and why. Some record is better than no record at all.  
6 – Budget your trip, each day and each session … and stick to it!  
7 – Don’t mix party time and play time. Believe me, they do not mix and there is time for both!  
8 – Get a "Tune-Up" with the Dice Coach. You’ll be glad you did.  
9 – Enjoy your trip, you probably deserve it.  
10 – And, stick to your plan!  
Copyright © Pablo
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