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Zero Sum Games: Somebody's Going to Lose!  
BY:  Michael Vernon

With any given transaction, the odds of winning and losing may be near even. However, with casino games the house advantage is undeniable, when playing a zero sum game like craps or blackjack. In order to be a winner, the player must select the best strategies for the prevailing conditions. Not all bets are equal and not all strategies perform all of the time. In the end, somebody is going to lose.  
A zero sum game, in simple terms, is a game with only one winner. Craps and blackjack are zero sum games. Either you win or the casino wins. The hook with casino games is in the odds. The odds favor the casino. In the long run, this means you are mathematically guaranteed to lose.  
By the way, I am aware of the times when a player ties with the casino. I consider a push a kind of win, considering that the game costs nothing for the fun and you beat the odds.  
Beau Parker, The Dice Coach, and I have very different approaches for the game of craps. What makes us compatible players and teachers is the underlying philosophy of “don’t lose”. We hold dear the importance of positive attitude, strategic plays, money management, bankroll protection, stop loss, discipline, and we know that a win is win and we must be able to accept a loss.  
Dice Busters™ is a blending of our two methods of playing. Two separate methods, one supporting the other, but neither method co-dependant upon the other. It is a conservative approach balanced with an aggressive approach. It is controlled play allowing the player to take advantage when opportunity presents itself. Together, our methods employ “advantage play” using dice setting while we are not left out of the profits, sitting on the sidelines in fear of random rollers. The dice in anyone’s hand can and do act out of probability. With Dice Busters™, the guesswork is removed and you have the most powerful combination of strategies for the game of craps. I make this statement because I can back it up. Craps is a game of numbers and probability. When you understand the numbers, you will understand how and why Plying 4 Keeps™ and Dice Coach’s Advantage Gaming work so well.  
In addition to what the Dice Coach and I will be presenting in our July seminar, we will carefully examine each player’s approach to the game. Everyone has a preferred method of play. After all, craps is a game enjoyed by the individual. Winning money from your own action is the excitement that fuels the passion to play. We will fine tune your game so that it is best suited to your needs, while meeting the criteria of being the winner of a zero sum game.  
Dice Busters™ is no ordinary gaming program. It is your opportunity to observe, first hand, various methods of playing, as well as the opportunity to enhance your game. If it is not broke then don’t fix it. However, should you feel that it is time to expand the skills of your game and be on the winning side of a zero sum game, you may want to call Dice Busters™  
The next time you are out playing craps, somebody is going to lose. Who’s it going to be? Who you gonna call?  
Meet the Dice Busters in Las Vegas this July 3-4 and you will certainly be Playing 4 Keeps™!  
Dice Busters™ is the trademark for Dice Busters Dice Workshop presented by Michael Vernon and Beau Parker, a.k.a. Dice Coach. To register, call 866-342-3626  

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