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Other Articles by Soft touch

Here is a list of other articles that Soft Touch has written. Click on any of the titles below to read a specific article!
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Sisters In Sin City Turn a Profit!
Behind Every Successful Woman ... Is Herself!
Opportunities…..Building Our Successes.
What is Your Emotional Bankroll?
What's with the M & M's?
The Importance of Gaming Diversity
A Year With the Dice Coach- “Not Always in the Craps Pits”
The Evolutionist
"Getting It" - The Essence of Winning - Part I
Ending the Year on a Positive Note!
Winning Starts With ...
Craps Play- It's A Mental Thing
My Favorite Casinos For Craps Play
Is Dice Setting For Everyone?
The Three C's To Remember
Merging Practical Intuition with Our Craps Play
Why coach?
When Losing Happens
Minding Our Language
Winning and Losing
Before The Newbie Begins
Spanked By A Point-Seven-Out?
Playing With The Waves
Know What You Believe
Are You Guys Breathing?
Who's on your support team?
Follow Your Nose To The Tables
Are you playing with casino money?
Practice Profitability?
Winning Attitude?
Inquiring Minds Want To Know... What's Soft Touch has been up to lately?
Our Workshops
Signs, Not Superstitions
Because It's More Fun To Win
Looking for an empty craps table in Vegas?
Money Dropped
Group Dynamics
One Thing You Don't Need
Playing With The Cause
Time For A Vocabulary Test
I'd Rather Be A Master
I Was A Fortunate Novice...
What about biased dice?
Don't Compete For Winning Moments.
Another Year Over.
The Real Battle You Face.
Abandoned Chips
Adjusting to the new playing environments
Applying CPR to Your Game
Are You In Control?
Your Dice Monkey Is Speaking ........ Are You Listening?
Soft Touche's Top Ten
Roll charting The Tables
I Use Sunflowers-Up
But, I didn't make any money
Connecting the dots
Chip Racking
Winning With a Purpose (And How He Did It)
New Year, New Goals
When is it time to play?
Knowing When to Walk Away

Casinos will entice you to "win" all the comps you can. But do you want to win comps, or do you want to win money? - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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