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BY:  Debbie aka Soft Touch, Texas

Okay Ladies, it’s time for us to take the casinos by the “cajones” at the craps tables. It is about how now, more than ever, we can take control of the dice at the craps tables. But before I tell you why you should join the fun, I have a story to tell.  
My first craps experience took place over five years ago as I was walking past a craps table at the Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas. An older looking gentleman caught my attention, and thinking that he was going to ask me the time, I stopped. Instead, he asked "Do you shoot craps?" I replied “No”, and with a big ear-to-ear grin he yelled out to the other players, “We got us a Virgin Shooter!”  
A little taken aback, I innocently replied “ But sir, I said I don’t play this game.” “That’s a beautiful thing” he assured me and before I knew what was about to happen, I became the focus of every player at the table. As the dice were passed in front of me, the gentleman placed a three-dollar bet on the pass line in front of me. In a reassuring tone, my new friend said, “Pick up the dice and throw them to the other end of the table. Just throw them the same way, to the same spot every time”. So I followed his instructions, and found myself rhythmically tossing the dice over and over again to the roars of excitement from the other players at the table.  
Needless to say, I had a very long roll. When I finally did “seven-out”, my winning streak coming to an end, I thanked all the players and dealers and was somewhat surprised when they all encouraged me to come back and play another time. As I left the table, I heard my gentleman friend exclaim “All this table needed was a ladies touch!”.  
How easy was that? Was he right about the “ladies touch”? Was being a woman a real advantage in this game? Suddenly I realized I had turned the three dollar bet the gentleman had so graciously placed for me, into over a hundred dollar profit! And that did not include the chips the other players tossed to me as they applauded my “job well done”.  
Wow, what a rush! With all the excitement at the table and the power of having some control over my gaming, I was completely addicted. Surely with my “new found skill” and a little instruction, I too could hold my own at the tables just like all the men.  
Humm….and on only a three dollars bet! So maybe I really did not need that BIG bankroll.
So why don’t I see more women at the craps tables? I notice women at the tables, but more often than not, they are spectators, not participants. What keeps women from playing? Do we need a special invitation from the men to join the game?  
Most of the men I have talked to believe that women truly do make better craps players. They feel that women have a softer touch and can influence the dice better because of their size. Physically, we are smaller in stature and have smaller hands and fingers for gripping the dice.  
Men also feel that the female mind is better at applying strategies. We do think more methodically, we are stronger mentally, and have a tremendous drive to succeed. We are able to pull information from both halves of our brain and have a better memory for details. We are better at reading subtleties in any given situation and communicate better in a group. We have a keen sense of touch and heightened awareness, called intuition, when something might be off kilter.  
All these qualities, physical and mental, can be utilized while at the craps table and will give us a definite advantage over our male counterparts. So, once again, why don’t we see more women playing the game of Craps?  
Ladies, we do have a natural advantage. We don’t need an invitation to participate. The game is not as complicated as it might seem. And, it does not require a large bankroll to get started.  
I have read books, scoured the Internet and even purchased a few “systems”. I attended gambling workshops and spent countless hours at low limit tables in the casinos just to learn the game. Along the way, I have met many knowledgeable players who have been generous with their time, providing me with motivation and insight into becoming a winner at the Craps Tables. Ladies, it was not that hard. Although the game may seem intimidating at first, within a short time you will feel quite comfortable at the tables with the men.  
Winning in Las Vegas is about exploiting any advantage you can find. Being a woman is a definite advantage and we need to cultivate that advantage. The craps pits are generally dominated by men and they do tend to be a little more accommodating when a woman approaches the tables. If this seems somewhat condescending and chauvinistic, don’t let that bother you. Exploit every advantage when it comes to making money.  
I consider myself a new breed of craps player. One who wants to promote the advantages women have at the tables. What most women don’t realize is that in order to win in the gaming environment, you have to find your advantage or edge. Being female automatically give us an edge. But now we have to take that edge one step further, being knowledgeable about the rules of the game, the etiquette at the tables, as well as the mechanics of dice setting and precision throwing, makes us an awesome force for the casinos to contend with.  
There are two gentlemen that I have met that have shown me how to excel at this game. Their names are the Dice Coach and Sharpshooter. Both have recognized my talents as a shooter and have encouraged me, teaching me the finer points of the game. You too can benefit from their expertise, as both gentlemen openly encourage us to join them at the craps tables.  
And to get back to my original question, “So why don’t I see more women at the Craps Tables?”. Well Ladies, it is up to us to change that. It is not a difficult game and can add a great deal of pleasure to your gaming. And, more importantly, with very little effort and money, it will increase your bankroll.  
The Dice Coach's Note:
“Soft Touch” is an accomplished dice setter and precision shooter who has been playing Craps for the past 5 years. She is often called upon to act as a coach or instructor for other students of Craps. In real life, she is the Business Manager for a very busy Medical Group in Texas.  
  In spite of her busy schedule, she still finds time to visit Las Vegas 8-12 times a year. She is often recognized by the “High Rollers” and they will follow her from table to table because of her great rolls.  
She has graciously agreed to answer any questions you ladies out there might have, from getting started to finding the best casinos for a lone lady to play at in Las Vegas. Use our “Contact Us” form and we will send your questions on to her immediately.

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