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The $40 Buy-In  
BY:  Pablo

The crowd around the table exploded when I hit the 4, my point! Of course everyone wanted the hard 4 to show but no one complains when you hit your point. I had already hit the hard 4 twice and everyone had loaded up on it hoping for a third hit.  
The guys on either side of me were banging fists and knuckles to celebrate. Whatever happened to the "high fives?" Was I taking a nap when some announced that "high fives" were out and "banging fists" were in? Anyway, I joined in the "fist banging" like everyone else and we all celebrated another point made.  
It was a nice table and had filled up quickly when I started throwing number after number. It had progressed far enough that I was making a nice $20 to $30 profit on each number that I hit. I started going up 1 unit each time I hit a paying number. In fact, I was ahead enough that I had put the dealers on the line for a $1 and included $2 odds. After 3 or 4 rolls I had announced that I was going to start adding a $1 to the dealer odds until "they" called the 4! The dealer closest to me suggested I should do the same for myself. Great idea!  
We took turns reminding each other of the "deal", and I kept pumping up the odds, a $1 for the dealers and $5 for me. Suddenly I was over the max odds on the 4 and I asked the dealer what should we do now. He simply took the money that I had on odds, $65 for my $5 bet and put the extra 3 chips as a $15 place bet. Lesson number 1. I should have just added $5 to my pass line bet and continued adding $5 to my odds.  
As it turned out, I had $30 on the place bet when I finally hit the 4.  
I did the same thing on the next point and the point after that I started adding $2 in odds for the dealers each time I tossed the dice. When I got to the $2 level for them I hopped the number right back and the dealer commented as he was paying my bet, "You know, it's alright to take a little longer before you hit your number!"  
The day had started at Texas Station and when PC and I got there the craps table was a bit crowded so I found a $15 blackjack table and bought in for $40. I also had a $20 Free Play coupon. Within 15 to 20 minutes I colored up $230, stuck $130 in my pocket and headed for my favorite craps table which had thinned out. I bought in for a $100.  
A young lady was at stick right and was hitting hard numbers with some regularity. I finally tip toed in and when she sevened out had made a small profit. The next guy only managed three or four tosses before he sevened out. And then the dice came to me.  
When I started tossing the dice there was a gentleman to my left who was playing the don'ts. After I hit 2 points he left and another gentleman stepped up to the table and started betting the hardways. At one point during my roll he handed me a $100 chip for the hard eight I had just hit. I was glad the Don't player had left!  
There is nothing quite like a craps table when the dice are hot! It's even better when you are the shooter. Everyone is your instant friend and is encouraging you to "hit the number!" This was my kind of table, positive and fun. I kept asking them (telling is more like me says the Dice Coach) to think 5, or whatever the number was at the time. And it was working ... for all of us.  
My chip rack was filling up nicely. I was using Roadrunners system for keeping track of the number of tosses. A white, or $1 chip for each roll and then replacing (5) $1 chips with a red or $5 chip. The row of $5 chips was growing and I was not about to change out $5 chips for $25 chips or to count them and start thinking about the number of rolls I had already made, I just knew it was a lot.  
In all of my life I have never been at a craps table where the chip rack was so empty. It surprised me that they never made a chip fill nor was there ever any additional pit help to manage the game.  
When the seven finally showed everyone applauded and immediately a number of them began coloring up. I checked my side rack where I was keeping track of the number of rolls and counted 64! The seven had finally showed on the 65th roll. What was even more amazing was that it was the only seven that showed during the entire hand! We figured the roll was around 1 hour 10 minutes as there had been 3 stick changes.  
I waited my turn to color up and the final total was $1632 from my $100 buy in! But wait, I still had the $130 from the blackjack win! Total win $1762 minus the $40 original buy-in! Net profit of $1722!  
PC was waiting there for me and I gave her a big hug and a kiss. She had also won at slots and blackjack. What a day!  
As we both headed for the cashier a guy stopped me and shook my hand and said "Great roll!" We both cashed in and as we walked out of the casino I looked over at my favorite craps table ... it was empty!  
Life is good!  
Postscript: Two weeks later, same casino, same table, same position and almost the same time of day. When I came to the table there was no one else there except me and my brother-in-law. When I got the dice a young guy stepped up to the table at the far end of the table. My first sequence was not a real money maker but the dice were landing very nicely.  
The individual at the other end of the table passed the dice to my brother-in-law who was at stick right. Larry had a decent roll, 17 tosses before the seven showed and the dice came back to me.  
My come out roll produced a nine and I immediately went $34 inside. I hit a couple of points including a couple of come-out sevens. All of a sudden the guy from the far end of the table came down to my end of the table and positioned himself to my left. It was then that I realized he was betting against me!  
My next come out roll was a 4 and he laid max odds, $100 for his $10 bet. He then got a phone call and stepped away from the table and when he came back his money was gone! He asked the dealer what had happened and the dealer told him I had made my point!  
He then started talking, not to me directly ,but things like; "We're gonna have to get serious here." and "Looks like this guy has been practicing at home!" When I hit a 5 he bought in for a $1000 more and finally literally ran from the table when I hit a 10 which he had max odds on.  
That session ended at 39 rolls and another nice profit!  
See you in the pits!  

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Don't let anyone ruin your fun when gambling. More importantly, don't ruin it yourself. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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