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Lock in the Win!  
BY:  Michael Vernon

Entering any casino game is easy. You simply lay your money down and bet. Perhaps what is not so easy is remembering, that as a player, you are not supposed to win. The game is rigged with odds against the player. No, it is not cheating when one side has an advantage over the other. It is simply the agreed rules of the game.  
I was once asked a question, out of all the gaming sessions I had ever played, what percent of those sessions I had been a head, showing a profit. The question was not asking how many winning sessions I owned compared to losing sessions, which was my first thought. Recognizing what I was really being asked, I realized that my interrogator wasn't seeking statistics for a win loss ratio, but instead was trying to show me something to consider about my own game. After I provided my estimation of the times in profit, I was asked the "what if question". What if I had made the decision to stop playing once I had won a profit? How would the bottom line of winning verses losing compare over a lifetime? Well, who's to say? I guess one would need to know how many sessions I continued to play that netted additional profit compared to how many sessions that ended in a loss.  
Consider the concept in terms of investments. Is it better to risk with a hope for a higher return with uncertainty or is it better to go with a proven investment that earns steadily, at a lower rate of return? I concede that the comparison of investing to gambling may not be reasonable. Many gamblers play for the experience of the "big win" where the investor usually focuses on growth of income. Take a moment to ponder your motives for gambling.  
No matter what casino game you may fancy, or how you play, winning is the goal. The subconscious mind is a fickle ally that is just as likely to submarine a player as it is to propel their success. That is why when playing a game with odds against your success, it is important to recognize that you are not expected to win. At times when the game is out of probability and favor is shinning on your game, lock in the win. Take the profit and let the subconscious mind know that your discipline is the boss. Locking in the win confirms the experience and confirms your intention of successful play. "You can win them all".  
How much is enough? It's never wrong to take a profit.  

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Money can be lost more ways than won.

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