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Does Dress Make A Difference?  
BY:  Pablo

Does dress make a difference in the comps you get, or the ease with which you get them? One writer asserts that when you "dress with money" you'll get all the comps you want. But what if you don't have the money to look like a high roller?  
Most of us want to go on vacation, and not have to worry about the way we dress. We want to relax. If your normal job requires a suit and tie (and for you ladies, fashionable business attire) you don't want to have to pack the same type of clothing when you head off to your favorite casino. Or do you? What if dressing up a bit will save you hundreds of dollars? Is it worth it? I think so?  
I remember a time in the late 70s when I was on my way to Dallas, Texas. I have the habit of picking up a new book to read when I travel and that particular day I picked up John T. Molloy's book "Dress for Success." Big mistake!  
As I write this today, I recall that John Molloy talked a lot about IBM. In those days IBM was noted as the "pinstripe" company. Mr. Molloy talked about how you are perceived by others based on what you wear. He ran extensive tests to prove his theories. As I read his book, I surveyed my current attire. Searsucker suit, loafers, short-sleeve shirt, and an outdated tie. To make maters worse, I was on my way to an IBM presentation! It was one of the worst meetings I have ever attended. Following that trip I changed my wardrobe - forever!  
Being an analytical individual, I ran my own tests after reading "Dress for Success." I used Las Vegas as a testing ground. While my simple tests were not as extensive as Mr. Molloys', the results were the same. People DO react based on what you wear and your attitude. Bellboys, pit bosses, dealers, reservation personnel, and wait staff. In a town where money is king, what you wear does count! Attitude is another important subject and is covered in my manual Casino Comp Basics - A Manual for the $10 and Up Bettor.  
Our reactions to others based on how they dress are unconscious reactions. That is, we react to what people wear without consciously thinking about what we are doing.  
Over the years "dressing up" has made a difference in numerous situations that I found myself in. If I knew I would be in a situation where an "extra edge" was needed, I would dress appropriately. It has ALWAYS helped! Because I believe dress is so important, I try to NEVER meet with my casino host unless I am dressed appropriately. That doesn't mean that I'm dressed in a suit every time I talk with him.  
The purpose of this article is to let you know that how you dress DOES make a difference! I can't tell you what you should wear in a specific situation. Each of us is different. Your body size, coloring, etc., are all part of your own personal makeup, and what you wear needs to compliment these personal assets. It doesn't take a lot of money to create your own "Dress for Success Program." If you're unsure just talk to someone at a good fashionable clothing store.  
You don't need a lot of cloths or expensive ones to look good. The right combination of cloths, combined with the proper styles, and colors that compliment you is what counts. You'll find the answers you need in Dress for Success.  
I don't believe you will be able to find a copy of Dress for Success as it is out of print. You might check the used book stores in your area. However, if you check you'll find John T. Molloy's New Dress For Success is available. For around $11 you can get all the information you need on how to improve your wardrobe.  
On a recent trip to Las Vegas I ran a couple of tests at some crap tables. In two situations I was able to get buffet comps within five minutes of the time I started play. I was dressed in grey slacks, crisp white shirt (open at the neck), and a wool blue/black blazer (a classic). I then changed to jeans, long sleeve shirt, boots, and baseball cap. When I asked about a buffet comp I was ignored!  
Bottom line. You don't have to have the big bucks to look like a high roller. And, you don't have to have the big bucks to look good. You just need to know how.  
And, remember, "When you know how, it's easy."
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