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Why A Dice Seminar For Women?  
BY:  Michael Vernon

Over years of teaching gaming seminars, I have noticed that women approach the gaming tables in a different way than do men. Women have different motives, different pleasures, and different concerns. Several women have confided that they had more enjoyment playing in a game when they felt camaraderie with other women at the table. Too often, men treated a woman player as though she knew little of the game and they took it upon themselves to become her tutor. If not helping, the male player may be patronizing, intimidating or belittling. Many women students attended my seminar because their male counter part would not, or could not, teach them the game. It is possible to learn how to play dice and win with the support of other women and with understanding teachers.  
Most males tend to approach gambling as if they have specific genetic encoding assuring their gambling prowess. It is not male genetics; it is male ego. Ego and gambling are like water and oil. They do not mix. Ego always loses. Ego sustains a belief in "making something happen". In games of chance, nothing could be further from reality. One can not make the surf. One can only ride the wave. Enough about the blokes.  
The question: What do women really want? A dear friend of mine answered this question for me. She told me, "What a woman really wants is to be in charge of her own life."  
How this translates to gaming and dice is simple. A woman wants to be able to play and feel that she is in charge. A woman wants to feel empowered and independent. She wants the same respect that a man gets at the dice table, nothing more and nothing less. A woman wants to be able to enter a game without disdain and a sideways glance. A woman wants to enjoy and have fun during the excitement of gaming. A woman wants to have confidence while she plays without male intervention or judgement. A woman possesses a natural ability for playing dice once allowed past the male dogma of the game.  
It can happen! The informed woman can be a better player and can beat the men at "their own game".  
A woman has a special gift of perceiving life more clearly, more deeply than her male counter part. She takes in more of the information about energy, body language and synchronous signs that a man's intellect disregards. We all know it as "woman's intuition". Now, the funny thing about intuition is that intellect and emotions tend to override intuition. Intimidation and fear are killers for intuition. It is only natural for a woman, negatively influenced by intimidation, to be limited and not have full use of her feminine powers. When the cognitive process kicks in, "thinking that she does not know enough about the game," the player condemns herself to the loss. When a woman is empowered, nothing can shake her from her course. An empowered woman operates from her feminine self, her intuitive self, and her all knowing self. Ask any powerful woman, she will tell you.  
The best friend of the casino is the feeling of intimidation. When engaging in games of chance, there are more than enough villains to vanquish. Lacking knowledge, confidence, courage and a strategy of playing is but cannon fodder to the casino.  
DICE FEMINIQUE, The Woman's Dice Experience© satisfies what a woman wants. The seminar focuses on empowering the woman dice player. The Experience sets her free to be in charge because the Experience allows her to be a complete player. Here is how.  
     Using intuition and perceiving unseen information provides the informed player with an unbelievable powerful edge.  
     Playing with complete knowledge and a concrete foundation of the game eliminates intimidation, hesitation and fear.  
     Conservative plays extend playing time and thus maximize opportunity in the game.  
     Money management means making bets that risk as little as possible for a maximum return on investment.  
     Bankroll protection means a built in stop loss or loss limit to the bankroll.  
     A methodology of influencing the dice. The use of specified dice sets and a consistent way of delivering the dice, that changes the house odds. This provides an additional edge over the game.  
Upon completion of the woman's dice program, the woman will have dice expertise that enables full use of her "woman's intuition". The Experienced dice woman will have carte blanche in the "good ol boys' club" of craps. When it comes down to winning, she will have more talent, more knowledge and more secrets at dice than any other player at the table. Guaranteed!  
In closing, a woman having the experience of Dice Feminique will know what others do not know, see what others can not perceive. She will be able to walk up to any dice table in the world and be in charge of her own game. After all, isn't that what a woman wants?  
Copyright 2003 All Rights Reserved Michael Vernon  

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Don't let anyone ruin your fun when gambling. More importantly, don't ruin it yourself. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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