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The Road Goes on Forever..  
BY:  Michael Vernon

I have never been in a car that did not have a fuel gauge. These days, cars are fitted not only with a gas gauge showing how much fuel remains in the tank, but also come with a warning light and chime that signals when the reaming fuel is 3-6 gallons. Most late model cars even come with a range read out, depicting the number of miles that can be traveled before empty.  

When I see someone walking down the road, hitchhiking with a gas can, I cannot wrap my head around an intention that is based in failure. Let me see if I have this plan correct. In essence, having an empty gas can in the trunk, comes with a backup plan of schlepping a two gallon container to the nearest fuel station, in the event of running out of gas. How is that an efficient backup plan? Why wish for a tragedy?  

Think about the energy behind the thought process. I will carry an empty gas can in the back of the car, if I ever run out of gas, I will be able to fetch a couple gallons and continue on with my journey.  

How about this backup plan? When I notice that my gas gauge is nearing empty, I will replenish the tank with as much gasoline as I can afford at the time. Forget the can. Forget the schlep. Forget smelling like gasoline. Forget the negative energy experience of running out of gas. Why prepare for a negative experience when it is so simple to avoid by keeping gas in the tank.  

How is this example, of a true life experience, relevant to casino games?  

First, exam how you are mentally prepared with your thoughts around losing. Are you more focused on losing or are you mentally prepared for winning? Are you playing to play and see what happens or are you playing to win?  

Second, is your backup plan and empty gas can? That is to ask, do you even have a backup plan, short of pulling out more money chasing a losing situation? Are you driving on empty with an empty two gallon can in the trunk?  

Third, do you have a committed bankroll that is sufficient to stake your game of choice supporting your betting style? Do you have enough gas in the tank to complete the journey you are taking? Is your debit card your two gallon backup plan?  

My point here is not solely about gaming and bankroll. It has to do with your beliefs in life, which may, on the surface, appear as good ideas, but are backed with a wrong intention. Life's negative habits and weak beliefs have a way of showing up in your game.  

I believe that intention has two sides. Both sides have the potential to deliver on your core purpose. You may believe that it is a good idea to drive around with a gas can in the trunk. This intention, more or less, assures a false sense of security and eventually, you'll probably run out of gas and get to use your intended solution.  

The same energy that powers the "in case I run out of gas" scenario, can also power a winner's intention of always winning. Cutting to the chase, hold a simple, yet powerful philosophy, one that serves all situations. Right time, right place, right action. Become disciplined, forming intentions that resonate with; I will always be in the right time, I will always be in the right place, I will always have the right action.  

Since the energy behind both a strong intention and a weak intention is the same, the "cost" to you is the same. With the same costs, which way to you chose to direct your intention? Empty gas tank or "The Road Goes On Forever...and the party never ends". (Lyrics by Robert Earl Jr. Keen)  

Michael Vernon
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If you gamble with the attitude that you"ll probably lose, you probably will. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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