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How to Learn to Toss Dice  
BY:  Stanford Wong

I recommend personal instruction from a pro. If you want to learn to hit a tennis or golf ball properly, the best plan of action is to get coaching from an expert; and the same is true if you want to learn how to throw dice to produce results that differ from random.  
There are several people teaching classes on throwing dice, and more dice schools will pop up. To get feedback from former students, you might ask on one of the Internet dice discussion boards.  
I took a weekend class on dice control from Frank Scoblete's Golden Touch Craps. Over two days I tossed the dice hundreds of times, with each toss being closely watched by one or two of several dice experts. The experts suggested a number of improvements in my grip and delivery, and I did my best to follow their recommendations. It was a fun weekend; and by the time it was over, my dice were bouncing around considerably less than before I took the course.  
Some of the instructors at the Golden Touch Craps course were able to toss the dice well enough to get an edge in spite of physical conditions that you might think would hinder them. One instructor succeeds at dice in spite of a painful back condition that makes it impossible for him to stand erect. Another succeeds in spite of short arms and a large belly.  
After practicing at home for two months, I got personal coaching from "Dice Coach" Beau Parker. He suggested some fine tuning, and my dice behaved better after I made the changes he suggested.  
I practiced at home for two more months before I was willing to test my new skill in a casino. I have been a winner at dice since then.  
Could I have learned to throw the dice well enough to have an advantage over the casinos from books only, and without the help of the hands-on assistance of experts? I think not, though I know a couple of skillful crapshooters who are self-taught.  
If you were in the slower half of your gym class in learning new skills like I was, you might need six months of practice to get an edge at craps. If you are more coordinated, you can build the necessary skill quicker.  
Throwing dice with control requires proper technique and lots of practice of that proper technique. Practicing flawed technique will not give you an edge at casino crap tables; instead it will give you false confidence as you roll random numbers.  
Stanford's new book, Wong on Dice is now available!  
Call us toll-free at 1-(866) 342-3626 to order your copy today!
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