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Super Bowling Lessons ...  
BY:  Michael Vernon

This year's Super Bowl game demonstrated a good example of metaphysics in a game. If you saw the game, you were witness to intention, focus and sheer unstoppable desire of the New York Giant's game plan.  
At first, I thought I was watching a waiting game. Having seen the Patriots play a few times during the regular season, I was waiting for the Patriots to figure out the Giants weak link. The head to head battle first appeared as a valiant effort on the part of the Giants. However, I expected the Giants to eventually collapse, losing their "all-in" punch demonstrated at the beginning of the game. Like the Las Vegas odds makers, I believed the daunting Patriots would kick in high gear and run away with the Super Bowl.  
As it turned out, the Giant's coaching staff was running a well thought out battle plan. The Giants were relentless, constantly pressuring Tom Brady in their attack. New York rotated defensive players to keep them rested to maintain their onslaught throughout the game. New England had no clue how to handle the Giant's game plan. New England must have felt like a punch drunk fighter on the ropes talking to themselves.... "When is this guy going to give up? I must be wearing him out from all the punches that I am taking?" (Of course I am making this all up.)  
Okay who knows what the Patriots were thinking or saying to themselves. On an energy level, this example becomes the kiss of death. Just the thought of giving up, reflects "giving up". What we do know for sure is New York won the game that bookmakers predicted they would lose. We do know that the New York game plan could not be handled by New England. We observed the workings of the metaphysical principles in defying the odds.  
The Giants played the game with a dedicated intention to win. They believed that they were the better team. They owned an attitude of "never quit and can do!". New England on the other hand, played with an attitude of "are you kidding me?" "Don't you know who we are?" New York replied with... "We don't give a rat's ass!"  
When you understand the metaphysics, in the end, the energy is always true. You can touch into the energy of anything... a person, a phone call, a newspaper article, a photograph and any game you can name. All that you need to know is evident in the energy carrying the message. Do you know why actions speak louder than words?  
A lack of energy has a way of spinning people out. Of all the statistics of this Super Bowl game, the one that made the biggest difference was the metaphysical statistic. New York held the edge in the energy stats and that's what spun New England out.  
Copyright (c)2008 Michael Vernon  

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