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Ninja Craps Pro



The preferred grip for you is the one that you feel the most comfortable with, has the least amount of friction and skin on the dice, and that produces the best results for you personally. 

3-Finger Front Grip
The index, middle and ring fingers are placed across the far upper  ...
3-Finger Front Diagonal Grip
The thumb is on the back edge of the dice with the three fingers ...
2-Finger Pincer Grip 
This grip is the current grip the Dice Coach is using, with  ...
Ice Tong Grip
Your thumb is place on the left side and the index or middle finger is placed on ...
Stacked Grip
In the Stacked Grip one die is placed on "top" of the other die.
5-Finger Grip
The middle finger on the front edge 50/50 on each dice, while the ring finger ...
2-Finger  Front Diagonal Grip
The diagonal grip is used to minimize skin friction even more than ...

Click on any of the grip photos to see additional photos of each grip and a detailed discussion on each grip.

There are numerous grips other than those shown on this page.  The 3-finger front grip is reputed to be one of the best grips to use.  Try this one, but experiment with some of the others shown here to find one that is comfortable for you, then stick with it.

The pressure applied to the dice should be as light as possible.  The more you practice a grip, the more you will get the "feel" for the dice.

This page IS NOT here to teach you how to grip the dice.  You can do some experimenting with different grips before taking the Dice Setting class.  During this class the Dice Coach will evaluate your set, grip and toss, and make appropriate recommendations.

Gambling should be a planned "destination" trip. Never go gambling on a whim. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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