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BY:  Attila Ordog

There is indeed very little doubt that craps is among the most popular gambling games in casinos today. This game gives players a chance to cheer for each other as there will be many people wishing for the dice to land on the same number. Since this game has become so popular, there are many casinos which have started holding tournaments for this game so that people have a new and unique way of playing.  
As there are so many people who love this game, there are many players who would blindly jump into tournaments without considering the fact that they may know nothing about what is happening.  
If you want to enter one of the casino tournaments then you should first carefully evaluate it. Before entering a tournament, here are a few things that you should consider:  
1. The rules of the tournament  
Before you enter any tournament the first thing that you have to do is to find out all the rules. Are you going to be using money of your own or do you have to play with tournament chips? What is required from you while you are playing? Are there any minimum bets? If promoters of the tournament do not want to provide all the details then you should consider passing up the tournament.  
2. The cost for playing  
If it's a free tournament then you have to consider whether the prize money is equivalent to the time you spend. If you have to pay for entry into the tournament then you should first know whether the winnings are a fair return on your admission fee.  
3. The prizes  
If you are being forced to pay entry fees then you have to find out how much of these fees is going to be returned to players. A majority should be returned in order to make the tournament more enticing. Most casinos host tournaments so as to attract new players inside their establishments. They make their money from the additional play that is made by new entrants. If it's a free tournament, then the prize should be enough for justifying the time you spend playing it. Also, you should find out whether the prize money is guaranteed.  
4. The number of participants -  
You should find out if there is a minimum or maximum number of player's requirement for the tournament. This gives you a slight indication to the type of competition you will be facing. You also need to find out if the number of players is going to be affecting the prize money or not.  
5. Amount of time involved -  
Some tournaments finish in a few hours and there are others which last days. Some may make you play qualifying rounds and then keep you waiting for the final round. This is done for making sure that you play other games while waiting for your tournament to begin.  
Finally, you should use these rules for evaluating every tournament before you choose any particular one to participate in.  

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