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Playing Roulette with an Etheric Net....  
BY:  Michael Vernon

Yes, you can win playing roulette!  
At least this is the advertising banner a casino would like you to believe. The spontaneous camaraderie among the players may explain why roulette continues to be so popular. Almost like being seen in a swank nightclub, the beautiful people play roulette. Yes, roulette is the elegant game of the avant-garde. You may recall 007 movies with the illustrious James Bond, dressed to the "Nines", with a gorgeous woman dripping in diamonds, hanging on his arm, Bond always won at the roulette table. But I digress. This article is about how you can beat the game of roulette.  
The house edge over the player in a roulette game is 5.26% for all bets excepting one that involves the zero and double zero. I am not going into that play, but for the math people who need to know, it is 7.89%. What does all of this mean in plain language? The roulette player is guaranteed to lose. Okay, that's the downside with the upside being a bit of chit-chat over fancy cocktails, flashing eyes and jewels, and the hope of a night's stand with "007". These may be reason enough to have a few roulette wheels turning in many a casino. It certainly can't be nostalgia. Real estate in a casino is way too expensive for emotional sentiment.  
Regarding the play and strategy for roulette, one method is likely to be as poor as the next, given the house odds. However, there is such a thing as "trends". Just like craps, blackjack, poker or baccarat, the wheel of roulette never experienced the benefit of a third grade education. At times, the results do not always adhere to the probability of math. In other words, the unexpected can be expected. The catch is that the player needs to be in the game when the extraordinary occurs.  
I do not suggest that it is necessarily possible to know in advance what number will result in the next roll playing roulette. However, I do suggest one can experience right time, right place with right action. The process is one of alignment. The player can align to the energy of the game and the casino. This is not rocket science, but it requires an understanding of metaphysical principles, as well as discipline and some practice. Most of all, it requires confidence. It requires a shift in one's belief system about accepting coincidences, happenstance or luck as way of explaining life. It requires a belief that one can be able to tap into the near future and pull information from another dimension before it manifests in this reality. If you are able to achieve this task, it will be confirmed in real time before your very eyes. Yes, seeing is believing! If you miss out, you will also know that, when you don't see it. It is a bit profound, I know, but at least you will receive an answer either way.  
So, how do you get an answer? Simple! Ask your higher self a question. "Is this my time to play roulette at this table?" Yes, no and maybe so, are about the only possible answers. If it is not yes, then it is definitely NO! Now, the part that is difficult for some players has to do with the tapping into the "other" dimension. The best way I know to explain the process is to think of a radio receiver and the music you enjoy. If jazz is your favorite, you certainly will not be tuning in to the classic rock station to hear jazz. If classical music is tuned to 89.3 FM, you will most likely hear the hissing of static if you tune to 89.5 FM, for example. The information providing the answer to your question about roulette, is riding out there in the "etheric like" radio waves. The trick to perceiving information from another dimension has to do with being aligned to that frequency. It is not a light switch that you can just toggle on and off. This is the part that requires practice and confidence. One starts with the knowledge that information from the future is moving towards you. Your job is to push forward with your feelings until you touch that information. The next part of the work is to practice this energy experiment until you build confidence in your abilities.  
When looking for a roulette game, the intention is to locate a game that is out of probability; a game that is "trending". Once you recognize the trend you can take advantage of the game. Here is an example. Last month I took my aunt out for day at the casinos. She is a slot machine player but, after lunch, she wanted to play some roulette. The game had a tote board displaying resent results of the numbers rolled. The wheel was "trending" black, but my aunt insisted on playing her favorite color, red. It's funny how people will ask for advice and then do the exact opposite of the advice. After losing four red bets in a row, my aunt asked me what she should do. I replied with, "Either bet black or stop playing". Another four blacks rolled. She continued to bet red. In frustration, my aunt quit playing. She had to because she had lost all her chips betting red. It was so obvious that the wheel was out of probability and trending black. In the end, black rolled 8 times in a row. Previous to that, there had been five out of seven black results.  
This story is an example of how a game may be "trending" by color. There are also odd and even trends and odd and even with color trends and a few others. Using the perception method described above, a player may be able to indentify when a roulette wheel is about to be trending. Obviously the player needs to have the information well enough in advance in order to catch the trend. Then it is a matter of riding the trend and using a progression betting strategy to lean into the trend for as long as it lasts. In this way the player leverages profits during an opportunity, while at the same time locking up a reasonable amount chips. When the trend ends, the player has captured a tidy some of money.  
Applying metaphysics to roulette involves a process something like casting a net out over the waters when fishing. You toss out your inner question with intention, asking about a roulette game, and you pull the net in with your answer. It is a gathering up of the energy present and perceiving energy that is on its way to you. Sometimes there will be no fish. No fish means no game and no point in investing your time and money. You could stay and play if you are seeking a free drink but that will cost you in the end. Receiving an answer of "yes, this is the game" comes with a feeling of confidence and assurance. It feels like "it's okay or safe to play.  
It is preferred to play roulette with only a single zero, but in the U.S.A. that is unlikely. A game with a tote board displaying recent results is a helpful visual to support of your metaphysical information. By the way, regarding the reconnaissance of the metaphysical information; it is an on going process while in the game. You will want to keep up with the current information as well as be ahead of what is coming down the pike. It is actually most important to receive the information about when it is time to exit the game. The best way to walk away a winner is to do so before you begin to lose.  
Dumbo the elephant did not need the magic feather in order to fly and neither do you when it comes to assessing a roulette game. Dumbo only needed to have the confidence that he could fly. Dumbo had that moment when he had to take a "leap of faith" and he trusted himself to defy uncertainty. Peering into another dimension of time and space and perceiving information before it manifests in this reality, mostly comes down to the "Dumbo Effect". You must believe that you can do it!  
Michael Vernon  
Copyright (c) 2009  

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