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The Tune-up Advantage  
BY:  Richard Palmer ... aka DiceDreamer

No matter how much we practice rolling the dice at home, there is no experience and set of conditions like rolling in a casino. For those of us who don’t get to a casino daily but do get there in concentrated time intervals, we need to transition from home to the casino. This defines the role of the tune-up. The tune-up helps you tune into craps.  
A tune-up focuses your mind on all aspects of rolling the dice and the game in general by analyzing the physical, mental, and emotional components of the game before entering the casino.  
The goal of throwing at home can be to gain the ability to enter the “zone” while rolling and to develop a consistent delivery of the dice. The delivery consists of grip, identification of the target zone, initiating the toss, the release and follow-through. You must be especially cognizant of the soft landing, the hit on the cushions, and the short carom. You should pay attention to the roll of box numbers to sevens ratio, but when we begin casino play with money on the line, we need to be confident that what we practiced from the time of the last casino session to the current visit has been correct technique. Muscle memory is indiscriminate for the good or the bad.  
In the “craps pit” under the Dice Coach’s trained eye, your body mechanics (physical aspects) are evaluated to determine whether the technical aspects of throwing the dice that you have been practicing are sound and correct. Your grip, motion, release, follow-through, dice rotation, and table landing are analyzed, as well as your ability to find and hit the target area consistently. If adjustments are required, they are made and practiced immediately.  
Finally, the Dice Coach suggests how to make your motion more fluid and precise to affect the softest landings on the table. Since the session takes place on a twelve-foot table, you can immediately assess your correct throwing position on any length table at subsequent sessions in the casinos to prevent over-throwing or under-throwing.  
As you throw and numbers appear, different dice sets are discussed to compensate or adjust to the action of your dice at the time. The Dice Coach has many dice sets, and conveys subtle changes that can be used to improve results immediately. These dice sets are often not the ones most encountered in the literature with which we are most familiar, and can be extremely useful, depending on the point and the situation. For example, if a five or a nine is established as the pass-line point, one can alter the 3V set with a one-quarter rotation of one of the dice to give rise to a new set with fives and nines all around. Simple corrections such as rotating the dice set one face in either direction after you throw several craps on come-out has a profound, positive effect on your mind. In other words, you assessed a problem, made a change to correct the problem, and have refocused on getting into your groove and normal rhythm instead of dwelling on a problem.  
The other emphasis of a tune-up is mental. It involves money management and the mental considerations of setting goals for winning at the tables. The Dice Coach probes your betting strategies, asks about changes in your comfort levels for betting green (or higher) chips, and offers alternate betting strategies for thought. At the end of these inquiries you have analyzed your strategies again, rationalized them, and have achieved a comfort level for what you are going to do at the casino before you get there for the first time this trip. Your mind has now refocused on sound methods to turn any table conditions in your favor, and as we already know, the mental and emotional components of this game are extremely large. Discussing the mental goals and restating the objectives of casino sessions—wins, no matter how large or small, in combination with the review and analysis of the physical aspects promotes maximum preparation for the rollercoaster rides of the game itself.  

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