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Gambling, Lady Luck, and Knowing when you are   
BY:  Gwen Lynn

We have all heard the term Lady Luck, but what is Lady Luck? For centuries mankind has pondered the nature of luck. Lucky people feel they are doing something right and they become magnets for good fortune. Our bodies are magnets and they attract a certain type of energy both positive and negative.  
Doing something right is working with that positive energy and can be a spiritual experience with the universe. Webster's Dictionary defines luck as: "The events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual. Good luck and bad luck is really good energy or bad energy and the timing of that energy. More definitely it implies the help or intervention of a higher power When a person says, "I wish you good luck" what they mean is "I wish you good timing." Good timing has always been part of good luck and people do a lot of different things to attract luck. They will wear certain clothes, have good luck charms, say certain things and do things in a certain way to attract good fortune. Things happen in the casino that shows that their good luck is working or changing. You will hear things like, the table turned, the dice got hot or cold, the dealer got hot, I was on a roll, or every time I made a bet it came up opposite of my bet. You see and hear these things every day in the casino and people do not understand why this happens.  
There are casinos that understand these topics and use it in their casinos. The subject of astrology and Feng Shui has been used in a number of casinos and has been featured on a number of television shows. Feng Shui is the ancient art of placement to achieve health, wealth, love and prosperity. Feng Shui uses all of the five elements of the earth and is an extension of Chinese astrology. The Chinese have a saying, " First luck: second, destiny; third, Feng Shui; fourth, virtues; fifth, education." They place luck as number one.  
One example of Feng Shui is walking into a casino and seeing a waterfall in the entrance. This helps bring wealth, and good fortune into the casino. This has been used in a number of casinos and buildings including the entrance of Trump Tower. Another example of Feng Shui is when the MGM Grand spent millions of dollars to change their entrance so people did not have to walk into the mouth of a lion, which is considered bad luck.  
The casinos are using this as a way for them to have an edge over the player and the players do not even know it is happening. The Indian casinos have gone one step farther and have used astrology as part of their theme in the design of their casinos. Two examples are the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut and the Golden Moon at Pearl River Resort in Choctaw, Mississippi. The Golden Moon has a big full golden moon on the top of their casino. These casinos are connecting into astrology, Feng Shui, the elements, and the heavens to bring them good fortune, and it is working. This is no accident. The Indian casinos have a big head start in this area. The casino industry is changing all around us. There are new subjects being studied, new designers, contractors, and new ideas. The signs are all around us, all we have to do is open our eyes and pay attention to what the signs are telling us. It will not be long before there will be astrologers on the payroll at some of the casinos consulting them on their best days and times to start new projects and when they may on a winning or losing trend. One casino used their corporate chart to decide when to open their casino to the public. They wanted to open when they had good aspects in their chart.  
So we now ask ourselves is there any way we can see when the positive energy or the negative energy (good luck or bad luck) will happen while we are playing? The answer is yes, by using your birth chart and the subject of astrology.  
Astrology is the study of the stars and planets and the influences they have upon human affairs and the terrestrial events of their positions and aspects. Astrology has been used for thousands of years in timing with planting crops, looking at weather patterns, and in the stock market, and to time events in our lives. Astrology is the study of those trends and timing. Since 1792 The Farmers Almanac has said that the plants explain the path or flow that an event tends to follow. They have published the planting tables for crops and the weather predictions for over two hundred years using astrology. A select group of astrologers** can use the information of a persons birth chart to help determine the best possible trends and times for that person to play or gamble. The problem is that you do not know if you on a hot trend or cold trend until it is over. When a person has good aspects (positive energy) to their charts it is a time of improved fortune. Everyone has certain days and times that will be luckier than others. When you play in a casino, play, poker, slots, or even bingo you need a finer definition. You need to know when the trends will be positive, or as it is know being "On the wheel."  
One company who studies these trends and publishes your "On Your Game" gambling profile and chart for their clients is Lifestyles International Inc. By looking at the person's chart they can see when a person's trends are going to be positive or negative for that individual. Astrologer Gwen Lynn is vice president of Lifestyles International Inc. and has been an astrologer, teacher, and author for over twenty years and lectures on astrology throughout the country. "It is amazing how you can inform the client when you know what you are looking for. At times their winning days just jump off their chart and other times they should not be playing at all." After Gwen has the birth information on the client she writes a complete profile for the client. The On Your Game profile is the complete astrological and psychological report, which explains a persons gambling personality. It gives them inside information on how they play and if they have the personality and temperament to be a successful gambler. It covers all the planets in a person's chart and is approximately 30 to 45 pages in length. The casinos have a big edge over the players and now the player can have an edge on the casino.  
"In the past we had to do all of the calculations by hand and it took a long time and was every time consuming," said Gwen Lynn. Now with high speed computers and being able to write our own software we are able to provide this information a lot faster and give our clients professionally written profiles that we can mail or email every month to our clients. They can see when the trends will start, peak, and end before they play. Remember good discipline is part of being a successful gambler. Nobody wins all the time. The trick is to stop playing before you start losing and if you lose three to four bets in a row take a break. Many players find that they begin to play and they do get into a winning streak. They are "On Their Game" and then they do not stop when the trend turns unlucky and they are off their game. A player must take a break and leave the table. One of the key rules in gambling is to have the discipline to quite while you are ahead. This information works better for players who know and follow the basic rules of gambling.  
They should have a bankroll, knowledge of the game, money management, and the discipline to leave when the trend is over. Let me repeat YOU MUST LEAVE WHEN THE TREND IS OVER and that does not mean changing your betting patterns. (Changing from a do player to a don't player in craps) When you are "off your game" you make wrongs decisions. Do not be afraid of leaving a table or slot machine with small wins. Tomorrow is another day. The casino wants you to stay as long as possible because they feel you will give all your winning back when the trends change, and they will. Remember bulls make money at a bull table, bears make money at a bear table and pigs always get slaughtered. Don't be a pig. When you take a player who has good knowledge of the game, money management, discipline and is on his game, that becomes a very positive combination. We have all watched poker on television where one player has had the lead for the majority of the game and then the energy changes and they lose all of their chips in just one or two hands. They went all in at the wrong time and lost everything or the other player got the one card that they needed on the river to win. Just bad luck? More like bad timing.  
"One of the biggest problems we had when we first started doing charts for our clients was they would wait all year and then book a three day trip to Las Vegas and did not know if they were going to be on a good trend or bad trend. Then they wanted us to magically give them their times of when they were going to win, said the president of Lifestyles International Inc.  
They may have gone on the worst possible days of the month and they thought we could change that. (As when the Moon was Void of course or when Mercury is in retrograde) There are times when you should just do not play, period. They had the cart in front of the horse. Now our clients call us and ask us before they go on a trip and ask, "When are the best days to go to the casino." They plan their trip around the days that they will be "On their game."  
You have a much better chance of winning when the planets are in a favorable position. You cannot force things to happen when they are not supposed to happen. Good things happen when they are suppose to happen. If you want to win you must play when the timing is in your favor and you are on the wheel. There is more to gambling than just luck. It is knowing when it will happen. The cost for your On Your Game Astrological and Psychological profile is Forty-nine ninety- five plus five dollars for shipping and handling.  
For more information on astrology, gambling, winning trends and being On Your Game contact Lifestyles International Inc. email: To order your On Your Game profile call 1-800-987-5544. Have your name, date of birth; city and state of birth and time of birth (if known) available.  
NOTE: Gwen Lynn is an astrologer, teacher, and speaker, who has written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines, appeared on national radio and television shows and has spent years working on understanding winning trends and how to use astrology in the field of gaming known as "On Your Game" (c) Lifestyles International Inc.  

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