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Ninja Craps Pro



Here is one of the many testimonials that we have received about our courses and the Dice Coach in particular.  These are from people who have had the opportunity to receive some dice setting and/or precision shooting advice from the Dice Coach. When you click on the "testimonials" link in the menu bar you will find a variety of quotes from many others. 

As we like to say, "THIS IS NOT A SYSTEM -- it is a skill, and one we can teach you!"  And it's true!  Look at the professionals in ANY sport ... the one common denominator is that they ALL have a coach or a personal trainer.  Could you learn to become a good bowler or a good golfer by simply reading about it or watching a video?  Get started off on the right foot with one of our classes.

I want to thank you for the great training session during my recent visit to Las Vegas with the Dice Coach. Your "facilities" are excellent for a training lab and your hospitality and expertise are unexcelled! It is really nice to be able to practice on a real dice table and see what the results are for your rolls. You are an exceptional instructor and now I know that we learned from a real pro. My rolls now are nothing more than a rehearsal of what I saw you do. I will be glad when I can be as consistent as you are.  
Karl and I went into the casino at the Golden Nugget after you let us out and we watched for a while and as luck would have it there was an opening to stick right at a table with some fairly good looking shooters (just their dice looked good!). I tried my hand at it and made 5 or 6 straight passes. I did better than I expected and even got an ovation for my hand! Thanks Coach! Actually, If I had let my $100 ride for the duration, I would have cleaned up over $3,000 but I just bet like a greenhorn yet my throwing was exceptional and I loved it. The truth is that I tripled my initial stake in this short run so I am sure I was lucky to boot!  
I came home and after recovering from the red-eye trip home, practiced all day and now have my toss down pretty well. The dice are landing on their axes and usually are about the same height in the arc to the landing spot. I am still practicing throwing on to the bed but recently, I threw 3 hard tens out of 4 tosses using the hardways set! I hope that will continue.  
Thanks again, Coach. You are the greatest and that was one of the best training seminars I have ever attended. I highly recommend your ‘facilities and abilities’ to anyone interested in learning the proper way to beat the casinos!  
Set and Delivery are important! But my money’s on the grip and keeping those cubes square with the world!  
C S (Silver Bullet)

Remember, we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with what you learn in one of our classes.  We DO NOT teach a system ... dice setting and precision throwing is a skill that you can learn.

100% Money-back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

Is there some reason why you work 40 hard hours to earn $500, then spend four hard hours giving it away to your favorite casino? Has anyone, at any casino, ever thanked you?

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