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On this page you will find a few of the many testimonials that we receive about our courses and the Dice Coach in particular.  These are from people who have had the opportunity to receive some dice setting and/or precision shooting advice from the Dice Coach.

As we like to say, "THIS IS NOT A SYSTEM -- it is a skill, and one we can teach you!"  And it's true!  Look at the professionals in ANY sport ... the one common denominator is that they ALL have a coach or a personal trainer.  Could you learn to become a good bowler or a good golfer by simply reading about it or watching a video?  Get started off on the right foot with one of our classes.

02.24.24 craps for the cure:

Thank you for the awesome refresher! I have taken your class previously and we went over tosses as well as betting, but as I was new to DI we spent the majority of the time on the mechanics. This time, I joined your class as part of a group lesson and it was awesome to play as though we were going around the table in a real casino. Lots of betting tips and tricks learned or reminded of. My next step will certainly be a class with actual casino play to see in real time how you adapt to the changing climate of the table.

While I have struggled with my toss at actual casinos, this time was different. I can attribute it to numerous things including practice, becoming more comfortable and refreshers from you. While I had never hit the ATS prior to this trip in any casino, I managed to throw 2 full ATS's as well as hit 6 sides. 4 times of which I only needed one number to complete the all. I also used some of your betting tricks/tips (dealer tips, stacking come outs, etc).

I'm proud to call you a craps friend and look forward to our next time together.

Ben C.
Madison, WI 02.2024

Beau, my dice throwing has been changed for the better. On this trip I tossed five fives in a row, all 1 - 4 . I have never done that before. I also tossed four fours all 1 - 3 in 4 out of 5 throws.

I played at the Fremont, downtown Las Vegas, did not do well there, the table was choppy. I had the dice twice, PSO'ed both times with a 6 - 1 using the hardways set. While the results were not great I am noticing more consistency in my toss. I can see how I can make adjustments to improve my results.

It was great meeting you
Thanks for a wonderfully insightful lesson

Dave P.

Hi Beau,
It was very nice to have the craps session with you on Friday. I got a lot of out of it. I ended up tossing a 53-roller at the crapless table at GVR. I didn't even have a come out 7 until roll 51 and that should have been an indicator to me to regress my bets back to base but I power through it for 2 more rolls before it ended. I did regress my 10 down from $300 to $100... I left everything else alone and made $3000 out of the roll. Yay ! You definitely helped me with how I bet (I did the alternating collect and full press method you recommended). Worked out great. I made more money on that roll than I would have made without your coaching.

Looking forward to the next session (maybe in February).

Justice Jen S.F.C.A.
Dec. 2023

Beau Parker (a.k.a. the Dice Coach)

You had asked for some feedback on how well Frankie Page and I were doing after we took your 1 hour tune up in November. I told you I would give you feedback after our Beau Rivage trip.

This is what I posted on Heavy's website today. The term friend refers to the man with the golden arm Frankie Page. I have just taken out a million dollar insurance policy on Frankie's shooting arm.

Three of us were at the Beau Rivage this week. My friend, shooting from SR 1 held the dice at the CRAP LESS table for 1 hour 10 minutes.

What separates this roll from other rolls of similar lengths is the number of craps numbers rolled. 6-11'S; 6-12'S;3-2'S; 1-3 One of the 12"s was on the come-out. When the last 12 rolled all 3 of us collected at table max.

Kudos for his shooting goes to the Dice Coach. A month ago the shooter, having never taken shooting classes before, took a 1 hour class from the Dice Coach.

The same shooter hit the ALL/ALL the previous day.

Kumar Hate'
Dec. 2023

Coach, I do have a great story to share with you. Mark and I were in Vegas for the first week of March Madness and got our heads bashed in all week on hoops and played even on craps, leading up to Saturday night at Mandalay.

I got the dice and started out with $25 flat with full odds. I had all the numbers placed for $50/$60. I did a press pay progression and had a 45 minute roll using the set 5/3 up and aces kissing.

Ended up with $600 on the eight and got paid twice. $400 on the nine and got paid twice and $200 on the four and ten and got paid once on each, Only made three passes and missed the A T S twice, but who cares...) Walked away with Chocolate Chips!

I will be in touch next month. First week of March Madness 2023

S. A. CA.
November, 2023

Hey Beau,

Thanks again for the group lesson and live casino session a few weeks ago. Your tips on tipping the dealers and table energy came in handy on a recent trip I made to the Rivers Casino in Des Plains IL, outside O'Hare airport. The crap pit there has four twelve-foot tables all with good neutral bounce surface and excellent professional crews. $10- $15 min the night I was there.

Tossed three times. The first two were short hands as I was searching for the sweet spot. Kept betting for the crew and making positive small talk with the box. Found my sweet spot and got into the zone on the third try. Shooting from SL1 aiming for the BIG 6&8 on the layout. (Odd that that bet was there, good thing no one bets it anymore, so I had a big open landing zone). Used you pass line system for dealer bets and made several two-way place and odds bets for them as the hand progressed, and man did it progress. The positive energy was high, and everyone was having fun, high fives and cheers all around when a point was hit. Lost track of the number of tosses I had but I know I held the dice through three dealer rotations. Around 45 to 60 minutes. Hit multiple points and lots of inside number repeaters. Bet around $100 in white and red chips for the dealers over all (got zero heat for occasionally missing back wall). Just for fun I called out "two, three hopping for the crew, why not you never know" when a point of 5 had been sitting out there for a while and hit it. Table went nuts. Used a cross six set exclusively switched between 5-9 and 6-8 friendly arrangement. Cashed out with a very nice profit on my buy in. Needless to say, the crew was sad to see me go.

Thanks again for your great coaching and advice over the years and remember "luck has very little to do with it".

John B, Rivers Casino Des Plains IL.
Nov 20, 2023


Well it finally happen after years of only hitting only one side of the ATS I finally hit the ALL and a great story!

I went over to Tropicana to get a chip to collect in case they change the name. They would not sell me a chip so I bought in for $200 on a $10 table. A couple of good shooters from San Diego were already bought in after a round I went on a 40+ roll for about an hour hitting the ATS about 7 hard ways and six or 7 points. The table cashed out at 35k I cashed out $4086 the other two shoots 17k and 9k respectively. Moral of the story they should have sold me the $1 chip!

I had another good run at the Park MGM the next day in for $620 out with $1500. This wouldn't be possible without all you years of training and advice. Thanks and see you next time in Vegas!


I played at the Cromwell with JP from Texas this weekend. I love Cromwell's tables. JP hit the small on his roll. On my roll, I missed the tall--the 12 didn't show up-and missed the small-5 didn't hit. The next shooter, a random guy, came out with a 5, and the next roll hit the 12. I should have hopped both the 5 and the 12...but who knew.

Later that afternoon, JP went to the kiosk to check his points, and was very surprised to find that he had accumulated four (4) $500.00 free-play tickets off his table play. He took those four tickets ($2,000.00 total) and turned it into $1,600.00 in real money! Needless to say, he was a very happy-camper.

On Sunday, KB--who was also from Texas, and staying at the MGM-- bought-in for $300.00, and colored-up $3,300.00 on a crap-less craps table! Wow, 10X the buy-in is hard to pull off.

Congratulations to both Texans--JP and KB--for great wins!



Thanks so much again for the tune-up class. It was great to see you.

My coworker and I took the introductory dice coach course in January of 2022. Beau is a great host and I was blown away by the amount of knowledge he is eager to share with his students. How you grip to setting dice, how you approach a table, what to look for. He even has a great handout summarizing the training for easy reference. Armed with Beau's knowledge my coworker and I would head out to the casinos after work and try our new methods. Bottom line, we both ended the week as winners, I was up about $350 and my colleague was up about $800. Sounds like small potatoes right? But I'm the guy that was happy to go home $50 ahead. Fast forward to December 22 and because we don't get to play craps often my coworker and I took Beau's tune-up class. It was awesome, Beau get's right to the point and within an hour he had us ready to hit the tables again. This time thanks to Beau's methods I came home $2,000 ahead and my coworker $700 ahead for the week. Thanks Beau, and we highly recommend Dice Coach.

Respectfully, Bill



Thank you so much for hosting my friends and I for a dice class!! We weren't sure what to expect since we had a fair amount of knowledge on craps coming into it, but were very pleased. You made us feel welcomed right away, were easy to talk to, and taught the class in a way that was fun and easy to catch on. The tips and tricks you taught us about certain dice trends and betting patterns really paid off for us the first day! We played at multiple casinos on and off the strip. Our favorite of your recommendations was Fremont Casino. The 12' table had the perfect bounce and the crew was top notch. I got on a roll and the crew made sure I never went without the dice for more than a minute. I rolled 43 times using the 3V set. I really feel that your class aided with this as it was my longest roll to date. I won a jacket for the "Sharpshooter Club" and was pretty impressed! I have really enjoyed the material you sent with us as a refresher also. We plan on coming back to see you for a touch up class next time we are in Vegas!! Thank you so much!

J D Texas

Coach, after taking you much needed tune up class Jerry rolled for 42 minutes at Mandalay Bay. He hit A T S and then hit the small again. I came away with $1,800.00 win! Thanks for the class.

Bill WA

Took your private 1 on 1 class yesterday, you changed my toss and grip from a stacked set to an on axis, using hard way - 3V- 6 - 8 set, and the five nine set. That evening I went to downtown Fremont hotel/casino bought in for $300.00 cashed out with $780.00. Thanks for the class great coaching.

S.P. Texas
Oct. 22

Tune up class staying at Bally's actually they had a $10.00 game. Played three different sessions on one of my sessions hit the tall missed the small, needed the 2. Played at Cromwell on Wednesday night made 4 point passes, hit the Tall on the ATS missed the small needed the 3. Up, $500 for playing three sessions.

T.W. Mass.
Oct. 22

As always I come to see you first for a tune up just to get in tune for the upcoming live sessions, staying at Bally's my best hand was hitting the ATS for 10 - 10 - 10 + $2,100.00.

J.S. Florida
Oct. 22

Thought you would enjoy this story.

After stopping by the Dice Coaches home studio, I felt confident to again participate in the casino game of chance "craps". Three sessions on Friday July 29 and no real success and headed to Tahoe for the week. Only one attempt at Harrah's and the local suits gave me all sorts of heat about my position S1R and releasing to close to the center of the table. So with Harvey's Hard Rock and a new non- Harrah's Bally's not looking or feeling playable I saved my work for the return to Vegas Saturday August 6. First session was at Linq table 1 in the walking area between Harrah's and Flamingo. Basically even and decided to cash out. Well as luck would have it the cage was way busy so I stopped at Linq table 2 close to the cage. $500 buy in and second up in the throwing order. ATS bet and made them all AFTER four made points 8 three times and 4 twice . The last number I needed for the all was the 9, I had been using the 3-1 2-2 set with great success. After I warned my new found (4) friends on my end of the table, that I was going to set for the 5-9 I laid the 9 for $400. The second roll was a beautiful 5-4, 9!!! A T S. Long story short walked away with $3000.00 up! Thanks for looking at my toss and giving me the encouragement I needed to make the two Vegas stops very successful.


Hi Beau!

After my tune up class

Thursday I had a 17 roll at Palazzo. Later that evening I met up with a GTC friend of mine. Neither of us did too well. He wanted to go to Paris. I had a 7 roll with one made point. Rolled 5 roll with one made point. Friend didn't do any better. Pit boss said table has been bad all day. Link I went three and out on only roll. I didn't want to play there because it was only short rolls but friend wanted to try. He didn't do well either. Friday I had a couple rolls of 7. Then a couple with a roll of 18 and one nice roll of 22 with three points made. Yesterday I had two decent rolls of 19 and 21. Only two times I played. First pit boss said nice roll. They need more like that. Second pit boss congratulated me on a nice roll. Got a nice applause after both sessions. Another friend is coming out later today. Hope the dice stay friendly. Thanks again for your help.


Early Friday morning the tables were pretty full, we had breakfast and Uber'ed to see Dice Coach. We spent time discussing circumstances and making an action plan... My brother hasn't had opportunity to practice much lately. Beau was helpful in getting him back into form. Making adjustments and suggesting strategies based on his play. I received a working over about my 'head' issues..Coach turned counselor, and so, after mental attitude we went to give it a whirl.

It took awhile for Coaches advice to sink in; however after focusing on his advice, things began to settle down. Over the weekend we had many long hands, including three full ATS scores, five and a four point fire bet win. We made many great memories and came home with a lot of extra cash.

Joe P. Texas

My wife and I took your Friends and Family class this month, where we worked on our toss and betting strategies. In our first session after class, in the downtown Plaza Casino, we bought in for $400.00, and colored up a little over $1,300.00. Thank you for changing our toss and how we bet!

Mike MO.
May 2022

Hey Beau,

I enjoyed our Tune-up class with you in early March, and thought you might like to hear how my trip went after the class.

Ira and I headed to the Golden Nugget downtown, where Ira lit up the tables, rolling for an hour and hitting the ATS (All-Tall-Small) twice! Ira colored up $2,370.00, and I colored up $5,160.00.

A few days later, another friend, Dean, joined us for play at the Cromwell on the strip. He had a good hand, and even hit the ATS.

At Bally's, I had another monster roll from SR1 (stick-right-1) and colored up $4,095.00. Ira was with me, and colored up $1,750.00.

We all had a great trip, and left Las Vegas BIG WINNERS!
Thanks again for the tune up class.

T. P. Pacific Northwest USA

Just returned from Las Vegas for the first time since Covid-19 and would like to share with you my results. I had called Beau Parker (AKA Dice Coach) as I had not had a lesson in several years and had a session on Wednesday morning at his house. Things went well as I was uncomfortable with my grip and wanted advice on whether I should change it. Beau asked me if I was comfortable with it and then watched me throw. I use all of my fingers and toss underhand from stick right or left. He said to stick with it and to not throw so hard. That is easier said than done sometimes, but I was able to make improvements. He also changed my go to set from a hard way set to a 5-9 set. 2-4-3-1 axis1-6-5-2. I seemed to do much better with that set and was excited to try my throw and set out. I always stay at the Wynn/Encore and play mostly at the Wynn. I started out OK and liked the results right away. My first session, I threw 9 passes and it was looking good. The next session was a monster. I did very well and finally seven'd out after about a 45 rolls. At that point I had almost $3000.00 on the table due to my progressive betting. I start out with $25.00 on the pass line plus max odds. I then establish a point and bet $110.00 inside. I bet the Dice Doctor method of progression and it works very well for me. I ended up $13,000 winner on that session and I am now very happy with my new set and throwing softer. I really want to practice and get better. Good luck to all of you, get the money whenever you can.

Poobah Chicago


Thinking back to the days before I took your class, $27.00 across was a big bet for me and I was usually a loser.

Well things have changed! Because of Covid this was only my second trip to Vegas in two years. I've been using my practice rig to work on my toss.

Day One
I started with my $135 across and established a point of six. I decided to set for the 4 and 10. My progression is to take 1/2 of the win and increase the bet by the other 1/2. So, I took $25.00 and increased my bet to $50.00, on the next roll I hit a hard 10 again I took $50.00 and increased my bet $100. I also increased my hard way bet to $20. The next roll was a nine.

After the roll of 9 I hit another hard ten. I took $100 and increased my bet to $200. And increase my hard ten to $25. The next roll was a natural 10. I lost the hard ten, but I took $200 and increased the ten to $400. I then proceed to hit three Hard tens, "Back to Back to Back". I pressed the 10 to $400 and then to $800, taking half of the win each time. The hard ten went from $10 to $20 to $50. The next roll was a five followed by another hard ten. I took $800 and increased to the ten $1,600. I also increased my hard ten to $200. The very next roll was yet another hard ten. I took my $1,600 profit and increased the bet to $3,200 and the hard ten $400.

I left out the details about the "Piggy Back" bet for the dealers. Because it is a "Piggy Back" bet the dealers do not have to take it down and they can increase their bet. I always ask them how much they want to increase their bet on the hard 10.

The next roll was a hard 4. I wasn't on the hard four, but I did take a $25.00 win and increase the 4 to $50.

By now the table is going Nuts and three Pit Bosses are staring at me and the table. I roll yet another Hard Ten. I can't press my $3,200 to $6,400 because $5,000 is the table max. I go the Table Max of $5,000, and I increase my Hard Ten to $600. In the past I have had the ten to Table Max on four different occasions, but only hit it at Table Max only once.

I consider Laying the 4 or taking down the $5.000. I decide that this may never happen again so I'm going to "go with the flow". The very next roll is a regular ten. Everyone is screaming and clapping, except for the Pit Bosses. I take my $10,000 minus the Vig. The Pit Bosses bring in more chips. I don't know if that was an effort to stop my momentum or not.

This has been one of best rolls ever, but it's not over quite yet. I follow up with another 10. Now I wishing l was at a casino with a $50,000 table max. I collect another $10,000. Well, all good things have to end and the next toss produces a 5,2 "Seven Out Line Away". I collected over $30,000 in less than 25 minutes. What a great way to start my trip. I had a few good wins on the other days and I came home with $47,000.

J.S. Fl.
Great Shooting J.S. - Dice Coach

I recently traveled to Vegas for a Craps Tournament. First stop to see Beau (aka Dice Coach) for a turn up and brush up on Tournament tactics. Got a good secession in and Beau showed me another grip and toss as well. That toss will come into play soon. First day of tournament was the best for me out of 3 previous events. I moved on to the next round. Only two at the table advance so it was fun thinking about the next days round. I played very conservative with don't pass bets. Until about roll 17 or 18 when I laid the number with odds. It was the 10 and it did not pass and I won enough to advance. Day two a different story. Only 9 at the table but this time I got the 10 as a point early in the round. Big lay against it, but bam! It hit hard. Down and was not able to get back. So out of the tournament and off to some real action. Linq here I come. First table buy in for 620.00 not much luck and down 200.00 time to move on. Another table toward the cashier looked inviting. So bought another 620.00 added the four hundred left over and waited my turn. Laid all the numbers, hop the 7's , big pass line bet, and took the dice, placed them on top of one another and three fingers down the edges, slight turn of the wrist then low and slow to the corner. Seven! Off to the races. Put a bet on small tall and all. Got the small quickly but tall and all hinged on the 11. Best part was the 10, I pressed up to 250.00 before the seven came. Long story short I think I like the 10 now. I cleared 2500.00 and who knows what I might have NOT gotten as comp chips at the next level of the tournament.


Mr. Beau just wanted to thank you again for the class. It really helped us. My wife rolled 24 rolls her first time. She said that you'd be proud of her if you saw her roll. Hahaha. I had 3 good rolls last night too. My last one was 30+ for about an hour. Hit the tall. Then 7 come out and reset. Then hit the small. Then 7 come out and reset. Then was a point away each side again. Dealers were great with all our dealer bets. I'm up $1,000.00 this trip. We will definitely contact you for tune up when we come back o Vegas. The dealers and the players were calling both of us a duo. Some people even passed the dice so it would go back to us.
Thank you again

L D. Maryland

Hi Beau,

I'd like to share some good news about my trip to Biloxi. This was my first trip since the pandemic started last year. Actually, the last gambling trip that I took was last year in Las Vegas, enjoying the Super Bowl Party at Bally's.

A few weeks ago I got the Pfizer vaccine shot, so I felt safe traveling again.

My friend Coaster from Tampa invited me to take a trip to Biloxi. He received an offer from the Beau Rivage for two which included: free flight, transportation from the airport, comped room and $50 in slot play, $15 food voucher and $20 in free table play... What a deal!!!!

Biloxi seemed pretty much the same as always.. Except everyone was wearing masks in the casino. There were no plastic dividers, 4 people to a side at the craps tables and table minimums were $15 and in many casinos $25. They used to be $10 minimums

I tried out the Computerized tables at a couple of the casinos..It's different because you toss the dice on to hard plexiglass instead of felt ... It took a few tries to get used to it, but my local friends had some good tosses on it.. I managed a 23 roll hand from stick right 1, after I got used to the bounce.

The highlight of the trip was my session at the Hard Rock Casino. On Tuesday night I found an open spot on stick left two. I used my classic on axis toss, 3 finger grip and after a few rolls, got into my zone.. My toss was looking good, with the dice glued together, landing them in the same spot each toss.

I used the hard way set and hit so many hard way numbers that the dealer mentioned that he had never seen so many hard ways in one hand...

I bet the hard way numbers and put the dealers bet on top... My toss lasted over an hour, clocking in with a 52 number roll, hitting 14 hard way numbers... Rock n Roller was back!!!

It felt so good to travel and play craps again..

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you and Beth the next time I visit Las Vegas

Howard rock n roller
Howard's charted rolls: position SL-2 - HARDWAY SET. (6) Point passes, (1) come out 7.

(6) Craps numbers; (2) YO 11; (8) 4'S six were hard; (5) fives; (8) sixes two were hard; (7) eight's two were hard; (6) nines; (8) tens three were hard; last roll seven out! FIFTY TWO ROLLS!


Dice Coach

Thanks again for teaching me about dice control and dice sets.

I think your observations about my toss tendencies and dice sets have helped me to turn my craps from a donation to the casinos to a profitable hobby.

Today I made the ALL for the sixth time in February.
I made the ALL 3 times in September, 5 times in October, 8 times in November, 7 times in December and only 1 one time in January (it was on the 31st).

Your 2 "tune-ups" last fall helped after the shutdown for the pandemic. I would recommend them to everyone who comes to Las Vegas for several days. When I lived in another state I would schedule a session before I would play for real money in a casino when I was staying for several days.

Thanks again.

J.B. Henderson formally Texas

That three one, two four set we worked on Monday finally paid off! Had a monster run making the all small, all tall and all. The last number was the 8 but came hard and cashed out for $3,200.00! Have had continuously good success at the only table open at Linq. It's a 10 dollar table and very playable. Thanks again see you post Covid. I did feel safe as masks and safety protocols were in place. My being vaccinated help also.

E C - AZ

I want to tell you a quick story of your class we went to in Nov of many years ago. 3 weeks later we were at the GVR and I woke up early and went down to the tables and one was open with the dealers just standing around and talking. I bought in at SL1 and put $6.00 out there for the Fire Bet and started throwing but seven'd out after only a few rolls, so I moved straight out and threw out $6.00 more dollars for the Fire Bet again and started tossing by Beau special toss that you corrected my toss. I hit the 4, 10, 6, 8 and I was in the money. A suit came from somewhere and started talking to me. I had the 5 and 9 left to make'em all. I threw the 9 and now to hit it again, boom, next toss, it came 6/3. Now I just needed the 5 and Set for the 5 and threw a 3/2 and set the final number. Next toss was a hard 6, and I was getting dialed in, all the while this suit is trying to engage me in conversation. I just stayed in the moment and tossed the dice and the stick man called out 5 no field 5 and the dealers all were screaming and I was just Well as you know, I got my $5k and the dealers got 1K an it was just before Xmas so they were telling all the card dealers as they were wondering what the heck is going on. Lots of noise but I walked away to the cashier to get a check and some dollars to play on. Thanks for your lesson and that day will be imprinted in my mind forever. I've wanted to share this with you but never got around to it. Yes, I was the only person at the take care Beau!


Went to Horseshoe Baltimore last knight for a quickie. Tables had Plexiglas sides and front. 5 players per side. $50. Min bets even on place bets. Played 2 sessions of 1 - 1.5 hours. First session down -$900. Second session + $2850.00 Hit the ATS and the small. Cashed out came home. Hadn't touched the dice in 7 months! Extraction complete!

Dave R.


Just wanted to follow up and let you know I continued to do well with the set we worked on the 5 set.
I played in Binion's later that night, younger crowd partying. During the beginning of my roll they younger ones on the opposite end of the table where throwing me a few dollar chips.. Encouraging me to keep rolling numbers. Near the end it was 5$ chips, we all having a good time on a long roll.

I think the key now is continue the daily practice, gain confidence in myself GROW the Bankroll so that I won't collapse if I lose $300 to a 7 out. To prove that on the way out of town, I had a sports bet ticket I needed to cash at South Point. $5 min tables I get on the table only 1 other guy he goes out. My turn with the set you came up with he watched me awhile and then $300 across $50 each number. By the time I seven out he was at table max $500 each number 3k.. He cashed in for a lot more than I DID. Proves you have to have the bankroll and be aggressive when you're on it. I mean I'm happy I made $230. But watching him cash in for 11k I was like I didn't make anything compared to that.

Again, thank you so much.


Hey Beau, I won a drawing for free play at our local Indian casino for $1,000.00 free play last night. Same night using the hard way set 5/4 - 5/4 - 6-1-6-1 axis had a 28 roll hand. Hit the small, just needed a dang YO to complete to ATS. Cashed out over $2,500.00 of their money. Looking forward to our next tune up class.

Travis P. Washington St.

My buddy and I went to our local Indian casino in Washington State last night. I had two hands tossing in the mid 20's. Hit the tall but needed a dang 3 to complete the ATS. Nailed ATS on my second hand tossing 26 rolls!

Travis P.

I wanted to thank you again for hosting us in your home and teaching us the ways around a craps table. It was without a doubt one of the highlights of our weekend and I know that everyone truly enjoyed the experience. Using your methods, we turned around and had some of our best rolls/earnings to date and we have you to thank. It was great meeting you, your family and friends. Thank you again. Class size 12

TJ Wash. St.

Leonard was UN-stoppable! Everyone made money on his rolls. I don't think he tossed for less than ten rolls whenever he got the dice. Most rolls were in the 15-20 toss range. Our group took your advice and toked the crew up front $100.00 when they opened the new table and the service our group received was super! Thanks again for your help and coaching. All the best, John, Travis and Lenard aka the "Man"


Ryan's shooting went Super Sonic. Tuesday after class Ryan's first long roll 37! Wednesday longest roll for the day 42! Thursday a whopping 61 rolls! All of these roll were at the Down Town Grand! Rodney and Kim are the grandparents of Ryan he just turned 21 while in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas trip was his birthday present. Ryan's first class learning dice influence! What great results, happy birthday Ryan!

Washington State

Hey Beau, Gina and I just finished up at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi.  Went from table to table
shooting from the end, last table shot for 1 hr. 5 minutes!  Hit the A T S 1.5 times using the 3-5-5-3 set
aces kissing!  Pounding inside numbers, also got tipped $250.00 from other players.  I felt like I was doing a tune up class at your dice pit in Las Vegas.  You are the greatest coach, thanks for everything!

As a side note they upgraded us to the Penthouse suit!

Stacy n’ Gina C. TN.

A 90-Minute Roll in Atlantic City!

Last week I had a great roll (90-minutes according to the dealer) at Harrah’s Marina Hotel Casino in Atlantic City. 

My buy-in was $700.00, and I was just trying to get back the $300.00 I had lost earlier.   

I placed $5.00 on the Fire Bet and another $5.00 for the dealers. 

Then, using a collect and press method on the box numbers, I managed to hit the numbers for the wins as follows:

4 & 10--up to $1000 each

5--pressed up to $1500.

9--pressed up to $1000.

6--pressed up to $450. 

8--pressed up to $900. 

I hit the 6-point Fire Bet, which paid $1000 to 1, a win of 5K for me, and 5K for the dealers! 

Bottom line, I colored up for $11,534.00. 

Barry W.  N. J.

Congratulations Barry! 

The picture of your chips says it all.

Great job, keep up the good work.

Beau-The Dicecoach 10.26.19

As a side note they upgraded us to the Penthouse suite!


I took your 2 hour one on one class.  Had a great time learned a lot, I am very new at playing craps.  Only six months mow, you told me to play at Park MGN similar table to the Dice Coach’s table.  Bought in for $200.00 SR1 using the hard way set.  First roll for over one hour!  Minimum bets started at $10.00 then went to $15.00 finally ended up at $25.00 all on my roll.  I hit the tall missed the small and all, only needed aces!  Another player who bought in for $300.00 put me up on all of the hard numbers $25.00 each.   As you know in class I hit lots of Hard 8’s. Using the hard way set exclusively, hitting lots of primary numbers. When I started only two of us at the table at the end of my roll the table was full, everyone making lots of $$$$$$$$$$.

Betting conservative I colored up at $1,600.00 the player who put up the hard way bets for me colored up for $6,000.00!

Thank you so much that was the best!

EB Chicago

Hey Beau,

Just wanted thank you again for the class.
We did an 8 hour one-on-one session
Six hours in the pit Two hours at the tables.

After the class I went to Bally’s and Cromwell and didn’t have much success got a few small runs going but thanks to your betting strategies I walked out only down 100 dollars.

Then that night I went to Bellagio and that’s where the fun really started two people rolled before me and seven’d out quickly then I got the dice.
I held the dice for 45 minutes and thanks to the betting strategies again when I seven’d out I had all my bets turned off and pulled down 850 dollars from my bets. I had my 9 pressed from 10 dollar table min up to 300!!!! Never in my life have I had that much money on the table.
After my roll no one else rolled everyone left the table and not a single person had less than a 500 dollar chip in hand when they did.
The guys at the table kept calling me a legend and saying how epic my roll was and let me tell you that’s the best feeling ever.

For anyone reading this and considering taking dice control lessons Beau is your guy this is the real deal and you will turn your whole game around.
Thanks again can’t wait to get back to Vegas and take some more classes.

RH Toronto

Hello Beau, great seeing you and Beth as usual.  Lots of fun meeting you over at Caesars to throw for a little bit. With your guidance and teaching I think I ended up with a 45 toss throw. Pretty much paid for the trip. Hit the 2 through 6 and the 8 through 12. So won all three of the big bets during that same role and I think I hit the five 9 times. If people don't think this works they're out of their mind!

We will call you next time when we make it out again.  Great seeing you. Pretty sure we'll be coming out over the summer. I was trying to figure out I think it's been about 20 years since I met you the first time.

Absolutely the best investment I ever made in Vegas. We have WON at least 80% of the time we've come and really met some great people in you and Beth

Ken and Pretty Pretty Krissi

Thanks for the refresher. Had a 39 roll hand, 14 hard ways, at Golden Nugget. Used the opposite corner toss from SL1. In the middle of the roll, box man told me I could not toss in the corner. Started tossing down the pass line and continued the hand. Forgot to bet the small, tall, and all, but I hit it for a couple of people.

I., Hawaii
March 8, 2016

Beau, a quick report on my trip to the Palazzo.

The first morning, I lost $500 playing craps and blackjack at the Palazzo. Not exactly a great start. Then I walked over to the Venetian, bought in for $500 at a $15 craps table. I played at stick left and used a set with the 6 and 2 facing and the 2 and 6 on top. I held the dice for thirty minutes and cashed out for $22K (profit of $21.5K).

I had the 4 starting out at $15, moved to $25, $50, $100, $200, $400, $800, $1,600, $2,500, $5,000 and hit it the 4 again for a $10K payout. The point was a 5 and I hit that. The next point was a 4 and I took down the $5K and hit 3 or 4 more 4s.

Lessons: It is better to be on vacation than working. It is better to be in Las Vegas than not in Las Vegas. I think that dice control works. Thanks for everything.

Rob, NY
March 2016

Hey Beau, WM from Atlanta Georgia back in Las Vegas once again.

Remember I am a $400.00 buy in player. First session up +$900.00.

Just wanted to let you know I went to Luxor tonight and bought in for$400.00.After a couple of rounds around the table and losing money on all the other players, I got the dice and had the best rolls I've ever had. I only hit the All Small ($5.00) the rest were all place bet and point pass line wins left the table $5,188.00!! I spoke with WM later on in his trip his big play was on the place bet number 6 he started with a $12.00 place bet, after hitting the 6 collecting on the first hit, full press on every other hit. His 6 was parlayed up to $1,800.00! A couple of days later at MGM Grand after breakfast bought in for $400.00 hit the all tall ($5.00) colored up with $1,335.00! For those of you who don't know what the all tall - Small - All prop bet.

Small numbers hit one time each 2-3-4-5-6 pays 35/1.
Tall numbers: hit one time each 8-9-10-11-12 pays 35/1
Now if you hit all of the numbers from 2 - 12 one time each pay 176/1
All of the MGM Grand Properties have this bet. Some of the Caesar's properties are removing the Fire Bet and replacing with the Feature Bet sometimes called the Bonus Bet. Way to go WM!!

March 2016

This is Joe McLaughlin.
My wife, Erin, and I visited you for a Dice setting class on 3/7/2016., I want to thank you for fixing some issues I have been experiencing in my throw. I had been experiencing some serious trouble with my controlled toss that I just couldn't correct on my own. Seriously, I was about to give it up and never pick up the dice again. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude for giving me back the game that I have come to love.
Aside from that, the customized betting strategy you gave me seems to be paying off.
In two 1 hour sessions I have almost paid for the class, if I wasn't so conservative I would have cut a hefty profit on the first session. Further, the dice setting approach you laid out for me has made me a hero at the table. Now when I approach the table, other regulars at my home town casino start to bet heavy in anticipation of my rolls. Playing on your beautiful casino grade table at your "facility" was an experience that I will cherish for years to come. I will return on my next trip to Las Vegas and try a casino session with you. I hope to learn as much from you on our next trip as I did this trip.

Again, thank you, for allowing my wife and I to learn from the best!

Joe PA
March, 2016

I received this jacket from Sam Boyd's Fremont Casino Downtown for rolling a record 76 Rolls with all the Hawaiians!! :) They took my picture and said it will be in a Pacific Magazine on Gambling :) Don't know how long I rolled! Only won about $1000 since It was hard to concentrate on throwing than pressing my bets :)

Tony D KC
March, 2016

After having a late lunch of Chilean Sea Bass (my favorite) at the Rio, we settled in at the craps tables. The action was up and down...mostly down. My brother tapped out and left, looking for opportunity elsewhere.

A phone call from "above", came in and they began shutting down the left side of the table for a 'big wig'. I hung in for awhile and surpassed my loss limit, so off to the cage I went, leaving our last surviving shooting partner, at stick right.

As the afternoon wore on, I learned that the big wig was none other than J Lo herself. Thinking that may be an opportunity to shoot with her, combined with my ever-present itch to play, I bought back in, this time, for a small amount.

My partner, still at stick right set the point of 8...So having been beat up so much prior to that, I placed 32 inside with pass line and double odds.

Twenty or so tosses later, my brother returned to see what was going on. I had pressed up to green chips across. Not wanting to interrupt the hand, he did not buy in...So he watched as my partner made toss after toss, then finally, made her first point and set a new point, somewhere around toss number thirty.

As the hand progressed, my payouts changed to from red-green, to black, and then the

occasional, purple, (five hundred dollar chip). Later, purple and blacks every time the dice rolled down the felt. When she finally made another pass line point, my brother remarked that even with 250 payout, it seemed ironic that it was a letdown compared to all my other, much larger box point wins.

This hand went on and on. Can't say for sure how many tosses. Our 'Host' came and watched for better part of an hour. My mind says there were at least 100 tosses. But I cannot say for sure, since I did not document the rolls. Even if it were actually, a mere 85-90 tosses, it was by far the most exciting and profitable hand I have ever witnessed. The hand went on for 90 minutes, and there were only two of us at the table

At the end, my 5 was up to nine hundred dollars. 4, 10 close to that level. I probably had 5k sitting on the table when the devil showed. Do I regret leaving that much on the table...Not in the least bit. I almost doubled that, in one hand...Starting from 32 inside.

Oh, Yeah...J Lo never showed.

JP aka Dice Doctor
San Antonio TX.

Hi Beau,

Oh where to start???
Dave went 5 to the fire at Caesars the first night. Then he hit all TALL at Bellagio. I too did well at the Bellagio, hitting the ALL TALL & SMALL with $5 across on this feature bet. Made $1100 at BJ at the Linq waiting for my poker tournament. I guess the best part was Sunday evening at the Rio- I held the dice for over 1 1/2 hrs...witnessed by Joe and my host, Sara. Took me 30 min to make the first point! Then I had a slew of repeaters. I looked up and Joe and I had purple and black chips across the table...Not too shabby. Was a good trip overall.

M aka Dice Doctor
San Antonio TX.

Hey guys what a trip!
Note: J from Florida, M aka Dice Doctor and JP aka Dice Doctor All played together for several days in their trip.

On Saturday I ran into M and JP at Bally's where I had a casino session with another student on the opposing table.

We finished our session and M on the other table was still rolling. We bought in at their Table when M finally finished up with 5 point passes! Very nice to hear and see hands like this.

Side note M and JP aka Dice Doctor will be launching a new web site. In the San Antonito TX Area, where they will be teaching and coaching classes. I will keep you informed with a link to their new web site.

Just another winning trip! It started with an $8,120 win. When the 7 showed up I had pressed a $25 bet on the 4 to $3,000 (the largest bet I have ever had on a single number). One more 4 and I would have gone to the table max of $5,000. The next morning I hit again for a $6,000 win and I had pressed a $25 bet on the 9 to $1,000. I came home with a $17,000 win.

Your instruction over the years has given me the confidence to press my bets after I have gotten my investment back. Before your class I was a $27 across better. Now I start at $135.00 across.

Thank you for helping me get better at a game I love.

J Florida
October, 2015

Hi Beau ...

Just talked to Beth about my trip to The Beau Rivage in Ms. I know with your coaching and my constant practice it has payed off.

I have yet to shoot at a table that I didn't tell someone about You and your website.

Oh yeah by the way I had an hour + roll, I made $ 8600 +, the guy to my right made over 14G. I asked him if he was going to have any trouble cashing out. He said I don't know I've never won this much before!

All of this happened on May 13 2011(Friday) ...Thanks for all the help,

Butch So. Fl.  
May 13, 2011

Beau, it's been a while since I have talked with you and I hope this note finds both Beth and you well.

I have been trying to send some prospective "crapies" your way and all report back what a great experience they had. They can't wait to come back.

I don't get to play that often but I do practice a lot. I usually go to the Grand Victoria in southern Indiana. Taking your class on shooting from the end has really been a God send. The last two times I have played, both in the last 2 weeks, the only spot on the table that was open was stick left at the end of the table.

The first was 42 rolls without a seven and I hit 3 numbers. The last was an amazing 62 rolls and I hit 10 numbers. Both were financially productive. I couldn't have done it without your classes! We are planning on bringing my youngest out to Vegas for his 21st birthday in July, so I'll try and set up a refresher with you and Pablo. Take care. You are the best!

May, 2011

I was hitting my numbers and making money for myself and everyone else at the table. They even brought in 2 chip refills to try to throw me off my game. It didn't work!

I managed to hit five numbers on the fire bet before I sevened out. I don't know how many times I rolled but I was really getting tired. We have taken private lessons from DiceCoach over the years and it has paid off!

Ray from Illinois,
May, 2011

Hey coach,
6-4 foe here. How are things in LV hope all is well. After long hours and days of practice I finally put my new skills to the test. I just got back from AC this Saturday I won about $600.00 n 4 hours at the Hilton. I had a lot more of confident at the table this weekend then I ever had in the past. I used all the coaching tips that you showed me from class. The only set I used was the hard way set and all seven set on the come out. I was killing them with the stacking not racking. I was very good on the come out roll. I had few very nice long periods with the dice in my hand. I won about $200 before I seven out however the guy at the end I the table won about $8000. I hit a hard ten and six for him. well I just wanted u to know how I'm doing. Take it easy. Your buddy,
LV, November 14, 2009

Just an observation, just got back from Aruba and on the dice tables down there is a sign that reads....NO SETTING OR LOFTING OF DICE...first time I have seen that....

Brian, November 11, 2009

Comments: I just ordered my practice units and am so excited. I can't wait to receive them and start practicing. Thanks for your site and help. I found your site about 4 months ago and have been playing with the same 200 units. This is different from my past play because I always GAVE in the past. I look forward to my future craps play with much anticipation. I will keep you updated on my future entertainment cost. (your newest student) 

JJ, November 8, 2009

I've been rolling at home for about 2 hours a day now for 3 or 4 months. Wednesday night I did my 1st outing, to a casino in W Virginia and had what I would call a monster session- At a 5$ table I had 3 different stickmen, good table karma, and everything went right. I rolled for over 45 minutes. The dealers made over $600 in tips, the stickmen were setting my dice for me, other players were placing hard ways for me, and in the end I walked away with a couple of orange chips, plus the quarter chips I was tipped by other players. Thanks for the help, videos, and info, When I get to Vegas you're first on my list. Note: I rolled crossed sixes on the come outs and hard ways set for everything else.

David W., November 4, 2009

I had a 27 roll run for the first session. During that session I rolled 6 sixes in a row. The players on the table thought I was GOD. I got the Dealers involved and they loved it!

Thanks for all that you taught me. Looking forward to a tune-up class in the future. Take care and WIN is the word! 

Samuel, May 28, 2009

Danny and I are sorry we missed you during our trip to Vegas last week. But we would like to thank Pablo for a great lesson session.

Just his tip on betting the world bet instead of C and E on the come out bet more than paid for our lesson. During my three day stay and seven sessions at the craps tables, I had 8 rolls of 15 or more, and my last roll just before I got on my flight home was 31 and 6 points.

It was so much fun being able to semi-control the dice instead of the dice always controlling me. Really looking forward to meeting you at my next lesson! 

J.B., July 23, 2008

I wanted to let you know that Saturday night after dinner and Sunday I did hit and runs downtown. I'm up $2000.00 for our trip it was sad that I was just getting my MOJO the last couple of days here. I also wanted to thank you again for inviting me out with yourself and your other students. It was a pleasure ROLLING WITH THE DICE COACH!!!!!! 

R. J., July 2, 2008

Thanks for your hospitality and your fun class!  I noticed an immediate improvement in my experience playing. Right after class, I hit the Wynn for $250!

I played various tables around the Strip, and as you
said, had the best runs at Treasure Island. I won and I lost, but overall, I had a lot more fun shooting craps thanks to your class. 

C. G. Brown, May 19, 2008

I cannot thank you enough for all of your advice, guidance & tweaks! In two short months I've grown from the most random of rollers to quite the precision thrower.

Last night, I hit 5 out of 6 fire bets at one of the Harrah's casinos and everyone in our group made thousands! Again, THANK YOU for all of your dedication and support... you are the best dice coach a gal could ever ask for!

Rebecca E., LA, May 12, 2008

Hi Beau & Beth,

Seasons greetings from England. I would to thank you for finding the time to give me a lesson during my trip to Vegas.I have been practicing regularly, trying to put all that you taught me into practice. 

Well, I finally hit a Casino in London last night, and the good news is that I have covered the cost of your lesson, with my first session at a table. Not just on myself but by putting your betting strategy into practice.

So thank you for a great lesson. I wish you and your family a happy Christmas, Be Lucky 

Paul, January, 2008

I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my $8k. We were saving for a trip to Italy in the Spring so I'm sure some will go towards that. But I must reserve some for my craps fund! I owe some of my success at the tourny to you. After all, I would have never even been in it if not for you and your private lesson.

Andrea, October, 2007

I just wanted to send you a big "Thank you".

The tune-up class I took the day before the Hilton 100,000 craps tournament really paid off. As you know I made it through all 4 rounds (no wild card) and
made the final table. I could not have done it without your class.

Also besides the tournament my regular play went from ok to great. I lost track of the number of times I hit 4-6 points before I 7''ed out. This is the best I have ever done in Las Vegas.

I hope to see you for another tune-up class before the next tournament.

Thanks again!

Art, October, 2007

Well, I had an EXCELLENT trip to Vegas.

I was impressed with your course. After leaving your place with the skills you taught me, I went to the Tropicana. I rolled 26 times and made my point 4 times. I started with a $100.00 and walked off with $245.00. I would've made more, but lost about a $100 with random tossers.

The next day I went to Sahara's. I placed a $5 fire bet and made my point on 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10. $1250 win on that!! I almost made my 6th point. I thought I had it too. My point was an 8 and I cound'nt make it. It was about a 30 roll game too! I walked off with $1575 and the best part is that I started with a $100. Total gross for the weekend was $1900!!!!

Bob G., July, 2007

Went to casino.

No room at the $5.00 table, so I played at the $10.00 table. Onyl two
players at the $10.00 table.

Started stick left for $40.00. Threw a few times with no luck. And changed to second spot from stick right. I lost the forty at stick right.

I then went back to first spot stick left. What a difference. I felt
something different and proceeded to throw a lot of 6, 8, 9 and 10's. I did hit one 3 on the come out roll. Two 11's on the come out roll. And threw a couple of 7's two or three times on the come out roll. I also placed a $10.00 odds a few times. I sevened out and colored out for a total of $322.00. WOW. The two other players were stick right and playing the "Don't". I don't know or did I notice if they lost when I was hitting all those points.

Left the table to eat and went back and played for a $9.00 profit because I had to leave.

But, went back to play stick right for $60.00 because the person I was with wanted to play slots. I was stick right, but something was off and lost the $60.00.

Overall the first session was pretty cool. Everything was going good. I was thinking numbers and breathing right. Also the dice were thrown a little higher to.

What a game!!!

Ken, May 19, 2007

The practice rig has really helped. I took the family on a four day cruise and ended up $3,500 for the trip. This was on limited play.

I just returned from a free, three day trip to Mississippi and ended up plus $2,800 for the trip. At one time I was up a little more than $4,200. If I were more disciplined I would make more money ( I need to bet less on random shooters). I had three rolls that lasted more than twenty minuets each...what a great feeling!

I have almost completely eliminated the 6, 1 seven outs. The majority of my seven outs are 5,2's. I need to work harder on eliminating the double pitch.

I'll be in LV the first week of October and I would like to get a tune-up.

Thanks Again for making my craps play more enjoyable and profitable!

Joe, May 20, 2007

My first trip to a casino since, I took your class in mid Feb.

I went up to Mt. Pleasant MI. A early Sunday morning trip, so I know I would have the table by myself. When I got to Soaring Eagle. there was one other person at the table. only half of the table open stick right. I took my postion stick right second postion, the other guy was stick right. My game plan was to use V-3 sets and use 6 /8 Progression and 5 / 9 Progression and buy the 4 & 10 when I get ahead of the ball game.

I bought in for $150, My first touch of the dice I rolled a 7 and came right back with a 11. 15 rolls later I sevened out on a long throw (dice rolled all the way back to the stick person) I called it as I let them fly. Made $ 175. Other guy sevened out in 7 rolls. Second roll was even better I had 23 rolls before I sevened out, Made $200.

Third time around I had a roll of 27 rolls before sevened out and made $ 250. I took my money and ran, I was in the casino for 2 hr and 45 min. and made $625 on the craps table and $150 at the blackjack table what a day.

Thanks Bo for help me with my craps game.

Gary S., Lansing, MI. - May 20, 2007

Took your class in late March and I have to say it helped me tremendously.

Our day and half together was enough time to show me what it takes to win at craps. Since taking your class I have had two casino sessions. The first one I bought in for $200 dollars and walked out with $1600 dollars. The second one, a month later, I bought in for $400 and walked out with $2,300 dollars. If you want to win consistently there is only one person to call. I will be telling everyone I know about you.

Tony K., Texas, March 21, 2007

First and foremost I would like to say that I had an absolutely amazing time taking your four-hour one-on-one lesson on my recent trip to Las Vegas.

Your instruction on the technical aspects of the grip, dice sets, toss, strategies, and evaluation: of the casino, table, and shooters were all invaluable to me. I thought I had a decent understanding of this game before. I was wrong!

Mark P. Colorado, March 11, 2007

The group of us realize that you have allowed us to be successful NOW and saved us years of rolling with mediocre results. Instead of working on having the perfect non double pitching throw, you showed us ways to overcome any shortcomings while giving us valuable tips on how to improve our throws.

We took another group's two day course last year and learned a lot from them. For the past year we have been attempting/struggling with grip and throw to achieve the above average results we know we are capable of. The advise received from that group centered on grip issues.

Well.....within the 1st 5 minutes with you, all of our issues were individually fixed. As simple as that, you observed each of us and gave individual fixes. Plain and simple. provided us with powerful dice sets that all for double pitching with no penalties, amazing that no one other than yourself provided this information.

Third...your perspectives on betting especially on the pass line/come out rolls opened our eyes....

Your enthusiasm and love of the game is great, and I am recommending that all my friends visit with you on their trips to LV...

-R.H., New Jersey, February 12, 2007

I really enjoyed our recent two hour refresher course at "The Pit"   I think I gained more confidence than ever with this session, which was reflected in the results I had.

Sat morning I search for an empty table at the Tropicanna and in about 15 minutes of rolling, cashed out with a profit of $165 betting at a $10 table.  Once the chicken feeders showed up,   I left.

-Robert, January 23, 2007

I just wanted to write and express how pleased my wife and I are with the quality of your instruction.  We have NEVER lost since taking your class a little over a year ago!

We went to the tables the same day we finished our class and my wife proceeded to roll for over an hour on each of her first two rolls!  Since then we have played in both Vegas and Atlantic City a few times.  I'm sold on your courses. 

My wife and I look forward to taking a refresher course in the near future.

-Drew M, November 13, 2006

"I just wanted to let you know that so far, I've done great..

Friday night at the Flamingo, I went down to play. The only table available was a $15 dollar table.  I made $800 in an hour and a half :) I made 4 of my points and a few of them twice. Maybe 6-7 total in
one roll. It was really nice!" 

Thanks again for everything!

-Sharon , September 4, 2006

"I rolled for 25 minutes making a total of $257. 

In the evening I went to play at the Paris. I got into a game where I had to wait ages for my turn. I lost some $250 betting on others betting pass and come and 6&8 on other players. Next tune up we need to go over strategies used on chicken feeders. 

 Again thank you for the tune up It made a qualitative leap in my roll. I came out well into the black for my trip." 

-John , August 18, 2006

"Our two hour session was better than I hoped for, and I was hoping for a lot.

I thought I had problems in my throw and hoped you could fix them. Brother, you did that but then things got better. When you showed me the easy way to line the dice square to the wall, I thought -COOL. When you showed me how to use the rubber pyramids to take the energy out of the dice and still stay on axis, I thought surely you would hear the bells going off in my mind like a slot machine with a jackpot.

Next day I used my new, unpracticed throw at Laughlin. The roll needs more muscle memory from the practice rig, but your 6&8 betting progression won me almost enough to cover the class expense from just one hand.

Back in time there was a great athlete named Bo Jackson and his commercials used the phrase "Bo knows". Well, Bo still knows, but it is a new Beau. He is Beau Parker." 

-Dick , June 27, 2006

"Hi Beau, using the Mini Practice table and practicing the toss and grip, I feel it is going well. I was using the 4/2 set 6/1/1/6 axis from stick left and had a 35 ross hand, I will talk to you soon!!" 

-Joe , June 19, 2006

"We didn't spend a lot of time on betting strategies, but that small about of time more than paid for this session (on this trip alone)!"

-Dave , May 20, 2006

I really, really, really enjoyed our One-On-One class and playing Craps with you and Chas at the casinos on 3/26/06.

Dave kept setting the dice in a nanosecond, fired the dice to the back wall and threw the dice 31 times! It was UNBELIEVABLE!

Keep up the great job, Beau! I'm going to keep practicing all of things that you taught me, especially your advice about "Don't think about making money.  Think about making numbers, one number at a time."

-Bill Lee, March 30, 2006

I was in your last Fridays 3/24/06 dice setting class. I just had to write to you and tell you that the class was amazing! You pinpointed my weakness and told me how to improve.  I visited the Golden Nugget there I held the table for about 40 minutes playing time, they brought out new dice on me. I hit them for $340 before sevening out and leaving

-R J , March 27, 2006

I just wanted to say "great school!" I had a $3,000 profit weekend!  My throws contributed a lot to that total. Got to be improve my throw though! My brother is a believer now and will be signing up for the school shortly.  

Thanks again and all the best

-Fris , March 26, 2006

The Dice Coach is like a true sports coach: he helps with both the physical and the mental game.  His guidance is personalized so you find the game that suits you.  I highly recommend the one-on-one sessions to bring out your best game.
Thanks again and all the best

-M S , December 4, 2005

Just wanted to let you know how we did after the class on Friday.

We went to the Las Vegas club on Saturday and bought in for $250.00 each. No one on the table could roll anything good, except for us. We each rolled twice and walked with $1300.00 total. On Kim''s last roll, she rolled for about 45 minutes and rolled 1 seven.

While we are beginners and have a lot to improve on, we were still able to consistently influence the dice.

We plan on having you tutor us again in a couple months.


-Michael & Kimberly, November  13, 2005

You asked that I give you an update about my Las Vegas trip.  Well to say the least I paid for my class!!
After the class on average I toss >20 times.  My longest toss was 45 times!!  Unbelievably this was not my most profitable throw.  During this session, I used the sets that you recommended for me and would hit them.  The dealers wanted ME to give them lessons.  I threw from the end of the table, not SR like we practiced.  I used what you taught me to adjust my throws from here.  I even asked the players at the other end of the table to move their money so I could LAND the dice on MY spot, they were happy to oblige.     
On my most profitable session I happened to be ahead when the dice came to me,  I started with only $100 on the table and the profit I made on my roll alone was $2,500 (don't worry, I colored up after my roll).  I rolled only 31 times, but kept on repeating MY numbers, aggressively increasing my bets as they hit!
Since taking your class I have had only one losing session (I lost $40).  So I am WAY ahead!!  Thanks to you!  I can't wait to see what my rolls are like when I start practicing on a regular basis (the most practicing I did was with you!).  I plan to use my profits to invest in a full size crap table (I have done very well).  Do you know of a vendor? 
Thank you soo much! You and your wife Beth made me feel VERY comfortable (even though I was a women alone in the desert).  You have given me the tools that I needed to become a better shooter and player!!       

-Liz, November  9, 2005

Thought I would keep you posted on my progress.  Was in LV this past weekend and had a good session.

 It actually started at the Gamblers General Store where we were shopping.  I went to the crap table they had set up and started to throw some dice.  I was using the 3V set and threw a 2-6, 3-6,2-6 and finally a 3-3.  So in 4 throws I had three primary hits and 1 that pitched one dice. The dice felt really good coming off my fingers, so I thought it was time to go to the casino.

I stood SL1 and was getting ready to throw the dice at the Venetian.  Things felt really comfortable and I like that position throwing left handed.  I kept track of my tosses by using chips.  I did not count any 2,3,11,12 because I wasn't betting on them also I didn't count the come out roll.  

I threw 17 #s before a seven out and made about 4k.  Felt good.  I thank you again for your help. I always enjoyed playing craps and now that I have a realistic chance of winning, what could be better.  Thanks again.

-Ron, November  7, 2005

The refresher class I had taken on the 12th with Scott really did wonders for me.

I had at least 6 sessions where I had 20 plus rolls without the devil showing up. I was ahead at least $2500.00 but finally ended up with about $1200.00 for the weekend.

At least one of my friends was inpressed with my dice rolling that he wants to take a class. I will probaly be taking a refresher class on that same day he signs up. So, we probalby will be seeing you in February or March.

Again, many thanks for the coaching not only in tossing the dice but how to bet and resons why the bettign takes place.

Many Thanks:

-Morris, October 24, 2005

Thanks, I'll definitely be coming to see you sometime in the future.  My buddy, Drew M, and his wife went to one of your classes recently and couldn't say enough great things about it. 

 I read a lot of the information on your website before we went to Vegas this weekend and we did very well on the craps tables just from that, so we're curious to see how much more successful we'll be after actually attending your class!

-Steve, September 26, 2005

If there were something equivalent to the Academy Awards for the best Dice Coach, I would nominate you.  Beau, you conducted yourself with the utmost courtesy, professionalism, and excellent instruction.
Silence may be golden, but not in business.  Therefore, I wanted to personally let you know that I felt that you went the extra mile in providing me with superior instruction, guidance, encouragement and help with my shooting.
After only 7 hours of one on one instruction and four hours of practice, I was able to throw a yo on my 3rd. Come out roll at the L. V. Hilton.  this won me a FREE entry in the Las Vegas Hilton's $100,000 craps tournament in September 2005.
Please except my personal thanks for going above and beyond my expectations.  Due to your training, coaching and expertise, I understand why the Dice Coach's teaching runs like a well oiled machine.

-KB, September 2, 2005

.......... and the dealer said, "I've been dealing craps for over 12 years and have never seen a come out roll last so long before a point was established." 
Yes, I threw 4 elevens, 2 sevens, 3 three's and 1 twelve.  Once I established a point, I had 35-40 rolls, with 3 more elevens on come out rolls.  

As the student, I provided the confidence;  the Dice Coach gave me the tools.

-K, August 27, 2005

Just got back from the Orleans and, after much practice, finally put my lesson to work.

Needless to say, I was very pleased with my results.  I bought in a modest 200 dollars at a full table and quickly caught a lucky run from a random shooter who hit many 6 and 8 place bets for me as well as a few points.

Then it was my turn to shoot.  I successfully kept the dice on axis for EVERY roll.  I hit a point of 6, a point of 8, a point of 9 as well as several place numbers and even had a seven on one of my comeouts until I finally sevened out after 16 rolls(At least it was an axis seven. lol.) Not a monster roll, but DAMN good in my opinion.

I had over 500 dollars in front of me(more than double my buy in) after only 30 short minutes.  I took a shot on a couple of random shooters til I finally cashed out still a winner with 450 dollars.

The future is looking good!  This stuff WORKS!

Thank you so much!!!

-Daryl, August 17, 2005

It's been a week since class and a return to work. You guys helped make my Vegas trip real special. I managed to pay for class the following day with "stack''em don''t rack''em", I love the leverage effect!

I am a better shooter by far and I have a clearer definition of what I'm after since I visited the craps pit. Practice is a blast now that I know what to look for.

I had a 34 long roll at practice two nights ago followed by two rolls in the 20''s then an 18, a 12 and finally a point seven out.

Craps is more fun than ever! and you guys are good people.
Thanks again so much, I'll keep in touch.

-Ronnie, June 20, 2005

Thanks for a really great session.  I really gained a lot of knowledge with your help.

 I decided that I needed to practice the point sets and get more comfortable with them. The casino is not the place for the practicing with money on the line.  I decided to quit for this trip and practice at home to get more proficient.

I am a believer of dice setting, and aging I want to thank you for the information you gave me at the lesson.
-Ron, May 30, 2005

Thank you so much for taking the time to fine tune my shot and giving me a few extra pointers on different sets. Not only did I have a ~45 min hand on your table, I also enjoyed one at the Excalibur which netted a $420 color up for me in which I was also setting for, betting, and completing ace deuce and Yo bets on the comeout.  I was feeling very good so after I was up enough I decided to parlay one of the hits on a nickel ace deuce bet...nearly hit it with an ace showing and then the deuce rolling over to the four... Good time! 
Anyway thanks again for taking the time to not only show the wife and I some dice influencing skills but for showing us a good time as well.  I would highly recommend your class to anyone visiting the Vegas area.

-Straight Shooter, March 30, 2005

Thanks for the tune up last week. The dice sets you showed me have helped me in concentrating more on my specific point numbers.  

What I enjoyed most and learned the most from was our hookup at the casino. I was most impressed with your attitude towards winning.  The free play coupon comes to mind. I would have never thought to try to get the casino to accept an expired coupon.  I,m sure they have accepted these in the past. Hey why not bet there money! 

You gave more of your self than was required and I think this could only be done by someone who loves what they do. Thanks again and hopefully  see you in the fall.

-Mike, March 30, 2005

Thought I would let you know how things have been going. since we last talk.  That was on Jan 25th.  I took your advice on how to play a one table Casino, and it has really  paid off.  I have played 18 times in Feb.  I have won 14 times and lost 4 by playing by playing the pass, come then switching to place bets.  If the table is cold or chopping , I play the don't then switch.  Thank you for your adivce.
-Johnny, March 03, 2005

I recently took your one on one two hour class. I went away with a totally new perspective on the game of craps. I was a little overwhelmed, but I was still able to win $1175.00 in less than an hour.

-JA, February 27, 2005

Hello Coach Beau,

I took your class a couple weeks ago with my friend Ron on January 12 @ 1:00pm. You're class was amazing. It definitely jump started me into good craps play, and helped me avoid many costly mistakes that could have only been learned through many years expensive experience. I love the game, and just can't seem to stay away from it. 

Out of the different throwing positions you showed me, I liked stick
right the best, but seemed to perform best at the end of the table. I
suspect it may be due to the fact that it is easier to keep my arm
straight therefore keeping the dice more uniform in the air. My 1st
long throw was at the end of a shorter table at Harrah's, it lasted 25
mins... until the pit boss came over and started quoting exactly how
long I had been throwing each time a minute elapsed (I have to learn
how to tune those people out). The other highlight of the trip was @
Ceasars where I had three 10-15 minute rolls in about 45 mins. 

 It was just me @ stick right and a guy named Jimmy stick left. Basically, I wasn't betting too much, but Jimmy bet everything. Each time I hit his numbers he tipped me- 1st with green chips then 1 or 2 blacks. Boy was that motivating. I quit setting for my numbers and started setting the dice for the six which he had about $360 on. Each time I would seven, he would pass the dice back to me. I think that helped keep me in rhythm.

Thank you Coach Beau for the excellent class you've put together, and
everything you taught me. I can't wait for the Dice Buster's Seminar
in February, and I'm practicing away!

-DS, January 17, 2005

Well I'm back in Indiana. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with you. I believe the changes we made in my grip and toss will yield big profits next time I step up to a table. 

I really love the strategy on how to qualify a shooter whether it's me or someone else. I've got 6 hours of practice in since arriving home Tues evening. I can't wait to get to the boats after Christmas. I'm using Toss Track on very throw and going through all the sets you provided me. 

Thanks again.

-Dave, December 20, 2004

Comments: I normally do not leave testimonials, I have not attended one of your classes but I have spent some time learning from what you have on the web here. 

I understand that what you are teaching is not a system, it is a skill. 

I just learned to play craps at a local casino a few months ago. I love the game. It really is not about the money. It is about the thrill. But loosing money can make that thrill short. 

A little while ago I stumbled upon your site and I studied up and practiced for hours and hours. I walked into the casino with a small amount of confidence and a little bit of skepticism. I walked over to the $10 craps table and laid down some chips. While other were shooting I did alright. When it came to my turn it was a different story. I was hot. 

Comeout rolls I was hitting 7's like you would not believe(4 or 5 in a row). After the point was set I swapped to the 3V set and I had some streaks going. The people across the table from me went from $10 bets to $100 bets. It put a smile on my face. I am impressed. I can only imagine how much a class with you could do. Thanks.

 (Please do not share my email address)

-Chris, December 18, 2004

I know it has been a long time since my last report. Had the finest day ever at the Borgata in Atlantic City. 

I have been playing religiously there for quite some time. It is by far the best facility in Atlantic City. I was throwing on a $10 table at night last month and got on a roll with the Hard Ways set. I never bet the inside since my bankroll was down a little. A fellow two left of me was betting Green and Black chips on the hardways and Pass Line. I started hitting hardways just like I should with the set and he was making a bunch of money. I was rolling for some time and I see two "Quarters" fly towards the stickman and I hear "$25 on the hard 6 and 8 for the shooter." 

With the pressure on I hit a hard 10, 4 and two 6s. Before I was done I won $450 on two rolls for me and over $6K for the generous friend. Not sure what he won on the pass line bets but I rolled for an hour. I have been practicing and get numerous dealer complements now and even have folks following me from table to table. By the time I left the tables after 3 hrs I was up $750.

 Almost doubling your bankroll is great but doing it with someone else's money is sweeter. Have a great Holiday season and good luck on the roll.

-DH, December 17, 2004

Coach, thanks so much for taking the time to give us a tune up. We both did much better in the casinos than we have been. 

I used that stack em don't rack 'em on the comeout a few times. I won it twice, the others I lost my point but all in all it's a great bet. My betting was lousy, I would start slow and by the time the hand was done, the table would be crowded. 

I ended up down $14 over all, which I think is pretty good considering I was betting scared. We both bought some pyramid rubber at the General Store and will be practicing until our next trip. hope to see you both again.

-EW, October 1, 2004

I wanted to thank both (dice Coach & Beth) of you for not only making last weekend at the Hilton possible, but also so enjoyable. You two are a class act and your positive energy is contagious. 

  Once again, Beau expanded my horizon regarding the game of 
craps, ie tournament play. My emotions covered both ends of the 
spectrum during the tournament. The low point was finishing the 
first round with less than $100 in checks. 

Being lucky enough to catch a wild card was a bonus. The high point was utilizing the skills taught to me by the Dice Coach and setting for all sevens on the last roll of round two. With three grand on the Red Devil, the dice left my fingers and traveled in slow motion in that perfect arc, sticking near the back wall. It was indeed a beautiful thing when the stickman called out "seven". That single delivery of the dice wiped out the table contenders and placed me into round three. Simply near perfect and on axis; three - four showing. This feeling was not feasible prior to working with Beau. 
Watching Beau and the Boys work at the Nugget on Sunday was 
pseudo-painful only due to the fact that the table was packed. Being 
a spectator at a hot table will always be a source of frustration. 
It was fun watching the action, but with planes to catch and Vegas 
time expired, it's back to Minnesota. 

  The desert remains one of my favorite places to visit, and the 
Coach always enhance the experience. Thanks again. 
-GS, September 19, 2004

All of the posts I have read about the Dice Coach are glowing and for someone of my disposition that usually is not a good sign. 

I mean really, how can anyone be that good? Well after being with Beau for 10 minutes I felt I was getting reacquainted with an old friend as opposed to meeting him for the first time. 

In his craps pit we discussed betting strategies, dice sets, table position, tossing technique and the price of ready mix concrete (hey, he worked construction before getting the calling and that is what I currently do).

Beau showed me a way to tip toe into a roll with shooters without a lot of exposure while setting up should the roll become a good one. After observing my roll he suggested that I switch from my straight six set to the all sevens for the come-out and forget about the 2V for the outside numbers sticking instead with my preferred 3V set.

He seemed impressed that during my 2 short hours with him that I did not throw one craps number. He asked that I send him a note about the trip and I have to say that I saved the craps numbers for the tables in the casinos because I threw quite a few of them there. 

To say I was impressed with my time with Beau would be an understatement. Thanks Beau it was a pleasure to meet you and I definitely believe that my game was improved immensely by taking the class.

-BM aka Bermuda, September 18, 2004

Hi Beau, thanks for spending 2 hours of quality time in helping me with my grip, settings, toss and keys to become a precision shooter. I enjoyed my educational time at the comforts of your beautiful new home. 

I would have liked to report back that I had several long will have to wait until my next trip to Vegas. Although, I did improve my shooting and I believe with practice, I will be better. 

I would recommend anyone interested in "Craps" to take Beau's class. It's worth every penny! 

-Steve, September 17, 2004

I'd like to first thank your lovely wife for her hospitality. She definitely makes a good first impression when a student first enters your crap pit.

What a class! I learned so much in a short time. As a teacher, I am critical of other instructors and you were the exception to the rule. You were patient with me and the other student, no question was a silly question, and if your instruction did not work one way your changed gears and tried another approach.

I spent four days in Las Vegas and came out a winner. I have been shooting craps for only a few years but hardly every came home a winner. 

I came out ahead! I am convinced that It was your class that helped. I can''t get to the casinos much but will practice what I have been taught and when I can get to the casinos I will come out a winner again. 

Thanks again!

-ES, August 24, 2004

This country boy from Texas started shooting crap about ten years ago. 

Looked on the internet and found a Parr class in Vegas. I studied books and built a practice table, took a one day GTC class, took a class with Heavy. He has a great web site. Took a class with Beau. 

I learn something from every class. I enjoy meeting Beau in Vegas, and linking up with his students. It took a while to get my setting and shooting down, longer to get my betting down. Beau helped to realize my signature numbers, even though I track my rolls. 

Just got back from Vegas, rolled 28 rolls at Fremont with Beau at 10:30 am- rolled 25 @ 1:40 am (free T-shirt). The next day at 1:00 pm, I had 23 rolls, next time the dice came around I had 45 rolls. (free beach towel). I then went across the street to 4 Queens, I rolled an hour and 30 min.. 

Good trip, Thanks Beau for your help and advice. Practice makes better. 
-Carrol, July 31, 2004

I have been fairly faithful at continuing to throw the dice, perfect my grip and toss, and improve my results.  I am excited to say that I am finally starting to see some results.  

My recent recorded throws are all showing good SRR ratios, anywhere between 7 to 10.  And since I''ve switched from the hardways to the 3V set, I am hitting 6''s and 8''s in sufficient quantities to rack up decent wins in my simulated play.  

My next step is to take my game to the local gambling boat and see how it translates to the real world. 

 I'll keep you posted.
-Dave O, West Palm Beach, FL, July 18, 2004

I have been putting A LOT of live casino sessions in at the Turning Stone since my return from Vegas. My SRR ( I have been religiously tracking it) has improved to 14, and I am starting to really feel comfortable with shooting from either SR or SL, but I prefer SR after my session with you.

I have been exclusively using the modification of the 3 V that you taught me, and it has been amazing to see that my "signature" numbers vary from table to table, session to session. Some will be all 6 & 8 while other times It will be outside numbers, strange, but I try to take advantage of what the dice are telling me and focus my betting strategies on those numbers.

I am still working on my money management discipline and would continue to consider this the weakest area of my game.

I have had some GREAT rolls since attending your course, but still end up only leaving even or slightly ahead due to losing money on other shooters. I used to find msyelf planted at one table and remain there my entire session, but I now find myself searching out the empty tables so that I can shoot.
-Joe P , July 13, 2004

I went to Foxwoods today on a bus trip. My first rolls on tables I am familiar with and I liked it. 

I rolled on 2 different tables, 3 holds on the first table, then 3 holds at the second, and then back to the first table for the final 3 holds. Only 1 roll shorter than 10 (both dice landed on stacks of chips on second roll and 7 out) and longest was 22. 

I rolled from stick right, gripped way down on the dice, and brought up from table top - no wrist. Nice and soft and dice landed flat almost every roll. Prime numbers about 50%. My seven-outs were caused by too much distance (into the diamonds or landing right on the back edge molding). I was very pleased. 

I imagined your little suspension bridge with the two pendulums was down there on the pass line. Worked like a charm! 

Looking forward to a "tune-up" the next time I am in Vegas. Plant the seed, nurture it, and it will grow into the mighty oak! Regards - 

Roll Long and Prosper.
-YODAR , July 11, 2004

I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful dice class in June - I figured up all of my wins and losses for the trip and ended up +$200 for the trip, which more than paid for the class. 

Normally I would have dropped $2000+. I am convinced that the combination of dice setting/precision shooting coupled with strategic betting is the primary reason behind my success. 

My own 51 minute roll at Bally's was the highlight of the trip - I wish I had only played there, as I was up over $1800 at Ballys (so much for 
Paris, Alladin, Mandalay Bay, Flamingo and Luxor). 

-Tim M, July 8, 2004

You might not remember me, but I am glad you put your picture on your site. Saturday, I played craps in Louisiana. I never had a bad roll!

 Once I held the dice for 25 minutes and made at least 15 passes. I was using an inverted V 3 set. I hit many hardways (6 & 8). I was hitting the table 2 or 3 inches from the backboard and I was really concentrating on throwing the dice at least at a 45 degree angle. The dice (when my mechanics were correct - usually) would hit the table then barely hit the backboard and stop within 2 or 3 inches. I was in the groove. 

I came by your house 5 months ago and got a launching station for my brother. We have been practicing. I juggle and do magic tricks. I won the Renaissance festival throwing axes once and have always been able to throw things. And now I can throw dice too. Thanks for your help.

By the way, I use the thumb and middle finger grip, but when I pick the dice up I use the index and ring finger to push the dice tightly together before I grip them.
-Craig, July 3, 2004

Howdy Coach. 

I wanted to let you know that your coaching is paying off. Last session I was using the hardways set and did not having much luck. I switched to the 3V you taught me and starting hitting number after number. 

I had my best rolls at empty tables where I could concentrate on my throw. I still struggle at crowded tables. The 5 count didn't work this time as each shooter got past the 5 count and sevened out in the next few rolls. 

I didn't end up winning - but sure did improved with the help of your coaching. 

Thanks again. 
-CM, July 3, 2004

I really enjoyed my lesson with you on May 28th. I took your advise and didn't play the first night I was there because I had only had 3 hours of sleep. 

I started playing the 2nd day at TI and applied what I had learned. In about 20 minutes, I had won $120. I played a couple of more times at TI and then went to Harrah's. I enjoyed playing there more than at TI. I got on a roll for 40 minutes straight shooting from the end of the table! 

The next day, I went back to Harrah's and ran into a friend of yours. He just happened to be playing at the same table as I was the day before. He approached me, inquiring if I had had a lesson with the Dice Coach (because of the way I was setting the dice, 3's on top with the 2's facing). We stood around and talked for awhile and decided to roll together to see what happened. 

The first table we started rolling on, neither one of us could get anything going so we changed tables. Between the two of us, we held onto the dice for about an hour! I don't think I've ever had so much fun. My adrenalin was running so fast, I walked into the women's restroom.... I had to leave the table just to get refocused. 

I did have some losses but I came back home with money in my pocket. Since then, I've taught my wife how to roll. We went to the Pariadise Gambling boat near us last night. My wife got on a good roll and won more money than me. It was great.!

Thanks again for the lesson. Maybe we'll be out again in a year. Hope to see you then.

-RK, Metamora, IL , June 27, 2004

Thanks for sharing your home with us for a couple of hours.

We learn a lot!  Just the little tweak in my grip made all the difference.
After you left us I had a nice roll at Bally's and made a couple
hundred but this was just the preview. We headed over to the Parris. 

Only two players on the table so we bought in and Tim hit a few numbers.   Then I got the dice and 50 min latter when I seven out the table gave be a standing ovation.

 I only hit two points but hit 6 hard 4's numerous times. I started with $2 and parleyed it.

The suits came over and took a look but never said anything. Next time I will add a little more as these hit. I was wore down after the roll and we colored up and left.  

I made the mistake you warned us about and figured I could do it again so we gave a lot back the next day betting to heavy to early. 

Thanks again.
-Dave, June 25, 2004

Our first day in Vegas had two items on our schedule: #1 a dice lesson with the Dice Coach and #2 get married!!!!

My wife (of two weeks) and I have been together for over 20 years, so I wasn't surprised when she looked at the Dice Coach and said, "I'VE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR LESSON MORE THAN THE WEDDING!!!---- WHAT A WOMAN!!!"

Seriously though, the Dice Coach and his lovely wife are the best, and make you feel right at home in the craps pit.

After the coach adjusted my wife's grip and sets, she culminated the week with an hour and twenty minute roll.

I guess she had her priorities straight!!!

-MB, April 28, 2004

Most craps players are undisciplined and throw money around like they found it in a bag somewhere. 

With your course, I feel like a pro when I walk up to the table and even better with a few friends with the similar skill set. I learned that focus and concentration along with muscle memory make all the difference. I even parlayed my hard ways with confidence in my hard way sets. 

Now....If I can just be patient enough to avoid the "chicken feeders"..... By the way, you're mentioned again in the new craps book called, The Craps Underground. Hope to see you soon.

-TC, March 3, 2004

I don't know if you remember me, but I took a class from you last March. I feel guilty for waiting almost a year to update you, but it''s been a busy one. Between getting married and laid off, I haven't had much time for gaming other than my home poker nights (which I have been doing quite well at, thank you very much.)

Anyway, after our class, I had a cold streak at the Aladdin, but managed to string together a few good passes at the Hard Rock before I left, using both the 2 V and the hard ways set. 

I went back to Vegas in June for my bachelor party, and got into a hot tear at the Four Queens on Fremont. Me and a couple of friends found an empty $5 table and I went to work from stick right. I was able to get that perfect "dead cat" bounce three inches from the back wall. I threw 22 numbers before I sevened out, with a good chunk of them on the outside. I made a few place and hard way bets, and did okay, but I was really focused on throwing well. 

My cohorts, on the other hand, cleaned up, and were gentlemanly enough to buy me dinner. 

I'll keep you informed and thanks again so much for your hospitality (and the Christmas card!). I may be back next summer for a refresher.  After all, the classes pay for them selves!

-SB, February 25, 2004

Hello again,  I just wanted to say thanks again for another successful trip.  

I really wasn't sure if we could convince Mr. S if this really works. He will only believe what he sees.  He is 100 percent statistic man.  

Anyway we will be purchasing a throwing table sometime soon.  He called me the day after we got back and asked if I would go in on a practice table of some form with him.  So I guess even he saw the potential.  

It probably helped that I held the dice 45 , 30 , 30 minutes all in one day. As I told you the 45 minute hand had over 20  sixes and eights combined before the seven appeared.  I say over because we were not sure of the exact number because we had to figure it out from our progression.  

...  Ill call you soon and thanks again Mrs. DiceCoach for the kindness.           

-K, February 25, 2004

"... I hit two 7s and an 11 on my last roll and then established a point of 8.  

About the time I got ready to throw after setting the dice to the 3V set I noticed the guy at the end of the table set his odds bet right near my landing area.  

I asked the stickman to ask him to move them to his left out of my zone.  The guy made a big deal of me wanting to move them.  I tried to explain why all the way across the table until reluctantly he moved them, grumbling all the time.  

As soon as he moved them I picked up the dice made a perfect throw and set the dice right next to the rubber with no bounce and on the 8! 

I heard him say, "I guess that's why he wanted me to move them!"
Then the dealers said they should check the dice, jokingly.  

That is the best feeling you can get at a craps table, maybe there was some luck to it but it sure was great timing.  Just thought you'd like to hear.  The practice really made a difference in the comfort level and ability to lay the dice down softly.  I very seldom spray them anymore.  

Thanks for the help!"

-D. H., VA, February 20, 2004

As a female playing what I have always considered a man's game, my lesson with the Dice Coach was a supreme confidence builder. 

First of all, the personality of the Coach and the environment for my lesson far exceeded my expectations. 

After reading a number of books that had given me information overload, I needed the hands-on environment, knowledge, and encouragement that this class provided.

My class was the morning of my last day in Vegas so I only had a few opportunities to try out the dice sets I had learned, but I did have success in making 7's on the come out and in the 6/8 sets. Now I am practicing to learn to do the sets faster because I will soon make two visits to casinos in my area of the country. With my new knowledge and skills, maybe I'll have some good "brag" stories for the web site. 

Thanks so much Coach and I'll see you again in August for a refresher class.

-Dixie., February 17, 2004

"I gambled at Golden Nugget, Flamingo Las Vegas and Mandalay Bay.  

I have to tell you that your system worked!  I started out slow, losing a few dollars at Golden Nugget and my first session at Flamingo, but recouped my losses on the third session.  On Sunday morning, just before checking out, I hit a decent roll and ended winning $1000.  

The remainder of the trip, I went back and forth but never had a bad session.  The bottom line is that I came home with money in my pocket!"

"My rolls were noticeably better than "pre-Dice Coach" and I tended to group more numbers together.  On one roll I ended up hitting 10s six times and 6s five times.  I know with more practice that I will improve and better my chances in the future.  There are a number of friends that are surprised that I won and now are very interested in learning more about this dice setting."

Mahalo (Thank you) for sharing your system.

-N. P., February 15, 2004

"Rarely these days does anything live up to it's hype. Your in house course and real casino session far exceeds anything I could have expected. Thank you for time and teachings."

-Silver, January 27, 2004

Thank you very much for your time and patience last Friday afternoon. I  thoroughly enjoyed your class and I've already recommended it to my friends here in DC who like to play. 

This last trip to Vegas and tables is the most fun I've had in my four trips and it's attributable to your class. My fiancé, S.. also enjoyed meeting you on Sunday morning. I think on our next visit she also wants to come to your class. 

On Sunday afternoon S... and I played at Luxor. I don't know what you think of the tables there, but S... and I were not impressed with the guys who worked our table. We would have left sooner; however, there was a shooter at the other end of our table who controlled the dice for almost 45 minutes! We both walked away with a nice chunk of change based on your betting strategy. 

Once again thank you, it was a pleasure meeting you and your wife and we look forward to seeing you guys again on our next trip to Vegas. 

-AJ, DC, January 22, 2004

"Hi Coach!  Thanks again for a great lesson on Friday January 9th.  I waited until Saturday to play.  I was unstoppable.  I ended up making all the money back I had lost the previous day! 

Every time - I walked up to the table with confidence, concentration, breathing deep to get relaxed; it all comes together so sweet!"

-KJS, Canada, January 13, 2004

"I just wanted to say thank you for all you shown me on this past Wednesday. Dice Coach your the man!!!!!!!!! 

For those of you who want very good sound advise on the game of CRAPS!!!!!! I advise everyone to go and see this man.  The Dice Coach took a nobody like me to a man that has very good confidence in shooting the dice. 

I will be back soon for more lesson to come.  Thanks Dice Coach for your vision on teaching and your very very very discipline action for playing CRAPS"

-D.C. II, December 12, 2003

"Thank you very much for your for the lesson in money management and betting strategies. Since our recent lesson, I have had two consecutive winning trips to Vegas.  During that span, I have had three monster roll. One that lasted 45 minutes. The second and third came about three weeks later. The latter consisted of 35 minute roll and a 30 minute roll.

Coach, your tutoring and patience brought the excitement of the game back to me, but most important, I learned how to win."


-Dan AKA Hotshooter, September 28, 2003

"You cannot imagine how much you helped us last Saturday. 

After we left you, we played at the Paris and Mirage for a net win of $1,137. The rest of the week, we accumulated another $1,229. I had a forty-two minute roll making nine points with lots of numbers in between. I had several nice sessions, but obviously, that was my best.  Millie also had some great rolls and made seven points on two different occasions.

We are very grateful for the "fine tuning" you gave us. It's the first time we have had a lot of confidence in our delivery since PARR training. We thank you for giving us that confidence. We hope you will have time to fine tune us even more the next time we are in Vegas. Thank you very much."

-Martin & Millie, September 12, 2003

"Just a short note to thank you again for instructing me on Sunday. I learned a lot, especially about the placement of the fingers, the alignment of the dice initially which was parallel to the pass line, and the "run way" down to the other end of the table. 

All of these techniques have made a tremendous difference. I used everything I learned both that evening, and the next two days. I had several rolls in the 20's with many others in the teens. I did seven out occasionally, but it was more of a mental issue than anything. 

I was able to wipe out two "Don't Come Bettors" for almost $1500. I literally walked them off the table one number at a time. I used the 6/8 progression and it made me well over $550. 

Total, I made the money back for my class, the $200 dollars I lost before the class and still ended up with the $550 profit. I considered it a direct result of the training."

-Jim, September 10, 2003

"I was amazed at what I could do during the class under his (the Dice Coach) instruction.  Personally, I believe the money I spent for his class was the best investment (or wager), that I made in all of my ten years of visiting Las Vegas. 

It's just too bad that I didn't have this knowledge, information, guidance and help several years ago."

-AA, Hawaii, September 3, 2003

"I took your class on my second day in Vegas.  After paying for your course, I was down a net of $500 or $600 for the trip at that point.  

I went back to my hotel after the great lesson and proceeded to then lose another $1000 or so on blackjack.  I went to sleep with literally 1 dollar in my pocket.  

In the morning, my friend loaned me 500 bucks to roll craps.  Using what I learned from you, I proceeded to tear up the tables and make almost $4000 between my friend and I.  We each left Vegas with an extra $700 in our pockets, all on my craps rolls.  

ANY craps player NEEDS to take this course before shooting craps. There is no question my rolls are smoother and longer than EVER.  This course is an investment and a necessity. Thanks again Coach!"

-Daniel,  August 24, 2003

"I wanted to thank you both (Dice Coach & Mrs. Dice Coach) for your hospitality on the 5th for my lesson !  You have a beautiful house and both are really nice people.  I'm glad I experienced the coach's teaching first hand and did NOT listen to the message boards. 

I wound up about $300 for the week.  But from being down over $1000, I consider that an achievement" :)

-JT,  July 15, 2003

"Dice setting is really a skill that I am learning to perfect with the help of the Dice Coach. I would strongly recommend this workshop or any of his other classes that can be found on if you are the least bit interested in learning how to make the most out of

-Betsey,  May 30, 2003

"Last weekend I attended DiceCoach's Dice Feminique seminar with Soft touch and Michael Vernon. Lots of money to be made, fun, new friends, improved skill, betting strategies, memories and more. Girls, it's a must attend event! Thanks for reading."

-A.J..,  May 26, 2003

" I only wish I had taken the class at the beginning of my trip instead of the end, so I wouldn't have made some of the mistakes I made before seeing you.  I'm a believer in the class - and the fact that it's definitely a skill, not a system.  I look forward to seeing you on my next trip to Las Vegas."

-M.S.,  April 30, 2003

"Dice coach is great! After taking his class, my average roll went from 6 or 7 rolls to between 10 and 35. His betting strategies and money management plans are unique and effective. You can't beat the casinos every time, but I beat them a lot more now. Thanks, Coach!"

-Peter T,  April 29, 2003

"Ok you are my hero. You would have been proud of me. I cant tell you how much I appreciated the class.  

... I got the dice two times both times I held the dice for over 25  minutes and both times I got an applause when I sevened out. As I was coloring out the stick man laughed and said --  professional shooter -- he said he hasn't seen back to back rolls like that in a long time."

-KB, Texas,  April 28, 2003

My thanks to the Dice Coach ( & all you out there on the PPN that recommended him) for his having me over for a "tune-up" that morning.   

I knew my throw was good, but inconsistent.   He watched me & suggested (1) I need to breathe to calm & slow down,  (2) pause & focus before I throw & keep myself in the "right side of my brain",
(3) picture the shot & toss into "the spot", (4) release my throw @ the top of the rail for consistency, & the money -maker (5) Look down @ the table to hold concentration & keep focus & then re-zone after any table disturbance.

         Thanks Coach ........You made my day!!!!!

-Johnnyo,  April 22, 2003

I just wanted to send on a great big thank-you for inviting me to come along with my husband, Mike, a couple weeks ago for a dice setting class.  I thoroughly enjoyed the session.  

You are both great people to open up your home to teach the art of dice setting.  I only wish we had had time for your lesson at the beginning of our trip instead of the end!  

Mike and I played at Treasure Island that night and we were both big winners -- a great way to leave Las Vegas.

-Carol & Mike,  April 18, 2003

I just wanted to thank you and your wife for seeing us on such short notice. 

By the way the $ I paid you in the morning was returned to me that night at Treasure Island!! That's right, I bought in for $300.00 and so did Carol. I was a little more aggressive. Colored up at $690.00 for a nice profit. Carol won $100.00 she was real happy. 

My first two rolls were very profitable. The stick commented that I had a very smooth toss from stick left. My toss didn't look like that before I saw you. Thank you for seeing my better half at the same time. We are planning a trip in the fall. 

This time I will plan on seeing you at the start of our trip instead of the last day. 
-Mike, Detroit- April 10, 2003

After a long chat about Iowa and the things he misses, he (craps dealer) told me I had the hand of the week there. 

Thirty-eight minutes long and five points made. [ I kept pounding the inside numbers, especially the eight! ] I used the three V's set. Not all my throws were perfect by any means, but I focused on the two S's on the pass line for my landing zone, tried to stay focused, and tried to loosen my pendulum swing (and wrist) plus maintain good follow-through. 

Thanks again for EVERYTHING, coach!

-MM.- March 29, 2003

I want to thank you all for a really neat time. I left Vegas a $8800.00 winner which was a nice extra. I feel I have basic idea of what dice setting is and that the seminar was just the beginning.
-Bill L.- March 17, 2003

I couldn't wait to get home and send you both a great big THANK YOU for your hospitality and tutelage on Monday. 

After our visit, Ric and I logged half a dozen or so successive winning or break-even shooting sessions for the duration of our trip (ranging from breakeven to winning 90% of our session bankrolls). 

We were not surprised at that outcome at all, but enormously pleased, and thanks to you, we've clearly established a new plateau in our 

-Jeff M.- February 19, 2003

I really loved having the Dice Coach all to myself.  The class is custom fit to your needs.  He's very patient, knowledgeable happy friendly go lucky.  

I learned so much more than all the books & websites combined.  Betting Strategies, reading the table flow, getting a feel for the dice, grip & toss, finding my spot to shoot from.  

I felt like I've known the Dice Coach a long time, meaning I was immediately comfortable with him.  I 'm so happy to have taken his one on one class and definitely recommend it to others.

-AJ.- February 4, 2003

After the session Beau brought us back to our Hotel. We were tired and took a short sleep for rest. Two hours later it was time to the Casino's at 9pm. I don't recommend this to every one but we went to 12 Casino's that night and had not one loosing session, lucky us.

-Bow & Arrow.- February 2, 2003

I played 14 crap sessions, won 4, lost 10.  Winners averaged $825, losers averaged $107, for a net win of $2230.

Thanks again for your class, it was the tune up I needed after a long period away from the tables! Hey, there is an idea for you, a one hour tune up for infrequent players/previous students when they hit town.

-CM.- January 13, 2003

As *** has said a class with The Dice Coach is an outstanding experience.  He has a nack of getting you to relax and concentrate without putting pressure on yourself, which allows you to throw with more precision and more softly.

His positive attitude gives you great confidence!

-Duey  December 14, 2002

Excellent session, very patient, knowledgeable and excellent coaching skills. I have been playing craps for twenty years and I learned more in two hours than in the whole 20 years!

Learned more than any of the books I have read.  I will take another class form the dice coach.

-Andrew P. -  CA, November 21, 2002

I had the opportunity to take the 2 hour dice setting course with the Dice Coach and it was everything I hoped for.  

The Dice Coach did not try to totally alter my throw but he did point out some direct things that I had to work on.  Because I am a coach in Hockey I realize the importance of having a coach there to show you the proper way. 

The Dice Coach asked me to switch sides from Stick Left to Stick Right and the results were immediate. I highly recommend this course for anyone who throws the bones and will definitely repeat this course as a refresher!

Thanks again Coach!

-Bob M. -  Ontario, Canada, November 9, 2002

DiceCoach is to Craps like a batting coach is to a World Series Baseball Team.  "Its not how hard you hit the ball that counts, its how good you swing the bat." 

After a simple to arrange 2 hour private instruction lesson from the DiceCoach on "Dice Setting", not only has my style of shooting dice changed for ever, so has the size of my quickly growing bankroll. If you seriously want to make a positive change in your crap game, see the DiceCoach on your next trip to Vegas.  You'll never play craps the same way again.

-Mike W. -  November 6, 2002

Table was crowded at Fiesta so went to GVR. Same table as we played on. My first roll was 5 #'s, my second roll was 55#'s not counting craps or 7's on come out!

They said it was almost an hour. When I 7'ed out they gave me a yell an applause like I never heard. 

I was on a $5 table ,I only made $600, I was concentrating on staying in the zone.  They changed stick, had a fill, suits all over the place, I stayed in the zone breathing and backing away from the table, no one
talked to me, every # was a hoop and a holler but when I got ready to shoot there was silence. 

Stick guy said he never heard the applause and atta boys that I got when I 7ed.  All 12 or 13 people passed around to me , it was point 7 so I colored up. You would have been proud of me coach.  Some guy's
made lots of money.

One of your satisfied students.

-Bill. - Las Vegas - October 2002

"Outstanding instruction-met all my goals/expectations and then some!  Will Repeat."

-Mike W. - Toledo, Ohio - October 2002

For any new to intermediate shooter this class will blow you away with the amount of one on one attention you'll receive. The improvements to your throw will take place right then and there! And that's the key to this class. 

The things that you are doing wrong with your throw (as well as the good things!) will be brought to your attention and any corrective actions will be explained and implemented right there on the spot.

You'll be able to make the recommended adjustments on the fly and see immediate, positive results. Then it's just a matter of practice once you get home to ingrain and hone your new skills.

I took the class with several others during the 9/20 seminar and saw a major turn around in all of the newer shooters that were in the class. The difference was like night and day and I'd be willing to bet that those guys would have paid twice the price for all that they learned in that two hour period of time.

Take the class, your bankroll will thank you!!

-Mickey D - October 2002

I enjoyed the class this past week. I learned a lot form you in such a short time. I learned a better grip than I was currently throwing, I learned the best grips for my throw, and found my right spot on the table to shoot for each time I throw the dice. 

I also learned to throw the dice so that that dice turn together. What a difference all this has made to my game. I now throw with more confidence and more consistency.  I appreciated the classroom environment. It was just like a real casino!

I am looking forward to bringing my wife to the class. See ya soon! 

-BRS, Texas - September 2002

The Dice Coach has the best dice toss I have seen. It's like he is just
setting the dice down at the end of the table. In addition, he is an
excellent teacher.  With just one look at my form, he had me making better tosses right away. You can't go wrong by having a mentor like Dice Coach.

-Crusher- Eureka, California - September 2002

So for the day +$170 on craps, + $10 on VP, + $60 - $80 food comp. It was a good day. The time with you (the Dice Coach) at your place (The Craps Pit) was worth every penny. 
-BF- Las Vegas - August 2002

At TI the Dice Coach was stick right and I was stick left.  We both had decent hands but no "barn burners".  I watched as the Dice Coach locked up his win goal while I played on.  I got lucky on a random roller and made a little cash after being down but the Dice Coaches  discipline showed me something that day that I still remember.  Lock up the win and put it in the bank! -Roadrunner- New Mexico

I hold the dice for 29 throws before I throw the devil and color up from that session $185 richer!  In a few hours after the Dice Coach's advice I'm up $435! - Shotputter - New York

The two most important things I admire and learned from the Dice Coach were his great positive attitude while gambling (as well as in life) and his great discipline in executing your wagering strategies.  

And, the way you pick your spots when wagering and the manner in which you take your bets down after you are satisfied with your realized profits.  - RC - 

Another 20 minute roll!  I think between that little modification and adopting your betting tactics, that this will work well in the long run.  Thanks again!  - Bill - 

The Dice Coach took a look at my throw, then taught me a Zone key for locking in mentally by finding "my spot" on the table and repeatedly nailing it with the dice. Sounded strange to me, but I used the technique that night and went on a forty-minute roll at Caesar's Palace. Maybe this thing does work after all?  Thanks, Coach!  - OX BONES - Washington, DC

... sometimes I also get into bad habits.  The Dice Coach is the man I go to to get me out of it.  His insight and ability to see things during a toss has always helped me.  He is not only a great teacher but truly a friend to all he meets. - Dominator - Chicago

I realize now that the class provided the raw materials and blueprints necessary to succeed.  It is up to us to best learn to use the tools (taking into account our own unique anatomy, body mechanics, learning style, etc).  Then we can most optimally "build stuff" with those tools.  Before: Slow bleeding of my bankroll (-$1500)  After:  Ten (10) consecutive winning sessions (+$2000), one (1) loser (-$200) and then win of (+$575)- JR -

I really feel the Dice Coach brings the entire package, knowledge of the games he plays, money management, and most of all discipline.  All of these factors become very critical in gambling and often times the difference between winning and losing.

I would recommend to anyone who is serious about making money, contact the Dice Coach and profits can be realized. - Walter - Hawaii

I've been coaching my wife for the past couple of weeks in the dice setting and precision shooting techniques so we could play together and have a better chance of winning (a few months earlier she hated gambling and did not believe dice control was possible).  Well, we went to the Barbary Coast, I stood stick right and she stood next to me, and she had a half hour roll!  Now she's a believer! - Howard -

... I asked the Dice Coach to look at my throw at the Craps table, and to evaluate my technique.   He said it looked good but,  made some suggestions.  These minor adjustments, really  improved my success at the tables! - RockNRoller - Corel springs

I am convinced that the Dice Coaches couple of hours with me is the reason we (my wife and I) were able to have a very nice profit for a change. So, if a couple of hours of instruction from the Dice Coach can make that much difference, a class from the Dice Coach would put the student far ahead of the learning curve.  M.A. - Atlanta, GA 

I've seen the Dice Coach stand at the table for an hour without making a bet.  Then, the next thing you know he's won $300 and is heading for the door.  No one understands the gambler's mantra better than the Dice Coach - "Get in, get ahead and get gone."  - Heavy - Texas

The Dice Coach is the smartest gambler that I know.  His instinct and discipline are second to none.   If someone wanted to learn how to WIN then the Dice Coach is the one to learn from. - Billy The Kid -

Remember, we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with what you learn in one of our classes.  We DO NOT teach a system ... dice setting and precision throwing is a skill that you can learn.

100% Money-back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

Sports do not build character. They reveal it. - Heywood Hale Brolin -

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