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Setting The Dice  
BY:  Larry Edell

If you have ever experimented with dice setting you’ve probably discovered that many casinos frown on this procedure. In fact some resorts will prevent you from setting the dice, as they have regulations on actually how the dice should be tossed. The dealers must adhere to these “laws” so you should not blame them - they are just doing their jobs. However if you still want to set the dice there is a way to do so - even if they don’t let you do it!  
Before you learn how, let’s look at seven regulations that many casinos have regarding the Crapshooter’s handing of the dice.  
1. You must handle the dice with one hand only.  
2. You must choose only two dice from the five offered.  
3. You can not toss them over your shoulder.  
4. You can not toss them higher than line of sight of the dealers.  
5. They must bounce, and then bounce off the opposing wall at the other end of the table.  
6. They must be tossed, not slid or dropped.  
7. The shooter must toss them so that he does not slow down or disrupt the game.  
It is this last regulation that bothers dealers. Many people take their time and set the dice for the number they want to see rolled, and this does take some time. The dealers will then tell you, in no uncertain terms, “Come on shooter, toss the dice!”  
If you persist in “holding up the game,” a dealer can legally take the dice away from you and pass them to the next shooter. This isn’t done too often, as it tends to make the other players mad, but it can happen. If a dealer on your table frowns on dice setting, there are only two things you can do if you want to continue to set the dice. The first is to practice at home so you can set the dice in less than two seconds. This is easier to do than it seems. If, for example you like to set them with the sixes up and get a pair with two ones, you can just flip them over, as opposing sides always add up to seven. If the dice show a four and a five, the opposing sides are a three and a two.  
So, when you set the dice, now you are looking for two numbers instead of one. If you set the dice for two three’s facing up, you are looking for either a three or a four on both dice. If you set the dice for two fives, you are looking for either a five or a two. If this is too much trouble, there is a much quicker way to set them - Just ask the dealer to do it for you! That’s right, ask the dealer to return the dice to you with the sixes (or fives or threes or fours) facing up. They can hardly complain about slowing the game down if they are the ones doing the setting! This method works at most casinos, and the dealers will be more than happy to do this, especially if you tip them!  
So the next time you want to set the dice, get the dealers to help you - This will not only speed the game up, but allow you to use pre-sets to increase your profits as well! And, as always, good luck at the tables!  

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