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BY:  Michael Vernon

There is an invisible, yet perceivable, dimension and subtle information can be found there. Somewhat like sitting in a movie theater watching previews of coming attractions, subliminal messages provides a glimpse of events that are about to happen. Perceiving the energy can show you the hidden truths, as you experience events in the present moment. Perception of energy also provides you with lessons of events after the fact, as you look back and relate the metaphysical information acknowledged or ignored.  
All most everyone has had that experience of saying, "I knew that was going to happen, why didn't I listen to myself?" I do not suggest using intuition to guess or manipulate events during a dice or card game. My point is for the reader to acknowledge and simply relate to having had the experience of knowing about something before it manifested in reality. Perception of subtle information is an ability everyone has. With practice, you can strengthen the ability and provide an additional powerful skill to your game.  
A way of explaining energy is to think of it as a vibration. It is a known fact of science that everything organic and inorganic is vibrating at the atomic level. Metaphysical energy is not measured in terms of "good" and "bad". Instead, you can think of energy in terms of "high vibration" or "low vibration". A football game expressing high energy is exciting and fun to watch. A game expressing low energy is boring and lacks interest. Energy or vibrations are happening in every situation. It is possible for you to sense the vibrations and glean information.  
The next time that you decide to watch a televised sport try this experiment. Turn the sound down so you cannot hear the score announced. Ignore the score if it appears on screen. The experiment is to simply watch and observe both teams and decide which team has a BIGGER energy. Silently ask which team has the upper hand, who has the lead and which team is going to win. Once observed, your answer will come back to you as a feeling. The feeling is a perception of what is going on and that leads to what is about to happen. When you turn up the sound, check your "read" of the energy. At the end of the game your understanding of the energy will be confirmed one way or the other.  
Everyone has the ability to perceive energy vibrations and discern information from other dimensions. You perception is confirmed in real time, right or wrong. When your are right, then you can know that you are "dialed in", thus validating your perceptive interpretations. This is the neat part of perception, you will see for yourself the confirmation one way or the other.  
It is possible for a dice or blackjack player to benefit, and have an edge, using energy perception in casino games. Does the table have a winning or a losing feel to it? Perhaps the feeling is neutral or "don't know". Any of the three responses, is useful information. This is a tool to use before and during your session. The dice and cards can turn in the blink of an eye. Your perception allows you to follow the energy and can provide you with an early warning system. By the way, "don't know", means don't' go.  
Okay, this sensory receiver is your sixth sense. The sixth sense is a sensory preceptor that incorporates input from all of your senses from the energy present. This sixth sense goes by several names, among the more common are, intuition, inner voice, higher self, divine knowledge and the one I like, "I knew that was going to happen". The sixth sense perceives metaphysical information and translates it in such a way that it makes sense in the physical dimension. It is a knowing without the ability to tell how you know, because your sensory perceptions are so subtle. What you do with the information, can make a difference in the outcome of your game.  
The translation takes place on a feeling, experiential level, rather than on an intellectual or emotional level. This is an essential point, and may be the more difficult aspect to understand. You have to get the mind to free itself and trust feelings, not intellect. It has nothing to do with what you think is going to happen or your emotional yearning. It is all about how your perceptions of a situation affect you as a feeling or sensing how the effect communicates a message. Do you feel safe and secure or do you have feelings of insecurity and doubt, for example. Either feeling experience allows you to make a more informed and appropriate choice of action.  
The five physical senses cooperate with the sixth sense to enhance the perception of one's ability to read energy. Take the examples of; "this does not look right, this does not sound right, this does not smell right, this does not taste right, this does not feel right". The "this does not feel right" is the leader of the pack. In these examples, the senses provide an advance notice that something is amiss yet you might not be able to explain it. You will experience the perception of energy as a feeling and whatever it is that you are feeling, you are doing so because there is a reason for it. It is important to pay attention to the subtle cues.  
At the craps or blackjack table, you may want to buy-in and play right away. The difference in success or failure can be a matter of the prevailing energy, not your desire for playing. This is like Sir Intellect and Captain Ego taking over like charging bulls in a china shop. Allowing the energy to come forward without the influence of ego and intellect provides for the truth in any situation. Does the present energy support a positive feeling for playing? It is within the perception of the energy that you will glean the metaphysical information. This does not infer 'seeing the future', necessarily. It is more like reconnaissance, providing information before entering a battle. If "outnumbered", the feeling may be scary and uncertain. The prudent move would be no move or no play. On the other hand, after perceiving no "danger", proceeding onward may prove to be correct.  
Reading energy, feeling and perceiving the information at hand, provides an invaluable edge when playing craps or blackjack. Learning to push out with your feelings is to reach out into a field of energy and touch on information found there, before it manifests in this reality. This is how you are able to read energy. You push out, extending with your feelings. Kind of like sonar, you send out a ping and it bounces off something then returns to you. When it comes back, the ping informs you about what it encountered. Whatever the ping encounters, you can then recognize as a feeling.  
You perform this sonar reading all the time and probably do not recognize or acknowledge doing it. Let's say that you have an important business client and you are going to entertain them for lunch. You visualize the best setting for the occasion and you glimpse the scene in your mind's eye. You finalize your decision because of how it makes you feel as you peer into the future. You may envision your confidence, an impressive ambiance, and most importantly, the success of a winner. You certainly are not going to the Downtown Diner when your destiny is at the Top of the Mark. You push out with your feelings and what comes back is "first class elegance". Take the client first class! You can feel the possible result before having the experience. It is all a simple matter of perceiving the metaphysical energy and preparing for the feeling of success.  
Engaging a craps or blackjack game is not any different. When you allow yourself to look around for the subliminal signs, the feeling from the energy provides you with an edge. The edge is valid for entering a game and most importantly for the advance notice that "the wind has gone from the sail" and it is time to color up. I emphasize the power of this advance knowledge, feeling that a game is breaking down and getting out ahead of the crowd. On an energy level, you receive an early warning that the game is about to end. Instead of suffering through the losing hands as a game is breaking up, you get the "wink and a nod" that it is time to go. You keep additional profit because you knew what was about to happen and acted on the information. Think of it as having insider's information when making a stock trade. The only way to quit as a winner, is to quit while you are still winning. It's hard to quit a winner when you have stayed past the peak of the action and find yourself tumbling down the losing side of the curve.  
You will have more profitable sessions as you learn to develop your sense of knowing when a game is about to turn cold. The subtle signs are always present. The trick is to have the discipline to walk away when you perceive them.  
Copyright © 2003 Michael Vernon  

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