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Casino Comps: Establishing Credit  
BY:  Paul Enockson

If you are interested in free entry into craps, slot and blackjack tournaments, establishing credit at your favorite casino may be the answer you're looking for. One reader believes he has discovered how!  
It's a treat to get E-mail from your readers who confirm what you believe, and use the techniques you have been advocating. It's even better when they provide additional information that we can all use to save even more money when we travel to our favorite gambling spot.  
It's amazing what you can find out by just talking with casino personnel. Sometimes you can find out little tidbits that can save you some serious cash, or provide you with information that you can use over and over and save literally thousands of dollars. I believe establishing casino credit is that vehicle.  
Before you decide to establish casino credit you must realize that you need to utilize some self-control so you can use it as your tool and not let it get out of hand. If that happens you've simply opened the door and given the casino another way to get at your hard earned cash.  
So why is establishing credit so important? Let me give you an example. I remember when we first established casino credit. My wife and I were celebrating our anniversary and I wanted to get a comp to one of the best restaurants at the casino. I had started chatting with a floorperson and asked how I was doing. In other words, I wanted to know if I was qualifying for comps. He asked what I had in mind. I let him know that I wanted to get dinner for two in their fancy restaurant.  
He informed that it was going to be a little difficult. When I asked why, he explained that I was a cash player. The casino preferred to hand out its better comps to players who had established a line of credit with the casino. I asked what was needed and was soon provided with the basic credit application to fill out. I filled out the application as I played and gave it back to him.  
Within 24 hours I had established credit with the casino and was able to sign markers at the table. That night I got my first marker at a blackjack table. Two days later my wife and I enjoyed a fabulous dinner in their best restaurant, all comped by the casino. The next night another dinner at their famous Italian restaurant, all comped. Before we left we had also gone to their show and eaten in their buffet a couple of times. Best of all, it was a winning trip for both of us! Understand, at that time my wife and I were $10 bettors! It's like I've said, you don't have to be a high roller to get comped!  
If you don't like the idea of giving out credit related information that's all right. Cash players can, and do get comps. However, if you want to enter into the world of being treated like a high roller, casino credit just may be the answer.  
If what I was told is true, and I have no reason not to believe that it isn't, you will get more and better comps if you have a player card and have established credit with the casino. Think about it. If it was your business, wouldn't you rather have a customer that has credit playing at your casino than a cash player? Of course you would.  
The individual that I got the E-mail from always pays his markers off with a check, not cash. His reasoning is similar to some of my feelings on the subject that you should look like a loser, in some situations, to the casinos  
Just remember, when you establish credit at a casino you have opened up some new doors. If it bothers you don't do it. You don't have to be a high roller to establish credit. However, you do need some money in the bank.  
Just remember, "When you know how, it's easy."  
Paul Enockson, aka Pablo, Web Master  

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