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Jump Starting Your Dice Toss  
BY:  Steve "Heavy" Haltom

World-class athletes know it. So do actors and opera divas. Even business executives have discovered the secret. Winners in nearly every profession know that without the right coach they won't perform at their peak. The same applies to craps and precision dice shooting.  
Like a lot of old-time precision crapshooters, I taught myself how to control the dice. It started with casual observation of the good shooters at my local casino and grew into research through books, on-line resources and discussion groups. I started trying to emulate what the good shooters did and my shooting improved. But while I was a better shooter, I really didn't understand why. Eventually, through trial and error and listening to the advice of others, I finally worked most of it out. The downside - it took almost ten years to get there.  
Today players don't have to go through that. There are many alternatives available in the form of casino coaches. Whether you live in the Deep South, the Northeast, the Midwest, or way out West, there is a precision dice shooting coach near you.  
There are many advantages to working one-on-one with a dice coach. You get to observe the coach first hand as he demonstrates the various dice pre-sets, grips and tosses. You get to attempt to replicate his toss while he observes and makes suggestions for adjustments and fine-tuning the results. This immediate feedback is something you simply cannot get from a book, at your home practice table, or from a friend in the casino.  
But one-on-one coaching goes beyond the grip, pick-up and toss of the dice. You also benefit from the years of experience these coaches have garnered at the tables. You learn the subtleties of charting a table, how to read the bounce of the dice, and how to better manage your money and yourself at the tables. In short, you learn how to win.  
Does it work? Here are a few comments from some of my students from recent classes around the country:  
Ken from Ohio attended an Axis Power Craps class in Tunica and wrote, "After attending the first day of the seminar, we anxiously applied our newly acquired skills and knowledge at the Gold Strike. I did quite well--six passes on three numbers (5,6 and 9), with the five showing often. My longest roll was 26 numbers!"  
Steve from Kentucky attended the class in Biloxi and said, "Heavy's lectures turned me into a more conservative bettor and helped me to understand what "qualifying a shooter" was all about."  
Scott, an alumnus from the first DiceCoach/Irishsetter/Heavy joint class in Vegas said, "After the school was over I had my personal best roll at Palace Station. I rolled a 41 number hand Sunday morning after the School. It paid me 614 dollars."  
Dix, Scott's best friend, summed it up best. "The real reason for these seminars is that there are some things you can only see in person."  
How do you know if you're ready to attend a seminar or one-on-one coaching session? Here are a few questions to ask yourself.  
· Have you peaked at your present level of performance in the casino?  
· Are you experiencing diminishing results at the tables?  
· Is there a gap between where you are and where you'd like to be?  
· Are you frustrated with the differences in "practice" results and "casino" results?  
· Do you feel like you need to make some changes to your grip or toss?  
· Do you know what you are doing wrong?  
· Do you know what it is that you don't know?  
· Do you have clear goals for your level of success at precision shooting?  
· Are you willing to focus on what needs to be done NOW to attain those goals?  
· Are you interested in developing yourself into a Total Player?  
· Are you willing to work extremely hard to get there?  
· Do you have time and resources to invest in your future?  
Will you emerge from one of these seminars and become the Tiger Woods of craps? Probably not. After all, there's only one Tiger. But what if you could be a Luke Donald or a Jonathan Kaye? Who, you ask, are Donald and Kaye? Well, they're both golf pros - currently ranked thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth on the money-list this year. Between them they've won over a half-million dollars. Not bad for a couple of guys you probably never heard of. And you can bet that they both have coaches.  

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Winning at the craps table begins with good money management.

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