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Remember the Feeling!  
BY:  Pablo

I met Jim Carrithers about 15 years ago when I was working at the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, Colorado. I was hired as a Cobol programmer and it wasn't long before I was sent of to FOCUS school and became the resident FOCUS "expert."  
As the RMN's FOCUS guru I was responsible for working with all of the departments at the RMN, and that's how I met Jim  
Jim was the manager of the Promotions Department, and was the one manager that was most interested in what the new FOCUS system could do for his department. Jim was a very positive upbeat type of individual and I don't think it had anything to do with the department he managed, Jim was just that way by nature. Due to his interest in FOCUS I got to know Jim real well and we fast became friends.  
We both had a love of Chinese food and would frequently go out to lunch together. As was quite natural good food and good conversation go together and we found out we were alike in many ways.  
For example, I learned that we both had started as newspaper carriers at a very young age and while I had gone on to other things Jim had stuck with the newspaper business. He loved it, and it had been his passion all his life!  
It was over lunch one day that Jim told me a story about when he was just getting started as a carrier.  
One night his supervisor got a half-dozen of his carriers together and he drove them to an apartment complex where they were to canvas the tenants and sign up new subscriptions. The deal was that each of them was assigned a specific building and who ever could sign up 10 new subscriptions would get a shiny new silver dollar!  
Jim told me that they all took off in a mad dash for their assigned apartment. He also told me he was the first to get back to the car with 10 subscriptions. He said he came running back to the car and jumped up on the running board with his subscriptions in hand.  
His supervisor handed him his silver dollar and Jim said he shook his hand and said; "Jimmy, How do you feel?" Jimmy said he told his supervisor the he "felt great!", he was "excited!" And Jim told me his supervisor, still holding on to his hand, said, "Jimmy, remember that feeling! It's the feeling of success and that feeling will take you a long, long way in life."  
And with that, Jim reached in his pocket and pulled out a very, very worn silver dollar, the same silver dollar he had earned that night so very long ago!  
I still get "goose bumps" when I think about that story. So, you're sitting there wondering what all of this has to do with craps, and more importantly, winning at craps!  
I think there are two lessons to be learned from this story, one of which relates to winning at craps.  
If you are a craps shooter you've probably had terrible, bad, good, great and fantastic rolls. If you have not had any in the good, great or fantastic category you should probably try something else, or take some craps lessons from the Dice Coach.  
When I talk about terrible I am referring to those point and seven outs, or point, craps and then seven out. To me that falls into the terrible category!  
Bad is when you just get going and you're having visions of the stories you can tell when you get back to the office and, BAM!, the seven shows! For me, bad is anywhere between 5 and 9 tosses. I'm not a regression bettor and I like to go in slowly and build up my bets as I go. With only 5 to 9 tosses I don't even get my money back, especially if there are a couple Horn numbers that creep in.  
Anything above 9 I consider in the good category. At 10 tosses, if the right numbers are coming up, I'll start to make some money and be pressing shortly. The press, take, press, take routine. Good runs from 10 to around 25. From 25 to around 40 is great and anything above 40 I consider in the fantastic category.  
The whole point I am trying to make here is that you need to remember how you felt when you had those great and fantastic sessions! You want to be able to repeat them, more often than not!  
Where were you playing at the time and at what table? What time of day? What were the table conditions? Was the table bouncy or did the dice sit down nicely? Was the table full, empty or partially full? Was it a 12-foot table or 14 foot table? Was the rail low, medium or high? What grip and toss were you using? Where were you landing the dice? What kind of arc were you using? Were there any distractions, such as interruptions or arguments? Any casino heat or dealer distractions? Were you making dealer bets?  
And most importantly, how did YOU feel, before, during and after? Were you determined or defeated? Positive or negative? Happy or sad? Were you rested up, relaxed or tired? Were you involved in the session (i.e. high fives, hand slapping, getting everyone involved) or quietly concentrating and in "the zone" so to speak?  
Think about those great and fantastic sessions you've had and write down everything you can remember about them. Next time out, try to create the exact same conditions as before and post another great or fantastic session.  
And the second lesson? Jim got a lot out of that night so long ago when his supervisor told him, "Jimmy, remember that feeling!" Simple, short, to the point and most important - positive.  
Jim told me other stories that involved other kids when he was older and he could pass on what he had learned that night. And you can pass it on also.  
This Christmas Season pass the good tidings on. To your spouse, to your kids, to your grand kids, your friends, your shooting buddies and everyone you meet. Be of good cheer!  
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  

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