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Serendipity and Energy ...  
BY:  Michael Vernon

Want to start winning with the energy? Start with a commitment and a dedication to your goal. Try playing detached in such a way so you are uninvolved emotionally with the outcome winning or losing. When you are open to opportunities, you create energy of intention for opportunities to be delivered to your doorstep. You come out of limitlessness abundance, an attitude of deserving only the best. When it comes to any achievement in life, "if it is yours" it comes about with you pushing out with intention and an energy that says, "It is mine".  
I for one do not believe in accidents, coincidence or chance occurrence. I believe in the energy that is present. Now, it may be hard to hang you hat on something you can't see or exactly relate to, so the tendency for the ego is to identify energy in some way that will allow it to be comfortable with the experience. Thus, we have luck, good and bad, coincidence, accidents, happenstance and serendipity to help our intellectual self-cope.  
The key to all of this asks, what meaning does it hold for you in the game? If you just walk into any game and plop your money down, you are likely to get what you sign up for ... not much. When you come from a bigger energy that says, "I do not settle for less than I deserve, I am a winner and I am here to win", then you have put in your order for results. You have taken responsibility and initiated action. Come from a commitment and a dedication that states a willingness to do what others will not and you have joined the elite club for success.  
Okay, this still does not mean a winning table every time. But your intention, your thought form creates your reality. What you believe in is your truth. Your word is your law. When you subscriber to "bigger and more", "more and bigger" are what you get. Want to change your results at the table? Change the way you experience life. It is all just thought form. If you say that you are having a lousy day, a lousy day is what you will experience.  
Expand your comfort zone, take a risk and follow the energy. The energy is always true. We only kid ourselves and diminish our power believing in something else, say luck. Separate from emotion, intellect, and ego and come from a perception of the energy that is present. It will tell you everything you need to know. All you have to do is ask.  
If you believe in coincidence, happenstance, chance and accidents, then in essence, you have put your order in and that is what you will draw to yourself. Or, you can take charge. Make your energy big with a clear intention. Commit to excellence and never settle for less than you deserve. The path of excellence draws an entirely different reality than just tumbling down stream and letting current take you where it will.  
I had an interesting conversation today with a poker buddy. We were discussing esoteric concepts of the game. This Saturday we play the third session in a ten-session league tournament. He told me the game had already begun for him. I smiled to myself understanding what he had just shared with me. After I rang off, it dawned on me that my game had begun a month before, when I was invited to join the poker league.  
Time has no relevance as you learn to work with energy.  
The sooner you get started the sooner you get results. You can win them all ...  

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Don't let anyone ruin your fun when gambling. More importantly, don't ruin it yourself. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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