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How Do You Play Your Game?  
BY:  Michael Vernon

During my 21 years of casino play, I have found one true fact. All the millions of gamblers in the world have one commonality. Like randomly floating snowflakes, no two are alike! Each of these snowflakes comes to rest in the casino, ready to take on the game with their sure-fired method to win. Yet, there is not one sure-fired method of winning every time out. There are approaches to the game which are better employed, however. There are definitely smarter ways of playing, if winning is the ultimate goal. Like snowflakes pilling up to form a drift, the better and smarter ways of playing provide the player with an advantage or a push towards winning.  
No two gamblers play the same game in the same way. The joy of gambling is held in a personal experience. The way that you play the game is an expression of who you are. All the factors that you take to the casino are the same ones that get out of bed with you each morning. It has never been my intention for anyone who has studied with me to play exactly as I do. My intention is to empower the student with a systematic approach, based on the knowledge I have successfully learned from years of discipline. It is then up to the individual to use the accumulated knowledge in their own approach to the game.  
It has been about ten years now, since I first had contact with Beau Parker, the "Dice Coach". Six months after that, I met "Soft Touch", Deborah Garcia. I suppose several factors could explain how the three of us came to be drawn together. If I had to name one, it has to be our common pursuit of knowledge to create advantage play. Over the years of working and playing together, our friendship has developed a special trust and respect. We share ideas to enhance play without fear of judgment. In fact, when we meet before the Dice Busters program, we always discuss new strategies and plays, along with our ideas for improving the program. In all the years of producing Dice Busters, no two programs have ever been the same. It is our intention to improve each and every program.  
Instead of time spent in the casino, enjoying a game together, we are working at the Dice Coach's craps table. We pour over all possibilities of a strategy, investigating its validity. Instead of discovering ways a play could work, our focused attention is on why the play may be weak, why the play won't work. It is easy to concoct plays that only profit with specific conditions. It is quite another to come up with a play that has consistency for multiple conditions.  
Dice Coach has a saying, "Any system will work some of the time and, during a hot hand, every system should produce a profit." At the Dice Busters, we share a common goal. The goal is to create advantage players who come to own a method of play that encapsulates numerous proven strategies. Doing so, the puzzle pieces will snap together enabling the advantage player to win most of the time, or at the least, restrict losses to a minimum.  
"It is not about how much you win. It is all about how much you don't lose." I feel that too many players ignore the house edge, pretending that it does not exist. That is, they approach the game like it is fair, and winning is just a matter of hitting it lucky. The house advantage is designed with one purpose, to separate the players from their money. Casinos are humungous profiting businesses and they do not intend to supplement the income of any of the customers.  
Soft Touch says, "If you don't like the direction of the game, change your direction." It is simple enough to say, "Never forget that you are in charge of all of your actions in a game". You are either in control and play with discipline, or you sign up to be another statistic in the counting room. What if you find yourself playing in a game and you don't like the direction, but you also do not know what to do? What then? It is simple. You walk away.  
When the Dice Busters do go out for a game of craps, one thing students notice is three different styles of play. One lesson students experience from attending a day with the Dice Busters, is how to develop their own game, using several advantages. The advantages come from the combination of three different perspectives, and years of experienced play. After the classroom lesson, three of the most knowledgeable craps instructors teaching the game, go with the students to the casino for supervised play. Who else would do this? With the Dice Busters, the intention is to empower the student to find their own successful style of play.  
No one approaches the game in the same way. We all have our own personal history and reasons for how we play the game. However, winning is usually close to the top of an individual's list of motives. So, the next time you are out playing craps and the question crosses your mind, "I wonder if there is a better way to win?" Who ya gonna call?  

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