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Controlled Shooting  
BY:  Attila Ordog

Maybe you have heard about the craps strategy called "controlled shooting". There are many experts who once laughed at people who thought they had the edge in the game of craps, but are now looking at the validity of the controlled throw (rhythm rolling or dice control/influence). Some people wonder whether dice control/influence can really work.  
The reason why some people are skeptical about this craps strategy is mainly because the words "dice control" are misleading. No one in this world can control the results of the dice every single roll. The main concept in dice control is to throw the dice using a grip and toss in a manner that produces a consistent outcome at the tables.  
What do people expect from this craps strategy? The savvy craps player looks for results that alter the outcome to decrease the appearance of the sevens. By narrowing the sevens probability, you can expect to increase your chance of a winning session.  
Many Craps players have seen and witnessed the hot roll as a shooter throws number after number. You can produce a monstrous roll if you keep using the same manner of throwing action every time. People who practice this dice control strategy can do this rhythm rolling consciously, but there are some people who are unaware that they are actually doing this craps strategy.  
How do you Learn This Craps Strategy?  
This craps strategy has several components. You start off with the set technique. The outcome can be affected depending on how you set your dice. The most commonly used set is the Hardway-set with a 6-1, 6-1 axis. Another common set is 3-V set, where you line up the threes in a V formation. This formation will give you hard six (double 3) on top, six (1 and 5) on the front, eight (2 and 6) on the back, and hard eight (double 4) on bottom. There will be no sevens showing if you used this formation correctly.  
After you set the dice in one of these formations, smooth delivery is required to complete this technique. You must use enough power to make the dice reach the end of table, bouncing underneath the diamonds, forcing the kinetic energy straight down. It is important that you make sure you always follow through with your toss. Like any sport, you must practice to become consistent and skilled with your toss, always throwing the dice in the same way each and every time. The goal is to avoid the sevens, while creating a chance to get some repetitive numbers.  
Controlled throwing is a crap strategy that needs hours of practice. It is a physical skill that requires consistency, much like a golf stance and swing or a bowling position. Although it is not easy for some people to master, developing muscle memory through quality practice will achieve sound results in your game.  

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