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The Close Out  
BY:  Paul Enockson - aka - Pablo

In January of 2013 Paul Enockson, aka, Pablo, will be launching a new web site called "" which will provide Winning Tips when playing Casino Blackjack. Pablo is my Webmaster, designed this site, developed it, and continues to maintain the web site for me. He is a teacher, lecturer, author, computer software developer, Web Designer/Developer, and one of my best friends. Look for an announcement here at early next year when launches.  
Beau - The DiceCoach  
Many years ago my brother-in-law Larry and I were in Las Vegas enjoying a few days of blackjack, craps and great food.  
Larry and I go back a long time, having been in business together for a number of years in the 70's. Our relationship became one of those unique relationships that usually only comes between husband and wife after many, many years together. With some couples it never happens.  
Before you jump to any conclusions let me explain. The relationship that I'm talking about is that unique ability between two individuals to know instantly what the other is about to do, or to react to something they have said knowing full well what the other person is up to, good or bad! It's an invaluable "sixth sense" to individuals evolved in team selling.  
On this particular Saturday morning Larry and I were sitting at a $10 blackjack table in Harrah's Las Vegas. I was on first base and Larry was sitting on third base. Our position served no nefarious purpose; it's just where we ended up. No other people were at the table. A young woman stood behind the chairs in the center of the table and was contemplating joining us.  
As usual Larry and I were joking with the dealer, those who play with Larry know there is never a dull moment. Get the two of us together at the same table and we're impossible to handle, a fact the dealer soon found out.  
All of a sudden the deck turned favorable to both Larry and myself. The dealer was getting nothing but bust hands and breaking every time. Even when he showed a face card Larry and I continued to beat his counts. Larry and I play a slow bet progression increasing out bet amount with each new winning hand and decreasing our bet when a hand is lost.  
Just as things were beginning to get interesting a young guy stepped up to the table clutching a ten-dollar bill in his hand.  
If you've played blackjack for a while you understand the situation. Hot deck for the players, individual is in a hurry and walks up and places one bet and win or lose they leave and the very next hand the deck goes south for the players! I Know, I know, it doesn't make any difference; just explain it to all the players and dealers who have experienced it!  
Realizing what was about to happen I immediately said,"If this dealer keeps taking my money, I'm leaving!"  
The young lady's mouth dropped open, the dealer looked confused, and without missing a beat Larry chimed in, "I've never had such a bad run of luck!" and looking at the dealer he continued, "What does a guy have to do to win a hand around here?"  
The dealer looked at Larry and said, "What are you talking about... and before he could say another word I added, "If we're going to have any left we may want to consider..." and the individual with the $10 bill still clutched in his hand looked at me, then Larry, and took off!  
The dealer still hadn't realized what had just taken place. Larry and I were both laughing so hard it took a few minutes before we could let him know what had happened. As soon as we explained what we had done both he and the young lady just cracked up.  
When play finally resumed the deck stayed favorable for quite some time providing both Larry and I with a handsome profit!  

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If you gamble with the attitude that you"ll probably lose, you probably will. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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