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Dice Setting & Precision Shooting Classes Now Available in Las Vegas!  
BY:  Jerry Patterson

I am delighted that my good friend the Dice Coach has decided to begin scheduling The Basics and Dice Setting classes in Las Vegas. Let me tell you a little bit about the Dice Coach - how he became a professional gambler and one of the best instructors who has ever been part of my operation.  
It all started way back in 1996 when I promoted the first class on dice control, teaching my PARR Method (Patterson Rhythm Roll) to 50 excited clients. Little did I realize then that dice control would become the most successful advantage method in my 25 years of teaching casino gamblers how to attain a measurable edge over the house.  
Since that first class, a young engineer who calls himself Sharpshooter, and I have taught PARR to over 750 gamblers, most of whom entered my gambling school as Blackjack players.  
One of these Blackjack players followed a dream and, upon my recommendation, moved to Las Vegas to become a professional gambler.  
It is not often that I encourage a client to turn pro, but this gambler had special qualities and I knew he would succeed. It didn't take him long to master every element of my basic and advanced Blackjack instruction and turn his newly-developed skills into big winnings.  
He exhibited two key attributes possessed by only a few aspiring professional gamblers - the discipline to develop and stick to a money-management plan and stick to the plan, and the ability to prepare mentally for each casino session and remain cool in the heat of casino play.  
Of course I am talking about the Dice Coach who enrolled in the PARR Course shortly after his move to Las Vegas about two years ago. The Dice Coach quickly became one of my most successful PARR players - so successful that I recruited him as a coach to assist Sharpshooter and me in teaching every PARR Class held in Las Vegas.  
His responsibilities as a coach involved working with small teams in practice sessions held in the classroom, in a dealer's school, and then in the casinos, insuring that his students mastered each of five components of dice control: setting the dice, gripping the dice, executing the controlled throw, betting correctly and maintaining focus and concentration during the heat of casino play ("zoning" in).  
I encourage all my coaches to demonstrate what they teach in the real world of casino play, but the Dice Coach went beyond my expectations for him.  
Read some of the glowing testimonials on this web site. Each is a tribute to his teaching ability, his willingness to pick up the dice in the casino and demonstrate to students how to execute a controlled throw, and, more importantly, how to get the money.  
The Dice Coach encouraged Craps players from all over the country to contact him when they came to Vegas to try out and use their newly developed precision dice shooting skills.  
He quickly became the highlight of most of these gamblers' Las Vegas trips.  
Now this rare combination of successful player and successful instructor is available to you. I couldn't be more excited that the Dice Coach is scheduling classes in Las Vegas to teach other Craps shooters what he knows.  
In one class, a two-hour Dice Setting class, limited to six students on his regulation-sized Craps table, the Dice Coach will show you how to set, grip and execute a rhythm roll. He will ensure that you are setting, gripping and throwing correctly and will actually videotape your controlled throw to make it easy for you to practice and retain your newly-learned rhythm rolling skills.  
In my 25 years of running the oldest and most reputable gambling school in the country, I have found few players and instructors who are as successful as the Dice Coach. His enthusiasm for the game is infectious and his friendliness is extended not only to his students, but also to casino personnel. This interaction with the dealers and pit bosses is an important part of your two-hour class.  
As a gambling instructor, what really excites me about the Dice Coach's classes is the opportunity it presents to Craps players - by making the Dice Coach's class part of their Las Vegas plans, in just two hours they can learn a skill that can be taken right to the casinos and improve their chances to come away a winner.  
The Dice Coach spends much of his time in the casinos; his classes are limited, so you are encouraged to contact him well ahead of your planned Vegas trip. Better yet, it might be wise to contact the Dice Coach before you make your definite trip plans to insure your confirmed reservation. On your way home, you will be glad that you did.  
I encourage you to enjoy your trip around the Dice Coach's Web Site. It is a good site to bookmark and recheck periodically because the Dice Coach is in the casinos often and will pass on his observations and game conditions around this fantastic city - the capital city of world gambling.  
Please consider doing your Vegas-bound Friends, Family and Co-workers a favor and recommend this Web Site to them. I assure you they will thank you both before and after their trips.  

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