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BY:  David Medansky and Raymond Romero

"A dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned."  
- - Paul Newman, The Color of Money  
Everyone who plays casino craps needs a coach. Let me repeat that - - everyone who plays casino craps needs a coach! To win at casino craps, a person needs: 1) skill, 2) a strategy and 3) discipline.  
While many people know how to make bets at a craps table, they do not necessarily know how to win playing craps. A “dice” coach can teach you the skill necessary to influence the dice, a winning strategy and the discipline necessary to become a consistent winner at the tables.  
Precision shooters, sometimes referred to as rhythm rollers, are craps players who know how to consistently set the dice a certain way, grip the dice a certain way and toss the dice in such a manner to produce a non-random occurrence so as to minimize the probability of a 7 appearing, especially after a point is established. Conversely, a precision shooter is often able to set the dice so as to roll a 7 on the come out roll.  
A rhythm roller can be compared to a professional athlete. Professional athletes practice hours and hours to perfect their skills. Despite all of their abilities and practice, all athletes have coaches. Baseball players, soccer players, football coaches, hockey players, basketball players, etc. all have coaches. Even Tiger Woods has a coach.  
According to Webster’s New World Compact School and Office Dictionary coach is defined as “an instructor or trainer as of athletes or actors - - to instruct or train (someone).  
Inasmuch as tossing the dice is as much mechanical as mental, a coach is very important and needed. On a recent gaming trip to the craps tables in Las Vegas with my coach and another friend, my coach made a few suggestions to help my friend tossing the dice. After the "coach" made his suggestions, the friend had three long rolls, each in excess of twenty minutes.  
The benefits of having a coach are:  
1. Dice grip and toss can be analyzed from an objective point of view. A coach can discuss how your toss is being made and make suggestions much as a coach discusses how to approach a shot with a golfer.  
2. The coach can keep you focused and avoid being distracted by casinos influences.  
3. The coach can observe and record your tosses and assist you in determining your "signature" numbers. Once these signature numbers are determined, a coach can assist you in defining the best betting strategies to take advantage of your own signature numbers.  
4. Precision shooting is a learned skill you cannot critique yourself. Constructive criticism is helpful.  
5. A coach can video tape your tosses and discuss ways to improve your toss or correct mechanical problems much in the same way a pitching coach can correct mechanical problems with a pitcher.  
When my coach and I watched a video tape of some of my practice throws, he noticed some "flaws" with my grip and how the dice were being pitched. The things my coach noticed were not noticeable to me as I was tossing the dice. It helps to be able to discuss various ideas and techniques with a coach.  
It is important to have a coach for yourself. Sooner or later your game will begin to suffer and you will get frustrated. Not knowing what the problem is you will try and make a variety of adjustments. Some times they will work but more often than not, they will not work. It is during these times that a coach can be a real asset.  
When you're putting your money at risk on a craps table you need to have the confidence that your toss is right on. A short session with your coach can help give you that confident feeling and increase your chances of coming away a winner!  
If Tiger Woods, presumably the best golfer in the world has a coach, the question then is why not you?  

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Don't let anyone ruin your fun when gambling. More importantly, don't ruin it yourself. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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