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BY:  Mike In Hawaii

I really believe that there is only one gold-plated, sure-fire way to make money gambling:  
1. Learn everything you can about the game to lessen house advantage and increase your chances of getting ahead.  
2. Be lucky enough to get ahead, significantly.  
3. Have the discipline, prior preparation and fortitude to quit while you are still ahead.  
Most people never bother to do #1.  
Most people still accomplish #2 somewhat regularly in spite of that.  
Virtually no one masters #3.  
After many hours of study, computation, contemplation, plotting, researching and experimenting, I have found no other "system" that stands up to scrutiny.  
Preparing for any type of battle, virtually the first thing you have to plan is your exit strategy. NEVER start something you have not already figured out when and how to end. If you watch the Pentagon Channel with all its excellent shows on military strategy, they come back to this point over and over again.  
With many situations if you cannot plan a great exit strategy, nothing else matters. It is a given that you will lose. Walk away up front.  
Mike In Hawaii
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Chasing your losses is like chasing a wild goose. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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