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A true story that sounds like a fable ...  
BY:  Don

First the set up:  
As we know, in the game of craps there is a proposition bet know as the "Hop" bet. When a bet is placed on the Hard way points the payout is 30-1, and on the other #’s is generally 15 -1. A usual bet is to play $5 .... $1 each on all of the hard ways and $1 on the big red (5-1) for protection against that sneaky '7'... A push if he shows up. If you are lucky enough to have that hard way thrown while you have the bet on, you walk away with $30 for your $4 investment.  
Statistically you stand a 36 - 1 chance of a hard way showing up on a single throw, for it to show up 2 times in a row increases the odds of showing to 1,296 - 1. Now to take it even further down the road, if it was to appear for the 3rd time in a row, you are now looking at 46,656 - 1. And to get way out there, the chances of a 4th consecutive hard way to be thrown are now at a staggering 1,679,616 - 1!!!  
The story:  
Recently I was at my favorite Casino reminiscing with my second family (the Craps crew on the swing shift). I was trying all the different combination of plays I could come up with to get ahead of the game, but just kept chopping up and down, with no great hands in either direction. Decided to take a 'cigar' break and hope my luck would change when I got back to the table. On my arrival back at the table, the action was fair, and when I got the dice I threw a 22 roll hand and was feeling that things were looking up. Keep in mind I am generally a pretty conservative player - world on the come out, back line, pass line, with hard way bets on occasion.  
Feeling a bit cocky after my hand I asked the dealer "what is a different bet for this come out?" The box man said "why don't you Hop the hard ways on the come out, with a big red, give it a try!" Sure why not, was my reply as I tossed in $10 .... $5 for the world, and $1 each for all the hard ways, with $1 big red protection.  
The shooter is one of those guys that has to take, for what seems forever, to set the dice "just right", then picks them up and rattles them around in his hand a few times then rockets them to the back wall. 'DAMN' he threw a hard 4, the box says "you guna parlay it, aren't you?!" Having lost focus on the game, (as the last thing I expected was for my Hop to hit), the words "sure, why not" slipped out before I knew what I was doing. All $30 moved to the Hard 4. Remember this was the come out throw, so 4 is now the game point. Game point? Hell I was so focused on my new bet I forgot there was a game on and didn't place any other bets. Second throw - same routine ... precisely set them, then defeating the whole process by shaking the dice and sending them in the air straight to the back wall without touching the felt........ HARD 4 - FOR THE SECOND TIME!!! The entire table lights up with yells of excitement, and the dealer say 'How do you want to play your $900 winnings".  
With the one functioning brain cell I had left working I quickly review roughly the statistics of the next outcome and said "what's the max hop bet?? $100 was the answer, so I cut out the $100 for a hard 4 bet and racked the remaining $800. A new come out bet and the table is a buzz with "no way", "but if he did ........." Here we go again, he sets them, then the wind up, here's the pitch, and there off at lightning speed, they hit and bounce almost all the way back to the other end and land .......... 2 & 2 ... A THIRD IN A ROW HARD 4 !!! Now the question is "how do you want to wager your $3,000 winnings? " - He had to repeat it several times for me to hear over the screams and hollering going at the table. Now the game is on again with a point of 4 and we are all saying "NO WAY, NO WAY!!!!!", but I figured I am on their money so why not go for it, so another $100 is cut out and the shooter and I are holding our breath - I figured that must have been it as I was having a hard time catching my breath. Like a slow motion TV commercial, I could see every turn of the dice in the air, could almost hear them cutting through the air as they tumbled off the back wall and came to a stop ............. FOR THE 4TH CONSECUTIVE THROW of a 4!  
What a Rush, to beat those kinds of odds, not to mention the odds of me actually being in the game, and placing that particular bet for the first time. Yes, I colored up immediately before that last brain cell faded and I started making wild and stupid bets.  
Oh, I forgot to mention ....... That last 4 was, a 1 & 3 outcome. I lost my $100 hop bet, but somehow had the wherewithal to 'buy' the 4 place bet with another $100.... I didn't even remember making the bet!  
Yes, it can happen, not bad for a $5 investment, so keep playing, there is always something new out there,  

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