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Think About It ...  
BY:  Michel Vernon

There is an opinion being tossed around in certain dice communities that casinos are using crooked dice during certain times, (weekends) to pad out the bottom line for dice revenues.  
Think about it for a minute. Why would casinos want to mess with an already good thing? With the odds already favoring the casino, guaranteeing their profit 24/7, why would they stoop to using unfair dice too? Could they get away with it in the first place?  
I don't know if it is yes or if it is no. I do know how hard it is to keep a secret and moving crooked dice in and out of a craps game would be no secret. At the very least the operators of the game would have to know. The first disgruntled employee could have it splashed about the Internet in about three and half seconds.  
The question that bent dice in a game are illegal or legal is not the issue. It comes down to public perception and image. Are the operators of publicly traded casinos, so greedy or so dumb, that they would risk their reputation and continued business for a bit more weekend profit from the craps game? Yeah, maybe. But think about this, if you know anything about blackjack, you know how casinos have changed the rules over the last twenty years. These rule changes have taken away player's advantage and has made the casinos more profit. Does anyone complain or consider the changed blackjack rules cheating, biased or unfair? Okay, I mean besides me ...  
Rule changes for craps, though perhaps more complicated, could be accomplished just as in blackjack. It would receive gripes and grumbles of course, but would not have the risk of reputation that crooked dice could bring. And so what if some players gave up the game?  
Think about this.. If you have been following the evolution of gambling, you may have notice the reduction in craps games offered in casinos. The Mirage, for example, used to have two dice pits for a total of ten tables. Now, the Mirage has only one dice pit with six tables.  
Craps is a hands-on game and it takes several well trained casino personal to operate the game. A slot machine takes just one casino person to operate it. Once plugged in, it is good to go.  
When you think of the bottom line, and casinos do, you have to think about the cost per square foot of real estate, to the profit generated. In those casinos, which have eliminated craps games, what do you see in place of the missing craps tables? Whatever it is, it is sure to generate more profit with less hassle than a craps game.  
Think about this ... with all the options a casino has for manipulating profit, does it really make cents (sic) to risk their business reputation? Is all the hoopla over bent dice justified, or it just another quest for windmills; Don Quixote's excuse for why he can't win?  

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