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A & E * * * SPECIAL * * * Take This Job ...  
BY:  The Dice Coach

We have received a lot of questions regarding the A & E Special that was filmed back in January. This is what we know so far;  
The series consists of 13 segments and will begin to air in early August. The title of the series is "Take this Job ..." and our particular segment is called "Easy Money". We are scheduled to be segment # 8 and it should air September 3rd at 10 PM (EST). Be sure you check your local listings in case there are any programming changes.  
Each segment is one hour in length and generally follow two separate stories. In our case, we understand that have been paired with the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol.  
This all started when Hybrid Films contacted Larry Edell, the Crapshooter.Com, asking if he knew of someone who "played the casinos on a professional level.  
Larry suggested they call me, Beau, aka, the "Dice Coach" and after a number of phone conversations, the shoot was planned.  
To make things interesting, I invited Debbie, aka "Soft Touch", Dennis, aka "Hardway", Dom, aka "Dominator", and Frank Scoblete to join in the shoot. Frank then invited Chris aka Sharpshooter",to join us as well.  
The filming took a total of five days. Two of the days were spent in and out of the casinos, while the other three days were focused on our day-to-day activities.  
Besides filming the in-casino sessions, they filmed a dice class with students Steve F. from Florida and David A. from New York. In addition, they filmed my appearance on Larry Grossman's radio show, "You Can Bet On It".  
We spent between 12 and 16 hours filming each day. It was an exhausting schedule, but we all had a great time creating the project.  
No,I have not seen the final product. They do not want any leaks, so I will be viewing the final cut at the same time you do. And yes,....I now have an appreciation for the grueling work that goes into film production.  
The Dice Coach
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