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The Real Battle You Face

We do our homework. Some of us painstakingly practice our throws. We take pen to paper documenting to see if our throws and betting methods will do well feeling that if it worked out profitably well on paper, it will do spectacularly well in a real casino playing environment.

Having put in the practice time, we know what we should do, yet, for most players, when actually playing, doing what we practiced is quite a different matter. As much as many craps players like to talk about the fact that they view the casino as their enemy and that their preparation is akin to doing battle with their corporate craps pit enemy, I have always felt that the real battle each player faces is not with the casino, the battle lies with the player, within him/herself. We know what we should do in the casino. After all, we did put all that monetary investment, preparation, and study into our playing approach. Didn't we?

Again, every player who has put any time into studying this game and how to master it knows what they should do. Yet doing it in the casino is quite a different matter. This is what discipline is all about. And it goes hand in hand with money management. When preparing to play, we should certainly consider the fact that what you see and feel should also enter into your preparation. Although, I could also make the argument that outside of the mechanical throw, if we held our discipline and did not allow extraneous influences to govern our actions, with any good betting method, we should do well over time in the casino, provided that the variables are in place for you to employ your approach and that you maintain good discipline.

The cold harsh reality for players to remember is that there are so many extraneous influences impacting the dice influencer outside of our practice environment and not only that, we are dealing with the conversion of our earned cash into what is energetically the casino's chips. When actually playing the game, other players, dealers and outside forces influence subconscious urges and feelings in a our real playing environment and our discipline can easily fly out the casino doors.

Here is a good example. In our Dice Busters workshops, we teach and utilize betting approaches that capitalize on capturing profit when the table is falling out of probability. Our various betting approaches allow the player to preserve their bankroll when the dice are doing their usual thing. One of our approaches to betting is a Pass Line parlay on the come out. While I will not go into great detail here about the playing method, suffice it to state that once a point is established, the next step is to not place odds on the pass line bet as a player awaits a decision. As a result, the dealers will notice this. More times than not, the friendly dealers encourage our student players to take the "free odds" behind that pass line bet. Some players succumb to the suggestion thinking that the dealer must know something more than he or she knows. If it wins, great, everyone is a hero. If it loses, the player kicks himself for following outside advice and not sticking to the plan and therefore giving up more working capital than the betting approach called for. That, in a nutshell, is discipline and money management.

Most players think they've got it made when they finally find two or three systems, methods or approaches to betting and winning in this game. This is not necessarily so. This includes dice control. Some systems do really well under the right playing circumstances and at the very least you gain more profit when winning and minimize losses when the playing environment just isn't ripe, provided they maintain their discipline. What I believe most smart players seek is a reliable approach to playing craps that they can take to the casino and at best, have the potential to win profit on a consistent basis more times than when they lose. Remember, no betting approach is fool proof. That's why they call it "gambling."

In this game, discipline is essential. In the words of our wonderful Dicecoach, "Play smart using discipline and money management. Stick to your stop loss and stop win and you will leave the games a winner!" He seems to end every one of his written pieces with this sage advice, for good reason.

With the above being stated, here are some general rules I’ve worked on keeping that I will share with players. This is strictly for even money wagering. If discipline and money management seem to be an issue, until you can figure out your own direction for risk aversion, stop loss and stop wins:

- Always limit your losses to an amount you can afford to lose and consider it working capital. Whatever it is you lose, you have to get that feeling that "it is no big deal" and not the "ouch, that hurt" feeling.

- For the non local players wishing to play a lengthy four hour session, when figuring out what your profit goal should be within a session, make it two to three times what you would have considered an acceptable loss. So, it would be about three times of what you considered "no big deal."

- When winning and you have found that your original buy in has doubled, consider increasing the size of your initial betting unit by fifty percent. Should you experience a losing trend, stop at what was fifty percent of your profit. Go back to your base unit. Don't chase.

Remember, as with anything challenging in life, the toughest and most important battle you will face will be the one you wage with yourself.

Soft Touch

Don't let anyone ruin your fun when gambling. More importantly, don't ruin it yourself. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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