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The Importance of Gaming Diversity

This past NBA basketball season, the Dicecoach introduced me to some of the finer points of sports betting.

As an ardent fan of the San Antonio Spurs, I have enjoyed watching this team play for several years now. So, during one of my trips to Vegas, I told the Dicecoach that I had a very strong feeling about the Spurs winning the championship this season.

Well, that “spurred” the Dicecoach to challenge my intuition and betting abilities. He began by introducing me to the sports book area of each casino we walked through on the way to our craps sessions. He explained the “points” system and betting strategies. He wanted me to get the feel of sports betting, learning how to place a bet for my team properly, without a whole lot of confusion. “Well”, I thought to myself “this is a new aspect of gaming I had never thought of tapping into.” As the old saying goes, “Never say Never”.

To make the long story of this betting adventure short, with the Dicecoach as my mentor, a dedicated bankroll and a strong belief in what I felt, I was able to devise a betting strategy and place bets that I felt comfortable with. And the best part was that, after my first-round win, I was using the Casino’s money to bet on the rest of the series.

The fascinating part of this story for me is that before every game, at night before falling asleep, I would ask myself this question “Show me what I need to know about the game?” In the morning I would get a sense of what amount I wanted to bet and what points (plus or minus) I would accept. And, I would stick with that initial feeling, and watch the outcome unfold.

Now, I did not always get an answer in the morning, but on the majority of games I did. And every time I followed my intuition, the outcome was favorable. During those times when I tried to logically decide on a bet amount or on a point level, I found myself frustrated and ultimately disappointed with the outcome. This does not mean that this is the best strategy for sport betting, it just opened another door and captured my interest.

Now what does my sports betting experience have to do with dice setting and craps play? Well, a number of things.

First of all, and especially for us women, it reinforces our belief that intuition plays a significant part in everything we do. In fact, during our Dice Feminique workshop, one of our participants placed a bet on a horse that she felt strongly would win. And sure enough, her filly won. Carrying this thought a little further, it has been my experience that when I first approach the craps tables, I already have a sense of whether the outcome will be favorable or not, just by asking myself; “How I feel about playing at a particular table in this particular casino”, or “Am I compatible with the table, with the dealers and other players at the table?” If my answer is no, and yet I elect to play anyway, then I cannot be disappointed in the outcome. The experience simply confirms what I already know, that I need to listen my feelings and intuition.

Secondly, sports betting, blackjack, and other casino games, will provide diversity and interest to our gaming experience. And this diversity with game selection is the key to winning, especially if your approach to playing is a long-term approach. Ever since I adopted the philosophy that I was in this “game” for the long haul, deciding that I would not limit my gaming opportunities, the winning has become far more abundant. It is a known fact that the “winning” in any game comes in cycles. If my craps game and dice setting skills are not up to speed, I fall back on my blackjack skills. By adding sports betting to my games of choice, I now have another “tool in my tool chest” for extracting money from the casinos. And it has just confirmed what I have always believed; that I do not want to place all of my “gaming eggs” in just one game’s basket.

So Dicecoach, “How about a little Baccarat?”

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