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"…But I didn't make any money."

            As often as I can, I visit the Dice Coach in LasVegas. When it comes to the game of craps, I consider him to be one of the most knowledgeable players around.

            Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to meet many of his students and observe some of their classes. Most have come to work on their grips, sets and tosses.  But the other day I heard one of them say, "I had a 35 roll hand and I didn't make any money."

            They went on to say that they were so focused and "in the zone," achieving the numbers they intended to throw, that they gave little consideration to what and how to bet for fear of losing their focus and concentration.  They were also distracted by the increasingly large bets the other players were making during their roll. They did not want to let the table down.

            I would be a millionaire if I got a dollar every time a dice student said they had a monster hand but didn't make much money.

            Early in our dice-influence journey, we dedicate much of our time to studying the different sets and outcomes attached to those sets. Little attention is paid to how we will actually make our bets work for us.

            Betting is critical to our success at the tables and is directly connected to how much we are able to win. Every student needs to study various betting strategies that will help preserve their bankroll, and yet can escalate should a hot roll come along. Dice setting can be a significant tool in our gaming tool box, but it doesn't help if we are not prepared to capitalize on our rolls.

            Those monster rolls will happen, the key is to pick a strategy that will give you longevity to be at the table while waiting for that hot hand.

Some key things to consider when betting are:

  • Pick a betting strategy that is easy for you to work with, make it simple.
  • Know your pay-outs. Dealers can make mistakes.
  • Don't over-bet your bankroll. Know your tolerance to risk.
  • Don't chase your losses.
  • Qualify the shooter before you place your bets.

            Remember betting smart will protect your bankroll, allowing you to capture profits and capitalize on any hot-rolls that come along.

            Best of luck in the pits,

            Soft Touch

Opportunities are often things you haven't noticed the first time around. - Catherine Deneuve -

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