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Three C's to Remember

Prosperity, coming from craps, is easily attainable by working with what I call the "three C's" for successful craps play. Confidence - Clarity - Cash. These are broad terms that encompass all aspects of the game and describe our gaming focus. Mastery of these categories brings us closer to the successful craps sessions we seek.

I've often noticed that those who play "with confidence", seem to attract the positive energies needed to have the dice behave out of probability. I am sure that their confidence comes from repetitive and quality practice time, along with the required skills needed to play this game. 

When we experience a profit producing session, we continue to refine and repeat our successful playing patterns. Whether our outcomes are positive or negative, we gain insight. And it is this insight that provides us with the opportunities to gain confidence. Successful sessions breed more successful sessions.

Having the ability to clearly focus on the nuances of the game provides us the ability to eliminate gaming obstacles during our play. Deep breathing throughout our sessions keeps us relaxed and calm enough to gauge the energy of the game. Once relaxed, we have the opportunity to utilize all of our senses to feel the flow of the game.

Having a sense of clarity allows me to focus and recognize the energy directions of the game. When I lose, I have lost my focus. My ability to apply clarity to the flow of the game has broken down. This game requires all of the player's focus to have a successful outcome.

Understanding that we need cash to play any game of chance in the casino environment is also extremely important to our success. The power to win has to be subsidized by enough money to produce that win. I admit that most of the time I push the risk envelope, and this requires more "artillery" in the form of colorful chips. Strong results require a substantial and devoted investment. 

In money management, my good friend Michael Vernon, , teaches, "you can't catch fish without having your lines in the water." Coming to a craps table to play requires adequate funds to sustain you during the session and having the confidence to engage those funds in the game.

While his advice has many meanings to the student, I would not consider using small bait to catch a big fish in deep water. As in fishing, I would not plan to catch a "hot hand" without proper funds to sustain me in the "deep" waters of the craps pit. Having enough cash allows me to explore different strategies and discover the various levels and energies of the game.

Most serious players I know and associate with, always come fully funded to support their style of play at the craps table. They incorporate the "three C's of craps" in all their gaming strategies. 

The next time you visit the craps table, devote your attention to gaining a bit more confidence and clarity. And, don't forget the cash.

Soft Touch
What the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve. - Napoleon Hill -

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