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Playing With The Cause

When dealing with difficult, real time playing decisions at the table, most players who have worked and or played the game along side me will often hear me state: "Hey, If you don't like the direction you're going in, then change the direction you are going in."

How many point and seven outs do you need before you decide to change your approach? How many craps numbers will you continue to toss using a hard-way set, all the while betting the inside box numbers, before deciding to change something in your set, grip or throw?

When it comes to shooting the dice, it is no secret that I like to utilize a three finger front grip with a hard-ten dice set. With this set I can determine how my dice will react as a result of my delivery. I use the come out roll with this set as a gauge of future results, because my winning potential is based on my consistency at the tables. Am I consistently throwing box numbers? Or do I need to "tweek" my set or grip for better results?

If I toss a two or a twelve with this hard-ten set on the come out, I know that I have to change whatever it is that mechanically caused that result. I might focus on keeping my delivery parallel to the table surface and check my follow through on the next toss.

Or, I might experience a 5/2 seven on the come out with my hard-way set, which on the come out is profitable and yet not necessarily the result I was anticipating. This type of seven result was caused by my grip and I have to make sure my release allows the dice to roll off my fingers with equal symmetry on the next toss, focusing on what I did mechanically to cause that seven result.

If I didn't take the time to do this, I know with certainty that I would not get very far in the game. I like to look at the mechanical part of my game from a purely "cause and effect" point of view. While I am shooting, if I don't like the result I am getting from my toss then I simply have to change some aspect of my toss.

Again, "If you don't like the direction you're going in, then change the direction you are going in."

For the dice-influencing player who wishes to change the results of their game into a positive experience, it is essential to pin point and change what ever is causing the undesired results. Focus on the mechanics of the throw during the game and not on the results. As a player, start pinpointing what you do want to achieve with your toss. Work with what you know will net that desired point and concentrate on achieving it.

I see too many players reacting and getting caught up in the "effect" part of their game and they limit themselves to focusing on the wrong part of the game.

Effects, - such as seven outs, lost chips, dice bounced off the table, craps numbers instead of box numbers being rolled, - are all effects that we, as the shooters, cause with our various mechanics. These effects happen, we have caused it, and we can fix it. This is where our true dice-influence lies. We have to focus on what we can do to cause a desired number to appear.

If my financial results are less then desirable, I simply focus on what caused those results and work toward making changes to my game that will net me a different and positive result.

If you still seem to be getting a result in the game that is unfavorable to your style of play, then it is up to you to decide how long you wish to continue to experience those effects before you decide to switch to another game, table or venue.

The game has so many levels and dimensions that are being influenced by us as players. It is easy to see how players, steeped in the game, can lose sight of how they cause their gaming results to vary.

Until next time, focus on visualizing future results - not past effects.

Soft Touch

Any win is better than any loss … any day. -Pablo-

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