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Are You Guys Breathing?

"Take a deep breath. Blow out your air. Now, what do you want?" If you have ever worked with me during a workshop, a one-on-one at Dice Coach's place or holding the dice during a session, you will hear me repeat these words to you as you toss the dice. I'm known to be quite militant about this.

Here's my reason for doing this. It helps with focus and is the key to longevity at the tables. Helping a player to remember to take deep "belly" breathes forces him or her to be in the present moment where creativity happens. For the player, the game then becomes effortless.

When I enter the casino, deep, rhythmic breathing allows me to listen for guidance from my inner self. My "gut" will pick up subtle energies from the environment. Deep breathing will act like a compass pointing me toward a table that will give me the best outcome for a particular session.

With all of the stress we place on ourselves to perform at the craps tables, it is no surprise that we have become a community of breath- holders. We live in a culture of breath holders. As you read this sentence are you aware of your breathing? As you think about it, you become aware. But a few minutes later will you still be aware? Probably not.

Focusing on my breathing allows me to know what I feel, what I need, and what I want. Deep breathing helps me respond to what is going on around me and I make better choices of where to play. Win or lose, my game is effortless and becomes a joy.

Shallow breathing will not get you very far at the table. You will fall victim to playing the way the casino wants you to play; with fear, doubt, judgment and hate. Don't play into the mercy of the pit and let circumstances outside of you control your game by contracting your breath.

So, deep breathing yields positive emotions and positive results where you can focus on self empowerment and winning results.

Are you still aware of how you are breathing now? The more you practice deep belly breathing the better your life will be. When you remember to be continuously aware of your breathing, along with the gaps that exist between your breaths, you are forced to be in the present moment.

It is humbling how the simple human breath can define the path of our game. Focusing on our breathing allows us to know what we feel, what we need and what we want in and outside of the casino.

Next time you're at the tables, breathe with the dice and transform your game. Your emotional and physical bankroll will thank you.

Soft Touch

What the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve. - Napoleon Hill -

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