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Minding Our Language

A friend of mine returned from a recent trip to a nearby casino. As she filled me in on her recent gambling experiences, she stated that she had great success picking out the slot machines she felt would pay her. And, pay her they did. Thrilled with the excitement of winning a small jackpot from her slot play, she pocketed her initial investment and proceeded to play with her winnings. Nothing wrong with that I thought and good for her, she was playing smart.

Her next few sentences caught my attention. She stated that after she pocketed "her" money she decided to continue to play with "their money", meaning the winnings the casino slots had paid out to her. The words "their money" was all she had to say before I guessed correctly that before she left the casino she gave her winnings back. And she surely did.

My friend's experience is not exclusive to the slot world. I've heard the same phrase used in some of the strategies taught in our dice community, specifically, with our regression betting. Using her experience as an example illustrates how sometimes the language we use sets us up for failure in the casino in very subtle ways. Could we be sabotaging our play by not making the positive mental connection that winnings after a regression move are ours? 

Had she stated that she had decided to continue to invest "her" winnings in future slot play she would probably have fared much better. Had she re-framed her thinking, she would have kept her positive winning momentum going. In her case, her language's intent was to leave her winnings in the casino.

In essence, what we say aloud reveals what we are thinking. And, the truth to the matter is what we think goes into our entire being and we will surely play it out. In other words, what we think moves into how we feel and what we see or experience comes last. We are our own boss, what we say will undoubtedly happen. As the expression goes: you are what you think.

I sometimes catch myself focusing on what I cannot or may not be able to do and it takes practice to switch my focus in a positive direction toward what I know can possibly be. I re-speak the language that holds me back or keeps me from where I want to be. As in precision shooting, our brains are programmed to learn through repetition. 

After pointing out to my friend that changing her words into positive phrases will now move her bankroll toward a positive direction, we both agreed that next time we find ourselves in the casino, we'll watch our language and intently remember whose money we're gonna play with.

Soft Touch
What the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve. - Napoleon Hill -

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