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Money Dropped

As I have visited Las Vegas these last few months, it is no surprise that the economy has created a significant financial impact on the casino environment. The number of visitors to the casinos has dropped. With the world economy shifting, it is no surprise.

What is a surprise is the way casino management is treating their loyal patrons, particularly the craps floor people. I mean, the slightest hint of the dice falling favorably for the player is enough to send the floor people of some casinos into a fear mode and unleash their verbal warnings with the hopes of controlling the payouts. What a turn off for those players just beginning their journey into this game.

Let me share some of the feedback that I am hearing from Las Vegas locals and visitors alike who play in casinos with what used to be friendly and playable craps tables. A player makes two points rather quickly and then receives a warning from the stickman about hitting the back wall, which she does because we always promote the "endeavor to hit the back wall" mantra. Or, after one roll, the pit boss will come over to the shooter and in a very aggressive way state that if so much as one die does not hit the back wall they can no longer play there. I mean really, who would want to shoot in that environment?

It was just year, that their own gaming consultants concluded that dice influencers were good for the game. Dicesetters are the games most passionate fans. If the casino management makes the decision that they must mistreat us, how long before encouragement become discouragement? Then who will stand and encourage the players to drop their money on the table?

I do understand that as the economy changes, so does the playing climate in the casino. In my view, the casinos are in a state of financial flux just like every other business and they are confused and demoralized. And, The casino personnel are behaving as if the financial crisis is in a state of permanence. This has caused some general grumpiness among the craps floor management as they take on a fear based arrogance that is being expressed to certain players in the dice community., These same players are the very ones who are doing their best to bring new players to the tables.

During my last visit to Bellagio, I was saddened to be informed by a floor supervisor sitting "box" that some of my favorite box men have been laid off. Perhaps the grumpiness is hinged to changes in job description. Unfortunately, the floor staff are now required to do the work of two, as they sit box. The word from the lucky few dealers that still have a job is that some casinos have eliminated employee health insurance benefits. While some other casinos have dropped 401K matching contributions.

Over on the Harrah's side, with the stroke of a computer key, casino marketing has eliminated complimentary offers. The list of items the casino management is cutting out in an effort to financially survive continues to grow. Those casinos in that group are taking the opportunity to misinform our playing community that dice setting is banned in Nevada. This is totally untrue and is based on fear and anger the pit people feel from having their jobs on the line if the payout percentages are affected.

And so it goes. The playing climate has changed and with this change so will the patron's "drop." Casinos vie for that "drop" known as your buy in. If the casino staff's unfriendly behavior continues the "drop" will be dropping and not in a good way. There won't be anything to payout if the casino doesn't get our "drop." There is a contradiction in this situation somewhere.
By the way, I'm surprised to know that a lot of players in our community don't know what the "drop" means as it relates to the craps world. Just exactly what does the drop mean to a craps game? Well, if you are playing it has to do with the average return on the money you gamble with that the casino keeps as profit. If you are a casino, I would think that it should mean a lot.

Data mined from the casino players is evaluated on a routine basis. And, in this economy, the "drop" and "result" are dropping. "Drop" is casino speak for the amount of money we craps players drop on the table's come line to buy in to the game. "Result" is the amount of money kept by the craps table after the day or the game is over for a particular shift. With these two figures the determination of the daily Payout Percentage can be calculated. The casinos don't want to pay the player anymore than they have to during these financially trying times. The drop and the result play a significant part in calculating what the casino gets to keep after players are done playing.

So sadly, casinos misinforming and misguiding players at the craps tables is "money dropped." Not on their tables, that is.

Soft Touch

Casinos will entice you to "win" all the comps you can. But do you want to win comps, or do you want to win money? - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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