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Know What You Believe

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Regarding what we believe, it can be stated, “you are what you know.” As craps players, our knowledge depends on the information we receive and then accept as fact. And, then the original saying can be transformed to read, “You are what you believe.”

It is very important for a craps player to explore what they believe about their abilities. The beliefs we hold can empower us at the table or they can diminish our energy and inhibit our ability to achieve what we desire.

What we believe as players is very important and facilitates what we wish to create. Players are plagued with stories that allow and support a consciousness of fear, doubt and lack that distort their reality to creating positive outcomes at the table. 

In the area of a craps game, I can see that there are many players that block their creative energy by harboring obvious beliefs, mostly inherited, that block any easy flow of positive energy to their session. The blockage of this energy is at the root of undesired outcomes.

In our small community, we have to look at what is blocking our energy. I feel what is happening is that players are receiving mixed messages causing mixed motivations and we, as players, have to find our way out of these mixed messages if we are to gather the clearly focused energy to play the game with the true intention to win.

Just using the announcement of our September 30th party, I can see that there are many beliefs held within the community that block energy to winning. The community is creating ambivalent players as reflected by the messages to one another on the forums about this party. The clearing of this blockage of positive energy is so important to achieving our goals. 

When we announced a wonderful September 30th party to celebrate the appreciation of each other, the first person congratulates us, the second kids around about the popularity of it and the loss of playing “under the radar.” The third wishes to warn everyone to not kill the “goose” that lays those yummy golden eggs.

I am initially met with many who thank and commend for the offering the party. Later, I am met with those who kid about the motive behind the party. Then, the partygoers receive messages that warn them to be cautious about the playing conditions at the casino. See the mixed signals? See how these sabotage?

I know we all wish to fit in, be great successful players and so it becomes difficult to not read and hear these messages. So players end up with a pattern of struggle in their game, taking on the belief that nothing we do will ever make us “good enough.” 

Wake up players! 
For us to elevate our game in any capacity, we must focus our energy on what we would like to have. It is the power of attention and it is that simple.

We must find our way out of all the mixed messages we are sending to each other and beliefs we are imposing on one another if we are to gather enough clear, focused and targeted energy to find our way around the craps table and manifest what we desire.

Be the player you truly are. Take ownership of your game. Choose to be aware of the all the different approaches and ways you can truly empower yourself to creating wonderful, achievable outcomes in your session. Consider how you feel about yourself, the game and the money. This is the purpose of our party.

Risk is good and in life, it is unavoidable. We make choices. We learn and grow from the results of these choices and work toward becoming confident risk takers. What better way to learn about ourselves and our own risk-taking abilities than through the game of craps.

In my world, the universe is abundant beyond what anyone can measure. In my reality, I feel more love and abundance for the game and those in it. Could it be that some feel lack because our community has created stories and illusions that distort a players’ reality leaving them feeling poor, undeserving and without the power to choose what is ultimately best for each of us individually?

The energy of what we believe forms patterns of thought that will filter, organize and define our community, our world, our reality. 

The human potential movement teaches that it is not so much what you believe. It is what you do with your beliefs and how you use these beliefs. At the craps table, how well are your beliefs serving you these days?
Soft Touch

If you risk nothing, then you risk everything. - Geena Davis -

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