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Winning Attitude?

I have often heard it said that with a winner's attitude, a player really can't lose.  And, I have often noticed that all the big winning players I have had the pleasure of meeting, without exception, play with a will to win.

It has always been my intention to inspire those players I come to meet through my sessions, workshops and through the internet to be committed to acquiring a winning attitude before they proceed to the casino.

I often find players losing sight of the fact that casino craps is, very simply, a game to be played, not a battle to be won.  Craps is just a game and to win consistently, a player must understand what makes the craps game a game, learn this game’s real purpose and understand the rules.

For me, the game’s real purpose has everything to do with self discovery.  Sure there’s the “I want to make money” angle and money is the energy we use to buy experiences. Still, I will always maintain that players learn about who they truly are by the actions they take and their response to those actions played out at the table.  How we respond to the results of our gaming choices and/or strategy is where our discovery of self begins.

So, who do you think you are when you are playing your game? Understand that we become who we are at the table by what we think we are at the table. Do you actually believe you are a winner every time you enter a game?  Or, do you walk up to a table using hope as a strategy for winning?

You have to know that those motivated by hope often never win.  “Hope is not a strategy for winning” is what you will often hear the Dice Coach say when interacting with his students.  I agree whole heartedly with him. And, if it is money through craps that you desire, then, the reality is that a player must have a winner’s attitude to get that winning result.

The real rules, aside from the “how to play the game” rules have everything to do with who we believe we are when we approach the craps table.  And, our choices and actions will create the reality of who we believe we are.  I believe we will always automatically enter games, play with people, live experiences that will support who we believe we are at the table. This is the attitude we bring to our craps game.

In essence, in a much broader sense, winning has everything to do with really understanding the principles of becoming who we believe we are and attracting to our lives experiences supporting that belief.

Our attitude then determines whether we accomplish who we wish to become. And, in this case, you wish to become a winner. Apply a winning attitude to your beliefs about the game before even learning how to go through the motions of playing this game.  Gee, this sounds a lot like life. 

In our newsletters, our contributors share their views about the game of craps.  In sharing those views, a player should come to understand that this game can be played on many levels.  Mastering this game has much to do with helping each other understand the many dimensions of the game and understanding the essence of what the game represents to each individual experiencing it. Helping each other understand that each session is an adventure and as we begin each new session, we must begin with total confidence, with the will to win, and a winner’s attitude.

Think back to the last time you won big at the tables.  I am sure you will find that you began and played through that session with the confidence and knowing you had the session won before you realized it.

And if you failed, I think you will find that you may have begun your session with a great deal of hope and desire, yet lacked the will to win as the essential element required. You may have justified your loss with the all too common response of, “well, I tried.” 

To those players that utilize the “I tried” excuse, I respectfully feel that it is a logical way for someone who is using hope as a strategy. My mentors have taught me “it is impossible to win while trying not to fail.” A change in your point of view about losing circumstances is all that is needed to change your game.

As our holiday season approaches, we often take the time to reflect on our experiences in and out of the casino, As a player, do your self a favor, reflect on your answers to the following questions:

If craps is just a game, why am I not having fun? How often am I really winning in this game? Lastly, how much more would I enjoy this craps game if I were actually playing at it as if it were a game?

Your answers will surely confirm what the game means to you and you will know if a change in attitude is all that is needed to put you on the positive side of your game.

Have a wonderful New Year.

Soft Touch

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