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Another Year Over.

As each gaming year comes to an end, I always make it a point to reflect on what the game continues to teach me. Here is what the last ten years of serious craps teaching and playing has taught me:

To begin, I have found that it is always a good idea to regularly review why I am doing what I am doing at the table. In other words, are the assumptions behind my decision to play a certain way still valid? I enjoy employing different betting strategies as much as the next player, still, one betting approach that proved to be successful in previous sessions does not always mean it is valid for use in future sessions. Does using a particular set guarantee me any type of success over another mechanical throwing method? Having been involved with several camps within our dice community for a significant number of years, I have learned that it is always good to review the validity of what actually does works on the craps table versus what should work in theory. Doing this has saved me a ton of chips.

Next, there is power in just "letting go." When it comes to elevating my game, I have always felt that the Buddhists could teach us something about letting go as we seek any advantage with our play. This philosophy has a lot to teach about just letting go of what other people think. To go ahead and temporarily experience a painful, awkward or "I suck" at this game feeling when it comes to breaking through toward our next playing level. What the last several years has taught me is that in order to have an edge at this game we have to let go of what no longer serves us. Like a product you would buy from the grocery shelf, many of us hold on to practices, associations with players and ideas far past their "sell-by" date. What worked for us long ago, may have evolved into or replaced by something more effective at the table.

Also, players come and go. Too many players are still stuck in the past. I realize easy and familiar feel safe in this game, however, as a player you will not accomplish much. When it comes to players you meet, remember the often quoted phrase that people come into our lives for a "reason, season or life time." Each brings something for us to experience and learn. And, learning how to let go of outcomes and relationships whether they be positive or negative is a key element to our gaming success. Once the gaming session is over, that experience is over. I've learned to choose my playmates and gaming sessions wisely.

Since, many view this game as a battle, in that vein; players should endeavor to pick their "battles" wisely. When viewing a playing session as a battle, we can push our boundaries, still, it is better to live another day to keep fighting a good fight or playing a good game then say losing all our chips trying to gain back winnings in just one session. Remember, as players, we play into the craps "horizon" and every session is always connected to the next one.

In the grand scheme of things, as I evolve with my gaming approach and as I go through my life, it is so important to remind ourselves that "life" on this earth is truly short. Sometimes one of the benefits of having a scary illness or a major loss is that it reminds us of just how much time feels as if it is speeding up and how important it is to learn from our experiences. As long as we are in our physical bodies in this life time, we always have options to make changes if we choose to. This game has taught me a lot about life and quite a bit about myself and my behavior in and out of the casinos. Over time, craps has taught me how to figure out how to move through my aversion for risk. I have focused on this issue as it relates to craps for several years and as a result I have learned what I need to do to minimize any fear of losing my chips each time I step into the casino of life.

Have a happy, healthy and abundant new year everyone.

Soft Touch

Don't let anyone ruin your fun when gambling. More importantly, don't ruin it yourself. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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