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Playing With The Waves

Ever visit a beach and find yourself mesmerized by the waves? Depending on the time of day and the weather conditions, the waves breaking on the shore all look the same on the surface. When we sit and gaze upon the sea of tables in the casino, like the waves of the sea, we notice how each table takes on a true individual character.

As a craps player, observing the energy of the table helps a player decide whether to enter the waves of energy exuded by the craps table or to choose to just watch the waves go by. The waters of the ocean, along with the craps tables we observe, can generally be calm or choppy.

Some waves barely break the surface while others seem to come out of nowhere and come crashing to the shore taking everything in its path. So do the dice. The cubes express waves of energy as they establish their behavior. They definitely establish a rhythm and balance with each roll and these rolls are connected to a larger purpose, the game. 

Back to the beach-sometimes I watch swimmers swimming against the waves, flailing and doing little to understand that the waves they find themselves swimming in are more powerful. Still, while swimming against them, swimmers only make them seem bigger and stronger than they really are.

The smart swimmers know to swim just beneath these powerful waves. They submerge their whole body beneath these powerful waves, relaxing their bodies in such a way that the water supports them. Still aware of what is happening around them, the swimmer enjoys the experience taking notice of everything around them like the boats and other swimmers.

What does this story have to do with the craps game? Well, the energy of the table comes at you in waves. Watch how each of the players respond to the rhythm of the table. Does each player swim with the energy or get clobbered by it unsuspectingly.

This ocean wave effect is what I observe in the sea of craps tables found at the casinos. Players jump into the tables swimming against the trend finding themselves flailing as the wave of energy expressed by the dice pull in their bankroll.

The more savvy players will observe the tide, watch for favorable waves of energy and submerge themselves just underneath the game and flow with the rhythm of the numbers, placing bets, collecting payoffs and enjoying the surf as each wave of the dice rolls by.

Finding a playable table at the casino is a lot like watching the ocean waves go by. Donít let the waves of energy at the craps tables come crashing down on you. Instead be at ease with the flow of energy in the casinos, in your daily life and with your actions. Just go with the flow. 

Soft Touch

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