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Signs, Not Superstitions

In our community there is always a lot of talk about superstitions at the table. Stick changes, dice tossed off the table, waitresses interrupting the shooter; these are just some of the frequent events that take place during a session of craps. And many believe, in a superstitious way, these occurrences will impact our game. There are many gaming superstitions and many feel they adversely impact on our game. But, do they?

For quite some time I have stated that the belief in craps superstitions should not be a part of a serious player's game. Still, as a student of energy, I believe that there are energetic indicators or signs that are subject to a player's interpretation. It is natural for all of us to look for signs to guide us into what we perceive to be an unknown aspect of the game.

Through observation and perception in the present time, we work to understand our gaming environment as we play. It is just part of figuring out the game as we play along.

Most players believe that superstitions and signs are the same thing. Not really. I personally do not attach any meaning to superstitions because, as players, we attach the emotion of fear to them. We are afraid something will happen if we don't follow the rules of that particular superstition. Fear is power in the hands of the casino; they love nothing more than having the players adhere to fixed and rigid beliefs that have turned into superstitions. Casinos love scared players.

So when players ask me about whether I have superstitions about the game, I say that we have to understand that superstitions are just a reading of a sign, it is someone else's interpretation that is rooted in the past. I play in the present. Shouldn't we all?

After all, novice players would not necessarily be bothered by their dice rolling off the table unless someone has told them the superstition that - they should ask for the same dice or a seven will soon follow. In the past, that may have held true for that player and what ensues is the perpetuation of the belief that when dice roll off the table, a seven will automatically follow.

It is not unusual for me to see a seven out after dice roll off the table. However, I know that the seven out occurred for energetic reasons not explained by superstition.
I know that superstition does not exist in present moment. Since I am only dealing with the dynamics of the table in the present moment, I interpret outcomes as due in part to thought energy that is shared, expressed and introduced into the player’s game. And, arguably, this does have some influence on the shooter's outcome. Simply put, there is a sign that the shooter may have lost his focus as we witness the dealers and the players deciding whether the same dice will be used or not.

If a player understands that certain events will occur, for example the dice rolling off the table, then there may be a connection between that particular event and the sense of something to come.

 Here's what I generally ask myself when I see a sign: Is there a connection between what I am seeing, sensing and feeling and the outcome I am expecting? Obviously, we are anticipating an extended roll and something has disrupted the energy to achieve that outcome. Answers come to me in an instant. This is the difference between knowing and believing.

Remember, thoughts stem from beliefs. And thought energy is a topic best reserved for another article. I just need players to understand that knowing and believing are two different things that impact our gaming reality. We give off energy all the time that attracts whatever we happen to be focusing on because of our beliefs.

Being in the present, the interpretation of signs expressed at the table is the opposite of superstition. Seeing, feeling, witnessing something during a game is rooted in the present moment. It is a momentary occurrence we see, reflect and then become aware of its significance to our game.

 I see signs at the table all the time. Some of us respond to these signs and have a favorable out come. Others will simply disregard these same signs take the financial hit, catching themselves saying, "Darn, I knew that was going to happen."

This not because of superstition, but an energetic influence, expressed as a sign, and we have a choice to act either according to our beliefs or from a knowing of current energetic influences. In other words, I see a sign of shift in energy; I can choose to shift my betting.

Next time I'm playing a session of craps, I will most likely change my bets on the table if I see a buxom cocktail waitress tapping the shoulder of our shooter during his hand. I may even turn my bets off, because I know the shooter has lost his focus. Through the course of this action I know the game has changed and his hand will change, not because of superstition but because the energy of the present moment has changed the dynamics of the game.

Next time you play your game, know what to do with your "moments of reflection" instead of believing in someone else's superstitious experience. It will definitely take you to a whole different level in your game.

Soft Touch

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