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Are You Playing With Casino Money?

When applying whatever system or strategy to gain chips off the craps table, I often hear that a strategy is built to play with the "casino's" money. Okay, that is great because in most cases what I know the player is wishing to accomplish is a quick return with their initial betting investment. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Where I feel the player goes astray is when I hear him or her state, "I am playing with casino money now," without being mindful that they are ahead of the game with their money.

Here is a fairly familiar betting approach where I could easily use the phrase "casinos money." This is a betting regression approach I have utilized when I am tossing the dice and one where I hear players call the chips they net the casino’s money.

I place a green chip on the pass line along with a white chip for my "partners," the dealers, and shoot for my friends, the seven or eleven. I establish the four as my point. Once I establish a point, I take double odds. Then, I have my "partners" place my individual black chips across all the box numbers without including the point. In this case, I go "$540 across." Let's agree that I "hit" a six and an eight with my next two tosses. I have netted $280 from my money.

My next move is to take all my placed bets down and shoot for my point. I now have two hundred and eighty dollars in chips that belong to me, not the casino. And, I have placed my $540 "working" chips back in my rack. These are my chips. And, this is where players begin interjecting their thoughts of casino money into their game.

Hopefully, you read how I kept this approach, "my game" with my chips that are playing in my game. I did not call that $280 the casinos money like so many players do.

When a player uses a phrase like "playing with the casino’s money," they are simply making themselves a temporary chip holder for the casino. After all, the player did state it was the casino’s money they were playing with and I can state with some predictability that the player will give those chips back to its rightful owner, the casino.

Remember, every thought you have about the game leads to a belief you have about the game. Your beliefs are picked up by your subconscious mind and if you believe the chips you have gathered belong to the casino, then with certainty, your subconscious will simply create opportunities for you to give the chips back.

Here is my rant: Call those chips anything you want except "their" money. Once those chips are in your hands, it is your money, play money, a return on your investment, dividends, working capital, etc. etc. For a player to call the chips they have netted from a betting strategy anything other than "theirs" is really missing an important element in their game.

So, if you are missing the success in the bottom line that you are seeking, perhaps you could take a look at the language you are using about whose money you really are playing with. What you believe is what you get. After all, in my world, the chips are all mine. Shouldn't they be yours too?

Continuing to mind your language is just one of those ways we continue to expand what the essence of the game holds for us.

Soft Touch

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