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Time For A Vocabulary Test

Can't. If. Try. But. Maybe. Never. Won't.

Now, I'll be the first one to admit that at times I am just as guilty as the next player for including this group of seven game-sabotaging words in my playing vocabulary.

With students of the game, I feel that it is important to stress how these powerful words, and the energy behind these words, can be to our game and to our future wins.

It is important to remember that what we say determines our actions, and the effects of our actions. Whether our words are perceived to be positive or negative, they definitely play a part in fueling our gaming outcomes.

I know when a player uses the word "can't" with frequency; he or she has blocked their performance and ability to achieve. This particular word is so crippling that it leaves our gaming potential dormant. Whatever dreams and desires a player has for his/her session will be kept locked or buried within. With frequent use of this word, all the player is left with is blocked potential. Completely eliminate the use of this word and you will see a positive change in your game.

Confidence and intentions are big words and are qualities essential to our performance at the tables. "If" is a small word that breaks down these essential qualities. The word brings doubt and uncertainty. I do not believe there is any one player out there that will argue with me that, when it comes to winning at craps, confidence and intention are two qualities essential to our success.

The use of the word "try" is a big pet peeve with me. Either we do something, or we don't. It is as simple as that - no judgment. When a player tells me he will try, rarely will he achieve what he attempted. Again, in whatever the endeavor we are facing, when a player states - "I'll try", rarely if ever will anything be achieved. Replace "I'll try" with "I will." Or, to quote the wise Yoda, the fictional character from the Star Wars universe: "Do or do not...there is not try. Hmm..?"

"Ya, but..." It was the wise Mr. Michael Vernon, The Professor, who taught me long ago that using the word "but" would only negate what I wished to achieve. In relation to the game, when we use this word conjunctively, we are basically diminishing our potential. I've repeatedly heard this statement in my workshops: ." I want to be good at shooting craps but it will take a lot of hard work." In essence you are telling your mind to not focus on your desire to become a good shooter; you are telling your mind to focus on the hard work you will need to perform. That's a chore. Replace "but" with "and" to get to where you wish to go. Make any sense?
"Maybe" is a confidence breaker. "Maybe I should stop playing at this cold table..." The energy of doubt, indecision and uncertainty over what to do surrounds this word. It just does not exude positive energy and stuns us. Perhaps, in place of this word we could rephrase and state: "I will stop playing at this cold table." And, you will save lots of chips too.

When players use a word like "never" it feels so absolute. And, in life, yes there are some absolutes. Yet, in the game, use of this word suggests to me that I am interacting with a closed minded player. Our efforts to evolve to greater heights are seriously hindered. It would be far better to use a term that keeps the door to winning opportunities open.

And, a close relative to "never" is the word "won't." When a player conveys to me that something "won't work" I get the feeling of unwillingness that can be quite harmful to their gaming development. Which is sad because, in my view, the use of this word, also suggests a narrow mind, which also hinders our efforts to continue to develop our winning ways.

Just take a moment to think about what kind of energy these words bring to the table and how they determine our success. In my mind, the energy these words represent can make the difference between winning and losing.

I can certainly add more words to these seven game-breakers - words like "should, maybe and someday." My point is that when we have the desire to be winning players, it is so important to notice how many times you say or hear these words at the tables and to what extent do they influence your game. It is your responsibility to be mindful of them, "when," not "if," winning is what you desire.

Soft Touch

Money can be lost more ways than won.

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